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  1. I think science is looking the most expensive for us (but we're only to 4th grade and looking forward a couple years). Mostly because of the supplies and extra things needed (like a good microscope). Plus my DD9 LOVES science so we end up doing a lot of other science things besides our main curriculum like the Spangler monthly box, books, encyclopedias, other random kits.... Extra curriculars and SN therapies end up costing more, but I'm not counting those because they are things we'd have to pay for even if we were doing PS or private school.
  2. Coins, small tattoos, stickers, cute erasers. If she likes doing random crafty things (like mine do), things like google eyes, pom poms, 'jewels'...
  3. I voted other because DH and I never get each other gifts for our anniversary and I hate jewelry so it's hard for me to relate. What did he say when you gave him his gifts from you? It seems that would sway my answer depending on if he was appalled he'd forgotten and immediately apologized, or if he accepted them and said not a word about not getting you anything.
  4. It makes me curious what all they are doing in the hospital. It said they had converted an area for them and that they get outside and exercise. They have also been given access to ipads and movies. So are they also maybe giving them "lessons" in, well, life? I imagine basic hygiene skills would be taught naturally within that setting, but I wonder if they are providing other basic life skills instruction? They likely know next to nothing about money, community, social encounters, preparing food.... It makes me so sad how much they really have to catch up on just to have a chance at a normal life.
  5. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. My DD9 has a June birthday. She has ADHD, SPD, and GAD. Her maturity level is not generally that of a typical 4th grader. I've considered switching us to calendar year grade, so she wouldn't be 5th grade until this time next year. But I'm not sure how that works when you get to the end. Colleges run school-year, so when would you apply and graduate? I'm assuming that if you run calendar year you then just decide sometime in early high school whether to go forward or back half a year? Although technically I can't do this anyway. We go through a charter so we have to declare grade on a typical school-year schedule. I know I can continue just meeting her where she's at. Mentally I just have to make myself stop stressing over how far we are through 4th grade material and when we will complete it. I've always been fine taking math a day at a time and moving on to the next book when we finish the last. Every other subject I have a harder time with this for some reason.
  6. 30 regular orders 66 digital (I reset their kindles in December from when they used free time unlimited and then loaded them with a bunch of apps before a road trip. I think that's where most of those came from and the majority were free but still count.)
  7. I'm planning on History Odyssey Middle Ages level 2 for 5th next year. We are doing ancients with History Odyssey level 1 this year.
  8. My DD5 loves workbooks. She's working through the Brainquest K one right now. She also likes Kumon. I hadn't thought of the Evan Moore ones. I used those when DD9 was 1st/2nd, I might see if DD5 likes them!
  9. Can I ask why you are not at all interested in the needle method? I'm not trying to debate it, I'm truly curious. DD9 has started showing interest in having her ears pierced and a friend of ours recently went on and on (and on) about how much better that method is. So now I've been holding off because that way is a lot more $$ but I wanted to do it "right". I would love to hear a reason it's *not* superior or is just unnecessary. *disclaimer, no I have not yet Googled the issue.
  10. If I can keep us functioning, even if that means movies and canned soup, then I do and just rest all I can. If getting myself vertical is too much then DH takes off. Or if the kids are fine then MIL picks them up. Sometimes she'll do that even if I'm shy of *that* sick. But I've called that in less lately due to MIL's age and not wanting to risk getting her sick. The past couple times I was that sick happened to be primarily over a weekend. Sucked for the sake of my weekend but was definitely better for me being able to just crash.
  11. DD9 - I found and fell in love with the name ~7 years before she came along. DH knew long before we even got married that I wanted that name for my first girl and he liked it, too. DD5 - We took longer to settle. There were a few names I really liked that DH did not. There were some he liked that didn't click with me. But from the first time I said her name out loud we both said yes immediately. We still disagreed about her middle name. He said no to the one I really wanted. We finally settled on one we both agreed to, but to this day I'm a bit sad we didn't go with the one I really wanted and I kind of don't like her middle name now. I liked it at the time, so it wasn't DH bullying me into it or anything, it just wasn't my first choice. But her middle name has a bit of religious connotation and we are no longer religious, so it kind of bugs me. And I didn't notice the way it flowed into our last name at the time and I don't like that, either. (FTR, I wanted Niamh but DH did not want her forever spelling and giving pronunciation. I still think it would have been fine as a middle.) I wish I'd fought a little harder on that one!
  12. - We ended up changing a few things which left a lot of pulling and resorting. I had only filled the folders for the first semester but that was still a lot to have to go back and adjust. I was pretty sure on everything before the year began, but I ended up wrong! - I didn't end up liking having all the papers loose. It's better for my sanity if they remain in their original workbooks. Or if it comes loose/pdf, then I pro-click it myself. All in one place is better for myself and my DD. - Turns out we don't use very many things that can go in a folder in the first place. At the beginning of the year we did. But as we made adjustments it reached the point where daily writing was the only thing that could go in there. I didn't want to tear apart math and nothing else is worksheet based. - Pacing. When the folders did have several things in them, it meant having to stay together at the same pace on everything. So if we did a week's worth of writing and a week's worth of word roots, but only got through half of critical thinking....then I had papers left over that needed to carry to next week. But next week would have it's own set of critical thinking pages. I had to have a folder that was just for stuff that didn't fit in our daily folders for the week because of carry-over or an unplanned day not at home day (field trip, sudden nice-weather-play-date....) Then I'd fill the next week's daily folders from that before getting out the next weekly folder. It became a mess. A lot of my problems with it would be a non-issue for someone who is using all curriculum they are already familiar with and knows works for them, that they know their child's pacing of well, and that can easily be pulled apart and sorted.
  13. Nothing to add but I'm following along because I'm also working on a lit list for 5th next year.
  14. Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. I will do it the way you recommend.
  15. I post photos to my fb which is locked down to friends but I have a handful of "friends" that I don't actually know well. I post pictures to our homeschool blog, no names and I try to avoid location identifiers. I occasionally post a pic to a public fb group when it's relevant. For fb I always ask their permission. For the blog they know what it's for when I take it so they can (and sometimes do) say no to a pic. DD9 is very unlikely to ever say no to a pic or posting and sometimes asks me to post something. DD5 hardly ever says yes anymore. It took two days post front-teeth-fell-out just to get a personal pic I promised not to share. She usually let's me for things like our Disney trips and actual family photos, though.
  16. We had pancakes and scrambled eggs for dinner. But this was at the request of DD5, not for any reason in particular. Am I missing a reason for pancakes today?
  17. If my 4th grader decides to try the ancient beginnings section (only required for 5th and up), will her score on that section be counted for/against her combined with the general section? For example if she aces the main section required for everyone but misses some on the subtest, will the missed questions on the subtest still cause her to not medal even though she isn't required to take that part? I think she probably would do just as well on the ancient beginnings section as the rest, but I'm wondering if it would be better to stick with just the basic 30 for her first time taking this. ETA: I'm referring to the National Mythology Exam, I probably should have included that originally!
  18. IDK but my girls once broke out really bad at the beach. It was in CA. They played for about 30 minutes then started saying they were done and oldest started itching and crying. When we got back to the car to take off their clothes (they weren't in suits, they were in a spare set of shorts/t shirts) they screamed in pain at the touches. Their whole bodies were covered in rash. We did our best to get the sand off of them without hurting them too much and got them in clean dry clothes. We washed them well back at the hotel and coated them in lotion. The rash went away over the next day. Oldest had been to the beach once before and been fine, but a different beach. We assumed it was some sort of reaction between sunblock, sand, and ocean water plus their eczema. We haven't been back to the beach since and they are both quite reluctant to try after that. They say it was really painful.
  19. I no longer trust Amazon's guaranteed delivery dates. I placed an order Tuesday and Thursday morning I checked the account and saw I had accidentally used an expired card. Ok, my bad for the card and DH didn't check his email to see the notice it didn't go through. I fixed the payment info and it said delivery saturday. This contained something we really needed ASAP so I chatted to see if I could upgrade to one-day shipping. They said yes and that it would now be here Friday. Two hours later I see it now says delivery Monday. So I chatted again to find out why one-day was set to arrive two days after two-day would. They apologized for the issues, talked directly with the shipping department, and guaranteed us a late night Friday delivery. It's still not here. I realize it was my error on Tuesday with the card info, but the annoying part is them promising a friday night delivery when the account shows it didn't even ship out until Saturday. Don't make a promise you can't keep. :/
  20. Seeking Squirrels


    My 5.5yo did pre-reading last year/through beginning of this year and loved it. After AAR pre I started her on OPGTR because that's what I had from older DD. She did not take to it at all. Then we tried HOP because I also had that on hand. Still no. She kept asking for ziggy back. So we got AAR level 1 recently (ziggy is not technically part of level 1 except in an extra games book you can get. Ziggy is just her name for AAR) and now she's loving it and starting to read. She has done the first 2 stories in the reader and even finally read to daddy. I already plan to keep going with AAR. The kid being into it is a key aspect of a good reading program IMO. It is not something I want them to develop negative feelings over. So for us AAR is seeming to be worth the price and extra time involved. With my older it wouldn't have been. She picked up reading skills too quickly and it would have been tedious with her. Moving quickly through a lesson (or two) a day in OPGTR worked much better for her. She was reading at a 4th grade level by the time she turned 6. Even if we had flown through lessons it would have been a lot of money in a short time to keep up with her!
  21. We use them with HO ancients. My 9yo loves them but she has always loved lapbooks and anything along those lines. 5yo does some of the coloring pages and makes the puppets but she's just tagging along so I let her pick and choose what she wants to do. I don't know that they really add anything content-wise, but since the kids like them, it does make history something more enjoyable for them. Which can be just as important and worth the extra minutes to do.
  22. That's a tough one and I would probably have to weigh how sick we were, how long we'd been sick, confirmed flu or not for each, age...... DD and I had h1n1 when she was 2y10m old. I was sick for 3 days before she got sick. Hers was confirmed flu within 12 hours of onset of symptoms after being admitted to the hospital for breathing treatments (she went from playing in the am to lethargic and going blue in the afternoon). They gave her tamiflu but at that point it was too late for me. If it's not given quickly enough it doesn't help. DD was released on day 3 pretty much fully recovered (and reportedly very annoyed with the nurses!) and I was still sick for several days after. So in our case it greatly reduced the length of sickness. But hers was caught very fast, confirmed, and monitored in a hospital. And this was almost 7 years ago, so it may have worked much better for that strain at that time than it would now. I don't recall it really being much of an option for us. I was at home when the results came in and DH just said "they gave her tamilfu". He would have asked what I thought about it if it had been a question at all. I was too sick to visit her at the hospital even if they had allowed it. Which they may not have, we had to call grandma and nana to not come visit per their orders. She was very sick and so was I. I would have taken it myself if it had been an option. If I'd take/give it now would depend a lot on how sick we were vs its likelihood of changing that any.
  23. I was born in 81 and I always felt like they were all nearly the same age as me. Everything happening to them was the same ages as for me. They dressed like I did at those ages, they saw movies at the ages I did..... And Randall's kids are the same age as mine. (Or at least Tess is, I haven't caught exactly how old Annie is.) I didn't feel like Jack's death was too hyped. However, I only just started watching two weeks ago! It probably feels a lot less hyped when compressed into such a short time vs wondering and hypothesizing for two years! I kept hearing about it but just hadn't gotten around to it. And on that note, I don't think it's a good idea to binge this show like that. I watched the last 3-4 episodes yesterday to finish catching up in time for the new episode after the superbowl. I was kind of an emotional mess last night and I think it's because of back-to-backing the show like that. I can usually binge a show no problem but last night I was sobbing before the new episode even came on. I do think Jack was a great dad. But maybe that speaks more to my own crappy one than to Jack. ;) He was involved and he clearly loved them very much. He apologized to them when he wronged them. He provided, nurtured, helped them. He communicated with Rebecca and they were there for each other. These are all things that are great. He wasn't perfect by any means and I'm sure there are many better ones. But look at what Jack had as example....coming from that, he was pretty great.
  24. I'm not even going to attempt to add it all up right now but I'll just guess that my family goes way over regularly. :( I just added a tsp to my tea and I sprinkled a tsp over my pancake (I don't usually use syrup. I put peanut butter on my pancake and then sprinkle sugar over the top.) So between my tea and pancake, I'm probably at close to 3tsp of sugar within an hour of waking up. :o
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