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  1. This will be my 3rd and last year teaching 9th grade. Here is the line up and we will finish when we finish. I will go at her pace and I know some subjects will go slower than others and that is fine by me. I will be using ABeka English and Literature, Math-U-See Algebra, Apologia Health and Nutrition, Notgrass Government and Story of the World Ancient History. There are few other things I will toss in here and there but this is the core subjects for her year.
  2. Every year it has been different. This year my 14 and 15 year old children are not being very motivated with their lessons. I am using all of ABeka English/Literature with them year. I personally prefer to read, summarize and discuss with literature but they are making it a bit difficult because neither one cares for it. I am also having them read the high school level Story of the World books twice a week. Then on their own time a book of their choice with no hidden agenda except hey do ya like it or not during the few times where we are not doing regular lessons due to trips and holidays but still want them reading. Next year my son will be considered a Jr. and will hopefully be taking college English/Comp 101. I am really hoping for this because English/Literature/Comp is the worse subject for me to teach, especially with unmotivated children.
  3. This is round two for me and my son took the SAT for the first time on the 1st. He didn't say good or bad. It was giving me a hard time because he has it in his head he don't need a SAT score to determine his future. He was given many opportunities to prepare but he didn't take any of it seriously. Then again he is only 15 and just finished up his Freshman year of high school. I am personally not too concern at this time but since I have to test every year I decided to have him take the SAT instead of me testing him at home.
  4. As I am wrapping up our school year and preparing for the next, I can say that I have successfully taught all my children Pre-K thru 8th grade. Never planned on high school but did it with the first. Wasn't going to do with the other two and here I am going on year two of high school with my second. My youngest has decided that she too will stay home for high school and will be a freshman in the fall of 2019. Since the beginning there has been a mixture of public schools, DoD schools, various types of co-ops and lots of trips here and there. I have bought so many different kinds of curriculum over the years I could have just sent my kids to private school (ha ha). It's amazing how the homeschooling world has changed in just the past decade. Even now with small five year age difference from youngest to oldest, opportunities area different. If you are at the beginning of the end of your 8th grader and don't think you can teach the 9th-12th, YOU CAN. Don't let the nay sayers get to you. It can be done, if I can have a child graduate from home and be off at a private college with nearly a 4.0 on the Dean's list and proved that she can be leader (yes my mama brag 😄 ) then anyone can teach their children 9th and above.
  5. I agree with Lori. My first child to go thru the DE did speech online class. Now I am about to enroll my second child though DE classes and Speech will be his first class as well.
  6. Bear2K


    I am being discriminated at work.
  7. In the beginning I would have my kids watch the lesson, do the examples and lastly do the test. Once they don't pass the test I know that is where our starting point it. My kids usually do 2 lessons unless it's a harder lesson than it's one.
  8. I have one of the older WTM editions and wrote down a handful of books for history. When I finally got to 9th grade history I/we got so busy that it ended up only being 5 books max for Ancient World History.
  9. I tested my kids in April instead of June this year. I will admit I was a little concern how they would do since I did start working a year ago part-time. The kids are 13+ so working is doable but they did take advantage of mama being out of the house. At least they didn't do crazy bad stuff, just lazy teen stuff. I have now tossed all of last years papers away, boxed up the books to either be used again in future or sold. My kiddos will be busy with their sports, helping neighbors with yard work and saving money for a national youth conference for 2019. There is still a little time during the week for some basic studies. So as of right now we are on on 'summer break' until mid August. This is what I have for them to do. Khan Academy - math review and whatever interests them on the site Journal - this will be whatever they wish to write about with few exceptions. Reading - all of a sudden some of my children say there is nothing to read so I have made up a reading list. They will always have a book to read plus they will write about the book in their journal when finished. Human Anatomy coloring book I have made a rough draft of what my children be doing next year. I have joined the not so dark side of an educational co-op. My children will take foreign language, science, and elective class there. While I could teach at home, I am horrible with languages and I am over with messy biology and chemistry messes in the house. I will only have the Language Arts, Mathematics and History so next year's planning will be even easier to plan out.
  10. I have a degree from long ago as well. It was decided that I would just get a part-time job that was about twenty hours a week. My children are all 13+ and somewhat independent. I am just around the 8,000 ish a year mark with my current retail job. It's enough to pay extra on the house and for projects here and there. I could have gone back into my profession but ment going back to college. My husband and I have both agreed not to have second careers when he retires from service.
  11. I do believe my DD14 is ready for high school. It's been decided to allow him to take up to four classes at a local academic co-op. He really really wants to be in school and we have been butting heads his whole jr years with this topic. In our current home (military-move alot) the school system is the worse but the neighborhood is one of the best in the city so public school is out. Private school is still not an option either. He will take an elective, foreign language and science at the academic co-op and possibly the literature and writing class too. I much rather teach science at home but it will be nice not to have all those disectable animals all over the house. I have plenty of live ones. haha This really fits him best. After 10th grade he will move onto duel enrollment classes and volunteer in his career interest which is both military and medical. This is my second round with high school but feels like a first because my son is very much different from my daughter.
  12. I used my Excel program to make my daughter's high school transcript. When middle school was needed (for local store discounts) I used the same format and just threw in the middle school subjects and grades. Easy peasy. If they ever needed copy notarized (high school one needed it for college) my bank does them for free :)
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