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  1. 2nd shot update Dh - undying gratitude for this thread and the warnings about gastro issues. Didn't really believe it until 36 hrs later. Could have been very ugly if he had gone onsite with clients. He stayed home to 'humor' me Kids at home (25, 21, 21, 18) - sore arms and headache, back and neck pain, better 12-36 hrs later. Dd (27) - light hives even with benadryl, sore arm and fatigue I vomited on and off for about 5 minutes right after my 2nd shot. Was prepared this time and standing outside the car, The onsite doctor stayed with me. Disappeared as suddenly as it started. I had a fever and chills and headache for several days Oldest has decided to get the J&J this week at his place of work Glad we are done and can head home to NY to see my dad in a few weeks
  2. Dd(27) had hives all over about 4-6 hours after her 1st Pfizer dose. Benadryl for 24 hrs worked for her. She does get hives from some foods. Her second shot is this weekend. She will wait 30 minutes after this one to leave the pharmacy and her doctor wants her to take benadryl after 4 hours, hives or not.
  3. I mostly lurk but here's our family's vaccine experiences so far My Dad (86) - both doses of Moderna - Sore arm and fatigue DH, dd(25), ds(21), dd(21), ds(18) - first dose Pfizer - mildly sore arm dd(27) -first dose pfizer - broke out in hives about 6 hrs post shot, benadryl for 24 hrs after she gets hives a couple times a year usually from food. dsil - J&J - fever and muscle pain for about 12 hrs I had the 1st dose of Pfizer with dh. Immediate onset of vomiting and nausea about 3 seconds after shot. Approx 5-6 min later it was gone like someone flipped a switch. No other symptoms. I have had similar reactions to IV meds before. My oldest was scheduled for J&J this week. Not sure what he will do, Was reluctant to begin with I'll update after second shots.
  4. Thanks so much everyone. This place is a fountain of information whether about food or more serious topics like my dd's biopsy.
  5. We are trying to change our eating habits. All three of my college kids are home through next semester. It's time to make a change. Thinking of trying 2-3 meatless dinners a week to start. There are so many cookbooks and blogs out there. Any recommendations? Thank you
  6. We do a greek pizza regularly. Your toppings are great. The only different thing I do is infuse the olive oil with garlic and some spicy peppers before brushing it on. Combine crushed garlic cloves and peppers with some olive oil. Heat through and let sit until cool. Strain and brush. Not authentic I'm sure, but really tasty.
  7. Thank you for the responses. Just being able to talk about helps. Dd has requested that no one other dh be told until we know something concrete. (she knows I was asking here) So I have a houseful and can't act worried.
  8. My 24 year old daughter has a lump in her right breast. After an ultrasound she now has two choices. The radiologist feels strongly that it is a complex cyst and we could wait and have another ultrasound in six months or a needle biopsy now Her doctor recommends the biopsy mostly because she knows what basket case I'll be. My dh survived T-cell lymphoma but it was awful. Dd is nervous especially since no one can go with her. Can anyone tell me what may be involved with a needle biopsy?
  9. This Faith not Fear concept was addressed at Mass over the weekend (live streamed). Father said that 'Faith not Fear' is a comforting idea. We should always turn to to God when we are afraid. BUT wearing face masks, practicing social distancing and protecting our most vulnerable IS NOT fear, it is RESPECT. It is the very cornerstone of His commandment to Love one another.
  10. I feel sort of frivolous asking but My twins turn 21 next week. Dh and I really only drink wine. When our older three turned 21, we took them out for happy hour drinks and food. Needless to say we aren't for the twins so taco bar and daiquiris at home. Suggestions for daiquiris would be appreciated. I've seen ready made mixes. What would we need to make some with strawberries? There are so many recipes on google and they vary so much. Thank you
  11. Totally agree with Firefly Also miss The Last Ship, Dark Matter and Defiance
  12. My three dd's got their first periods around 15. I was over 16 before I started mine as was my mom. None of them were regular for the first year or so. Very short duration for the first few months. The only symptom they seemed to have in common was headaches. (and very moody but they would never agree with that).
  13. Sorry if already posted University of Alabama and UABirmingham will extended spring break starting Monday and will transition to online classes. UAHuntsville will transition to online on Mar 16. Today is first time that I have seen empty shelves in the local grocery stores. Meat, flour, sanitizer, toilet paper
  14. We did a lot of freezer meals when our kids were little and dh worked out of town. I still make these regularly. Just pop the frozen ones in a gallon bag. Always ready side or snack. https://muffintinmommy.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/frozen-fruit-cups/
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