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  1. Why don't you just block her? That way, she can't message you or even see you anywhere on fb. I have a very long blocked list of people who constantly wanted to argue and "debate" everything I posted.
  2. If anybody has been there recently, can you give me some basic idea of the prices of food and drinks at the park? We are planning to go tomorrow and would just like some general idea so we don't have a heart attack when we see the prices, lol.
  3. I have heard that pronunciation quite often. I am thinking people think if it is "width" and "length," then it must be "heighth." Boy, that word looks weird, lol.
  4. Maybe 10 a week, if that. DH drives about 140 a day to and from work.
  5. Meat loaf is incredibly adaptable. I don't measure anything. I just use a couple pounds of ground meat (beef, chicken, pork, any combo), chopped onions and green peppers (because we like them), salt, pepper, whatever spices you like, some kind of sauce (often that Hunts sauce for meatloaf), some kind of dry stuff (bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, oatmeal, ground up croutons, even crushed potato chips), and an egg or two. I like to put ketchup or some sauce on the top before baking as well. Mine is probably never exactly the same. Last time I threw in a bit of shredded cheddar. Was quite tasty. I think I want to try a pizza one next time, like a pp mentioned. Might even include some pepperoni.
  6. I have started shaping mine into patties (like hamburger patties) and cooking them in the oven. Leftovers fit nicely on a bun for a sandwich. I do mine at 350 until it is 160 degrees in the middle. Not sure how long that is, as I just keep checking. Timing obviously depends on the shape and size anyway.
  7. The school screenings back when I was in school were a joke. I remember in high school it was up to the gym teacher and they would have us do each other's to save time. I can remember as far back as 5th grade not being able to see what was written on the board, but I assumed I was just too far away, and I was way too shy to even ask to move. As others have said, this was my normal and I assumed everybody saw like I did. I didn't find out I needed glasses until I went to take the vision test to get my learner's permit at 15. She told me to look into the thing and read what I saw. I told her there was nothing there. Had my first eye doc appointment then and got glasses.
  8. I've tried to read that book like 3 times and never could get into it. Must be something wrong with me.
  9. It is perfectly normal. Exercise causes the muscles to retain water, thus weight gain. Also, once you are actually replacing fat with muscle, muscle is denser than fat so will weigh more for the same space it takes up. Go by how you look and feel and how your clothes fit. Not the scale.
  10. I am keeping ours. My mom kept ours from when we were kids and gave them to us when we had kids. Some of them were nice, others not so much. But I was glad to have them. Like you, I took time and chose the best. They are the one thing I refuse to declutter. Especially when I think of the cost to replace them. If it appears that I will not have any gc later on, I am sure we can find someone who can use them at that point. My girls want to keep them, btw, if that makes any difference.
  11. I have blinds and blackout curtains from Walmart. But because we have to use a window a/c in the summer, I currently can't close the curtains, so I actually have a large piece of cardboard covering the top of the window so that it is dark enough for me to sleep, lol.
  12. Well, I know people who do a keto diet say they get that when they are in ketosis. No idea about the mechanics of that though.
  13. If it smells like a damp basement, it wouldn't be something rotten. That is a totally different smell. Under my kitchen sink is always musty smelling from where we have had leaks in the past. The whole thing needs pulled out and replaced, but we can't afford that right now. Anyway, it could be that yours isn't all that bad and that you are just used to it. Being gone for awhile makes you able to smell the things you've gotten used to when you come back in.
  14. I saw this. Looks so much like Queen Anne's lace, which we have a lot of around here.
  15. Actually, from what I am reading, that is the ideal time to work out.
  16. Time restricted eating/ intermittent fasting has been working for me. I am a rule keeper/ all-or-nothing personality, and this is just what I need. When it is time to eat, I eat. When it is time to fast, I fast. Nothing to think about. At the same time, I love food and especially all the stuff that is supposed to be bad for you and will not succeed on anything that makes me give it up. I generally limit my eating hours to 5 per day, fasting with only water for the other 19. Others have success with 8 hour eating windows. From what I have been reading, it is insulin that makes us fat, not calories. A couple books: https://smile.amazon.com/Obesity-Code-Unlocking-Secrets-Weight-ebook/dp/B01C6D0LCK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1528906241&sr=8-1&keywords=obesity+code https://smile.amazon.com/Delay-Dont-Deny-Intermittent-Lifestyle-ebook/dp/B01N4JHL1P/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1528906280&sr=1-3&keywords=delay+don't+deny
  17. What they said. The construction is very common and clear. It only sounds funny because "swum" is such a funny sounding word that it always sounds wrong.
  18. Actually, swum is correct. Let's substitute "eat" for "swim." You have eat, ate, eaten; swim, swam, swum. Change the sentence to something like, "Prizes are awarded in three age groups for the most pie eaten." You can see that you would use the participle form there. You wouldn't say, "for the most pie ate." Make sense?
  19. I have heard both, back and forth all day. Laurel is very clear when I hear it. Yanny sounds really garbled. Not sure this link has been posted. https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/15/17358136/yanny-laurel-the-dress-audio-illusion-frequency-sound-perception
  20. I have not been to Busch Gardens since I was in 7th grade, like 35 years ago. We were wanting to take our adult girls sometime this year. Can anybody tell me when would be a good time to go that won't be terribly busy? Obviously, weekdays will be better, but is there any time (month, particular days) that it is less busy? We don't want to end up spending most of our time waiting in lines. Thanks for any info!
  21. Thanks for posting this! I have been reading a series of books that were only 2.99 each, but this way, I will be able to read all the rest for just 1.99 for all of them since they are on Kindle Unlimited!
  22. I used sandlalwood oil in my diffuser, and now, no matter what I do, that smell won't go away. It mixes with every other oil I try to use. And it has been a year since I used it in there last. Is it because my diffuser is a cheap one, or is this just a fact of life with diffusers?
  23. Well, we just saw it today. My girls loved it and are looking forward to the next one. I, on the other hand, am old and grumpy and hated it. I do not like things that are not complete. I hated that the "bad guys" just completely and constantly overpowered the "good guys." Sure, they are probably going to make things better in the next movie, but that is a freakin' year away at least! This movie did nothing but stress me out and I wish I had not seen it. I have loved all the others, btw.
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