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  1. I obviously know nothing of your particular situation, but as long as you provide over half of his support and he doesn't make too much money himself, you can claim him indefinitely. We still claim our 25 year old who lives with us and does not work. Also our 21 year old who only works part time and lives with us. My aunt claims her 39 year old who lives with her and doesn't work.
  2. We have both, plus a Google mini and an Echo dot. I much prefer the Google. We have often asked Alexa a question and she does not know the answer, so we asked Google and she got it right away. We don't use ours for smart home stuff, so no idea which is better there. We subscribe to Youtube, so are able to get any music we want to listen to on Google. I found Amazon's music selection, even when we tried the paid unlimited subscription, to be pretty pitiful for us. It all will depend on what you plan to use it for, and which things you subscribe to and use the most.
  3. We use them all the time and have for years. Never had a problem.
  4. Yeah, I have an older one that does not have the heart rate monitor. Haven't looked at the newer ones.
  5. From what I have read, none of them are accurate on the sleeping part. The scores are based on movement, or lack thereof. So if you move much in your sleep, it will thing you are awake, and if you lie still but are still wide awake (as I often am) it will think you are sleeping. I guess one with a heart rate monitor might do better, though. Not sure. Never researched those.
  6. Just found The Music Never Stopped on Amazon. Loved it. Touching and sad in parts. Also been watching Somebody Feed Phil, on Netflix. He is hilarious and the places he goes and foods he eats are really interesting.
  7. We like a lot of the ones mentioned, but I don't think anybody has mentioned Paul Wilbur.
  8. Maybe they had one of those little skinny poles that you hang plants on and it kept falling over. So they came up with a sturdier thing to hang their plant on. Yeah, that must be it.
  9. I don't have an answer for you, but I've been really wanting one of those since dh got a new car with one in it. Which one did you get? And this will bump your thread up so you might hopefully get some suggestions.
  10. Yep. That's the one. I got it last year on a really good sale, but it isn't very expensive to begin with. Doesn't match anything here either, lol.
  11. I have a Pioneer Woman regular toaster that does great on frozen waffles. If you get a toaster oven, get one with convection. They are so much better.
  12. Lol. I can imagine. I will still order from Amazon (and elsewhere) because it is easier than going to the store. Just won't bother with the subscriptions.
  13. Thanks everybody. What I figured. Not really worth bothering.
  14. I have been hesitant to use subscribe and save on items I regularly order because they have such great price fluctuations. For example, a supplement I order constantly changes from around 12 dollars to around 16 dollars. If I were to subscribe monthly when the price was at its low point, for example, then the price was at the high end when the next automatic shipment was due, wouldn't I then be charged the higher price? I'd love to use it for convenience, but if I can't know what the price will be and have to keep checking anyway in order to change it, then I may as well just watch and reorder when the price is low. Anyone have any experience with this?
  15. They look like brackets of some sort to me. The slit looks like it should be slid over a screw in the wall or whatever you attach them to.
  16. To me it's like going back to a wringer washer instead of an automatic one. Or any number of things like that.
  17. About time!! I've been waiting for days for a picture! Beautiful! We found 3 babies under our garage a couple months ago, so we are back up to 6 cats.
  18. Riverdance. If it counts as a musical. Not sure what the actual definition is, lol.
  19. Haven't read this thread yet. No time right now. But loved these books. http://www.karenmussernortman.com/the-time-travel-trailer-series.html
  20. Our theater is so small, we don't even have a ticket collector. You just buy your tickets at the outside window, then go in and sit down.
  21. Ours recently put in those horrible supposedly comfortable (NOT!) recliners and went to the stupid seat picking thing as well. It just makes standing in line that much longer and annoying. We have the option of purchasing seats online ahead of time, but you still have to wait in the same line to get your actual tickets when you get there, behind all the people who are picking their seats as they purchase their tickets. And for this "privilege" of reserving seats online, you have to pay an extra dollar per ticket "convenience" fee! I hate everything about it.
  22. VaKim


    Hate, as in wanting someone dead, or at least suffering horribly? Nobody in "real life." But every time there is a child molester, abuser, or any other cruel, evil person, yep. Would like to see them in the same pain they caused their victims. Or at least quickly dead. Doesn't hurt me to hate them because I don't really know them and it isn't something I dwell on.
  23. Yeah, I never did that to begin with. Never made sense to me, plus I already "knew" that it would spread germs all over the place. Can't even remember why it had been recommended to wash it to begin with.
  24. Praise the Lord! He is risen indeed!
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