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  1. We have never stopped. I see my mom several times a week. We go walking on the trails together, sometimes with her older sister (they are 74 and 75). We had to help my in-laws move last month and part of this month. We live in a rural area and things are pretty much the same around here as always, except for some of the things that are closed.
  2. The only change I will be making is keeping more supplies on hand. I had become a sort of minimalist when it came to groceries and household stuff. No more!
  3. I've ordered some things that said when I ordered that they wouldn't be shipped until next month, but got them within 4 days anyway.
  4. Nothing different than we ever do. Wash off the cooties whenever we come home from anywhere. We don't really go anywhere other than the grocery store anyway. Well, DH and DD go to work.
  5. Schedule here too, or it would be exactly like you said. DH would feel totally rejected and neglected if we were to wait until I was in the mood (never). Friday nights are our "date night." And I use plenty of vodka before I can get to the point where I can't taste the bitter tea and can tolerate it.
  6. Mid 50s here and have not actually "craved" it since my early 20s. It was like this exciting drink I heard about, and once I tried it, I binged on it for a bit, then got tired of it. For good. It has simply been something I tolerate for the sake of my DH for pretty much our whole marriage. Sad, but true. Nothing I can do about it. Most women in my family and my friends circle are the same. It is just a boring, often bitter, drink that we choke down if we have to.
  7. I know this is ancient, but since someone brought it back up, I thought I'd update. I decided to just get cheap fitted sheets from Amazon from now on. As long as my top sheet is crisp and cool and comfy, the bottom one does not really matter, and I think the microfiber (which I hate for a top sheet) does wear a bit better. Also, I finally figured out exactly what is going on. I don't sleep well at all most of the time since my surgical menopause 8 years ago, and I do a lot of tossing and turning from side to side trying to get comfortable. I noticed that when I turn over, I actually use my feet to push myself over, my toes to be precise. I think my toenails are eventually cutting the sheets, even though I keep them as short as I can. And as I said way back then, I would die of heat stroke if I wore socks, so that is just out. Thanks to everybody who tried to help though!
  8. I am loving my multifocals. I still don't see as well at a distance, but it is so nice to be able to pick up a paper or can of food and actually see what is written there without having to put on readers. As a pp recommended, I have been wearing one of my old lenses in my weakest eye and that helps with the distance a bit. I do that for when I will be out for very long (driving and such). They did cost twice as much as my old ones, but that is because I have to have toric lenses, I think.
  9. Another vote for Goodreads. You can make separate accounts for everyone you want to keep track of. Would have been neat to have while I was homeschooling mine. They could have continued using it themselves once they were grown and had a record of all that they read while they were kids, as well as what they thought about the books if they had done reviews.
  10. Brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of that? I still have my "old' lenses and am going to try that now.
  11. Yes, reading glasses work just fine for me, but are a pain. I don't carry a purse, so when I am out, I have nowhere to carry any, unless I wear them hanging off my boobs like an old lady, lol. Which I am not willing to do. I can also read just fine without any contacts or glasses at all. Just can't see any distance. I never have perfect vision with my left eye no matter what though. The astigmatism is just too bad to correct completely.
  12. I do have a trial period, but the sad fact is, you either have to give up some far vision or some near vision when your eyes are as bad as mine in order to wear contacts. And I am loving being able to read pill bottles, my phone, labels in stores, etc. and don't want to give that up. I already was doing the monovision, with one eye for close and the other for distance, but I still had to have reading glasses for up close because you can't have them so far apart in strength as I would have needed. I actually always had great vision with contacts until I started getting older and becoming far-sighted. I have worn them since I was about 17 or 18. Yes, I have toric lenses. I went to the store today and absolutely loved being able to read labels and price tags. Since I spend a lot more time inside than I do driving, that is why I prefer to have my close vision prioritized and also why I want to ask if the doc will prescribe me glasses just to wear over these contacts. Seems like he could give me the vision test with my contacts in and just correct from there with a glasses prescription. But a pp said her doc would not do that for some reason.
  13. There was a thread here the other week with someone asking about this I think. We were discussing different ways to deal with presbyopia as we get older without having to hunt down reading glasses constantly. I had been doing the mono vision thing, with one contact for near and the other for far, but still needed reading glasses for small print and reading. Anyway, because of some responses in that thread, I got myself some multifocal contacts yesterday. I wore them for the day at home and liked them pretty well. Still have to adjust a bit for reading I think, but at least I don't have to run and find reading glasses to read how many pills to take or how to cook a packaged food. Hoping for the same when I go to the store and have to read details on price stickers on the shelves. However, when I went to pick up DD from work, I realized my far vision is much worse with these. I can't really read signs until I am right on them. It was already close to that bad with the mono, but even worse now. I do have bad astigmatism and lenses can't totally correct that, so I think that is what is going on. My question is, how stupid would it be to ask my doc to prescribe me some glasses to wear over these contacts just for driving? I could even get prescription sunglasses, since I wear those all the time driving. Is that even possible? I can't really see why it wouldn't be. I would take my vision test with my contacts in, and he would write a prescription for that.
  14. Yuck, no! And I don't even really worry about germs that much. To me, it is just the ickiness of it. Kinda like I'm not likely to get sick or anything eating my own earwax, but it ain't happening!
  15. Definitely rude. My mother-in-law did showers for her grandkids and always titled it as a "pamper party," so people would bring diapers and wipes, which was very handy. She didn't, however, tell people on the invitations what they could or couldn't bring. And they only included people close to the mother and father, unlike a lot of showers I see these days where they invite anybody and everybody, whether they know the mother or not.
  16. One of my kitties drinks like this too. He is 11 years old and doing fine so far but I always wonder about that too.
  17. This is what I do too. And like pp said, I don't even notice which eye is doing what. They work together. I use both eyes when I look over my shoulder while driving. And peripheral vision is not really clear anyway, even with perfect eyesight. However, because I am so nearsighted and have such bad astigmatism, I still can't see to read anything small. I was looking at this thread because I am so sick of having to hunt down reading glasses all day long. I can still read just fine without my contacts in. But if I wear contacts that totally correct my far vision in both eyes, even my hands are blurry, as is anything remotely close to me. The mono thing takes care of that problem, even if it doesn't allow me to read small print.
  18. It would definitely be harder, but the work schedule itself would kill me. I would just figure out how many hours I wanted to have for my "eating window" each day, then, regardless of the actual time of day, stick to that many hours as best I could. Alternately, you could figure out how many hours you wanted to fast, and make sure there were at least that many hours in between eating, regardless of time.
  19. I usually fast for 18 and eat within 6 hours per day. Sometimes I do 19/5 or 20/4. I have done several 24 hours. They are not really that hard. You still get to eat every day. It works for me because I am an all-or-nothing type person. When I am allowed to eat, I do. When I am not, I don't. This way I can eat enough to get full and have whatever I want. Whenever I have tried to diet by limiting my food, I end up feeling like I am starving and just can't stick with it. Plus I am just not willing to give up all sweets and the stuff that makes eating enjoyable to me.
  20. Whatever you get, don't use fabric softener, or even put them in the dryer (due to dryer sheet residue). If you just wash them and hang them to dry, they will be far more absorbent. Fabric softener tends to make things repel water. I got some microfiber towels for drying my dishes, and they work great as long as I just hang them to dry. They also dry very quickly.
  21. Here is a short article, with other links. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/intermittent-fasting-surprising-update-2018062914156 A lot of things say that fasting is no more effective than any other diet, but I can not and will not stick to any kind of diet. I can easily do this for the rest of my life. I have maintained my weight in spite of eating more food than I ever have (I am only 5 ft. tall and 54 years old, so don't require much food, unfortunately), along with plenty of junk. The health benefits are mostly ones that can't be seen ( like stronger immune system, lower chances of getting diabetes, avoiding alzheimer's, and so on), so I am sort of just trusting the process.
  22. I have been doing it for almost 2 years now. Haven't really lost much weight other than the initial 5 pounds or so, but I don't carry a lot of extra weight either. I do it mainly for the health benefits. I have been reading about it since before I started, and there is tons of info out there. I mostly have a 6 hour eating window, but don't stress about which 6 hours they are. I have done as many as 24 hours, but more than that and I get a bad headache. I do what is called time restricted eating, and that sounds like what you are talking about. I have nothing but water during my fasting hours because I detest black coffee or tea, and that is really the only things you should have to keep from having an insulin response. I will continue this forever, Lord willing. I probably would lose weight if I would give up sugar and other junk, but I know I won't be doing that. The health benefits are still applicable.
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