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    as of 09/2008, we have 5dc: 14yos, 11yos, 7yos, 4.5yog, and 2.5yos.
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    DFW area
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    We are involved in Scouts, TKD, and I'm on the Library Board.
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    Gleaning info from the WTM forums lol! Don't follow WTM much, but we're implementing some.

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  1. holy cow-- my inbox is full....some from last year, lol. give me a minute to empty it out.....

  2. I just adore you. You write what I try to write, but just can't seem to put together. :grouphug:

  3. lol--- i thought it was interesting that when i was first banned, it was for a week. Then, when i accidentally signed on [knowing i was still banned] it was extended to the 30th. Pre-emptive banning, i s'pose. ;)


    Moderators have the right to be hyper-sensitive. I'm kinda surprised they are letting this whole pearl thing ramble on for so long tho.

  4. Welcome back! My theory is that there's been a new, hypersensitive moderator keeping an eye on this place for the last month or so.


    I've missed your fireworks. :lol:

  5. She IS a lawyer, you know. I bet that detail escaped you. Every. Single. Time. She. Says. It. LOL

  6. Glad to see you're back on! We missed you!!!

  7. things are pretty good here-- thanks!

  8. I missed you. It was good to see you back on here the other day. I hope all is well and merry and bright.



  9. oh man!! I get sidetracked by life and come back to find you've successfully gotten the evolution thread closed! darn you to heck! :D


    see ya around ;)

  10. ah, don't worry -- his words pretty much stand alone, lol.

  11. Don't let him push you into getting banned again... we NEED you on here and arguing there is ...... pointless. Besides, it's moved into the disagreeing just to be a jerk area (not you), imo.

  12. you might want to add CC -in subject line = Christian Content :)
  13. thankyouverrrymuuuch ;)


    some discussions are simply too circular to debate for very long. This is one of them.

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