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  1. So I went to Costco because it's closer. I was kind of surprised at how much of the store was non-food items. I ran into several acquaintances and the first thing they said after I said it was my first time there was "Don't spend too much!!" . And...I spent too much! lol I was able to find the things I wanted but will they haven mostly different choices when I go back again?? There wasn't a lot of variety to choose from for many things. I didn't buy any chips because there only a few choices. I was happy with the meat/fish/cheese/fruits and there were no lines!
  2. No, that's the price for regular, oversized stripy chicken breast. I don't even look at the pricier meats or organic produce at that store. I do drive to the Asian supermarket and buy inexpensive chicken, a huge bag of rice, and some veggies. But I need a local store for my regular shopping.
  3. Milk, juice, chicken breast, eggs, chips, dried fruit, frozen veggies, bananas Junk food for my youngest son. lol. He needs a lot of calories and when his friends come over I like to have easy to eat food in the freezer for them, so anything like frozen pizzas or garlic knots, etc My regular store sells chicken breast for 4.99/lb and produce is too expensive unless I can buy local seasonal items. So I'd like to spend less money and maybe be able to eat a bit healthier.
  4. I want to join one of these but I can't figure out what the differences are between them. Pros and cons anyone? I know Costco is a bit more $ to join, but it's also more convenient for me to drive to than the Sam's. I really only want to buy groceries and toiletries.
  5. I have pressed a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol on the ink-stained spot. Keep applying a new q-tip until the stain is gone. Make sure to put something under the layer of fabric on the under side. Or you might spread the ink stain to another part of the fabric. I made pair of my son's shorts even worse by spreading the ink stain. Though he had a LOT of ink on those shorts!!
  6. Banana Republic, the website always has some kind of sale too.
  7. Ehh, I'm thinking of not renewing. I don't buy as much from Amazon as I used to and I don't use the other 'benefits' (streaming music, video, etc). Amazon is definitely not my 'go-to' anymore for the best price for many things.
  8. I'm sorry for your loss! What a handsome companion you had for many years.
  9. Didn't work for me eta: support fixed it for me....thank you very much!!!
  10. We're having the same thing here. 3 or 4 schools, all with different pros and cons. And this is for two dss. The school that 'should' give a full ride has given us the most negative 'feelings'. Both ds say if they don't get the full ride they don't want to go there. Housing fee due NOW. And it seems like we won't officially get the potential full ride offer until after May 1! School with next lowest cost...I'm not sure about the engineering rankings compared to the other options. Better school with highest cost (of the schools we've narrowed it down to)...is it really worth the
  11. I'm so sorry for your family's loss.
  12. We are still waiting for admittance decisions from 3 schools...2 are reaches so we are not really expecting to have them as a choice. We've narrowed it down a bit but not nearly enough, and are still waiting on some possible scholarships. I'm so thankful and feeling lucky that their safety school is a great option financially and is a pretty good school.
  13. ds1 accepted at WPI, UF ds2 accepted at WPI, UF, RIT WPI is off the table for both as it will be too expensive.
  14. Both of my dss are Finalists. :001_smile: I'm not sure making finalist will be any added benefit to them but I guess it depends where they end up going.
  15. That's wonderful...is this the son who applied to one school?!?
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