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  1. My 2 daughters and I are planning a trip to St Pete, Florida in January to see friends. We have friends to stay with the first week, but the second week we were thinking about trying AirBnB. Is it better to get a reservation now or wait until just a few weeks before our visit to get a good price? I’m not interested in fancy, just a safe place with enough beds. Thank you!
  2. Maternal grandfather born in 1884 died in 1940’s, he was 14 years older than my grandmother. She was born in 1898, as were both of my paternal grandparents. All of my grandparents had passed before I was born, except my maternal grandmother. All were born in the US. Interesting thread!
  3. Is she seeing an adoption trained therapist, specializing in trauma? Many times adoption-attachment-CPTSD issues look like ADHD but don’t respond to medication. We spent 5+ years in therapy with an adoption trained therapist and used Bette Lamont for specialized neurodevelopment exercises that really made a difference. We saw improvement in reading and school, in general, along with a calmer, more focused daughter. There are many good resources available but you may need to travel, depending on where you are.
  4. Southwest has always been a good experience for us but the way they do seats is frustrating. We used to fly Allegiant from Florida to Indiana but we will never fly them again after so many delays, flights cancelled, poor customer service, etc. Not to mention the poor condition of their planes.
  5. Our mantle with our gas fireplace. This year I’m not putting the chocolates in the stockings until Christmas morning. 😉
  6. That is scary! I lived in Buffalo/Tonawanda for years and my husband is from Grand Island, so I KNOW how dangerous the Falls are. I’ve tubed in the Niagara River from Tonawanda, under the GI bridge, and the current is so strong, even that far back. POSSIBLE SUICIDE TRIGGER AHEAD..... Visitors don't understand when people commit suicide, they don’t jump “over the falls” they jump in the rapids.
  7. At her age, I would do the root canal. However, there are some complications which can affect the long term prognosis of the root canal. Since she is 15, the tip of the root would have just finished forming and the fact that the tooth was completely evulsed, might cause the root canal to fail at some point in the future. The root canal is the best option at this point and it keeps the bone in place in the event the root canal fails, tooth would need to be extracted, and a retainer with a false tooth (also known as a flipper) placed as the extraction site heals, preparing her for an implant later. LCOL here, ballpark for upper root canal less than $1000 with a filling to close it, not a crown/cap at her age VS Extraction $300. flipper retainer w a replacement tooth $150. Implant surgery $2500, implant crown $1500, not counting possibility of bone grafts. If if you do go with the implant, make sure you take her to a periodontist that does implants. They will be better with esthetics like needing to contour the gum, than an oral surgeon. Good luck!
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