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    Reading comprehension matters. Kindly ask for clarification before you jump to taking offense. Responses to my posts which feature gaslighting, character assassination and so forth are ignored. Logic also matters. Use of fallacies including straw men, ad hominem, and so forth are also ignored.

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  1. As I remember, there are councils for many food products. Here is more on wheat: https://ndwheat.com/consumers/educationalactivities/ My dc enjoyed a cranberry harvest video around Thanksgiving....novel to them, as cranberries aren't grown here. https://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/00000144-0a42-d3cb-a96c-7b4f74010000
  2. Call her county Office of the Aging, they can walk you thru the local options.
  3. How about some headphones? If my YA is working out of my house, its headphones on and behind closed doors.....perhaps use the employer confidentiality expectation to move your YA to the idea that some things are not one's business and shouldn't be overheard. If you have a confidential phone call coming in, schedule him for break out of the house if he can't do headphones and music to give you confidentiality. Like work, he can go out and talk a walk at break time, out of the home. At the end of the day, he can 'walk out to the parkling lot' etc and get some exercise out of the house, givin
  4. That's tough. How far away is his company from bringing him back into the office part time? It is quite isolating to be home alone for so long; so from the mental health point of view he is better off with company. When I was going thru my serious medical issue, I would go out to the vehicle if I needed phone privacy. With the frequent appointments, it gave the dc some peace to know that diagnostics were proceeding, some of which ruled out the scariest things the internet was suggesting. It also modeled taking care of one's health.
  5. I'm subscribed to NYAlert...rec'd an alert message about Covid today asking folks to wear masks and social distance. I'm not in a cluster zip code, but have been avoiding shopping or traveling in those zip codes.
  6. spicy stuff that may be a spicy dip to go with vegetables, or a spicy meal
  7. No, not my culture unless we were of limited means. The adult child would be in the cooking/cleaning rotation, not treating the home like a cafeteria....they would be joining in family meals.
  8. Do you have an HSA? You need to research the fine print on both plans plus the HSA rules. Here's a taste: https://ttlc.intuit.com/community/tax-credits-deductions/discussion/i-am-an-independent-child-under-my-parents-insurance-plan-i-m-24-can-i-still-be-covered-by-my/00/233052 . If this year he was a dependent for part of the year, next year's decision may be different...find out when open enrollment begins for 2021 for him. He may be better off on your plan this year and his next. All depends on details.
  9. Sorry , Charlie. Plenty of posters make observations. Just because you want to pick one particular poster to ask for a citation from doesn't mean that poster has to get right to work to please you. You want to verify an observation independently, go right ahead and pick sources that work for your educational level...you are obligated to do your own homework.
  10. Take a look also at your plan's coverage in his area, as well as the coverage in areas he is likely to travel too. If your family plan is mostly out of network for most providers in his area, he is better off on his company's plan. Also do the math. He may benefit more from funding his HSA than having one or two free appts because the family deductible was met before he went to the provider.
  11. Sounds like interesting woods you have. In my neck of the woods, people don't move around so much, so they know who is participating in gray market and who is not. No one is asserting the quantity is widespread....and who really wants to rat a cheater out? Easier just to not rent from them, or hire their slaves.
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