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  1. it doesn't matter what the age, as I said when I noted that young 20s are also in this situation. If you can't afford the lifestyle, you make changes. You don't make your children into another spouse or parent, asking for handouts so you may live without being inconvenienced while they toil in your service.
  2. Have you looked at Mizzou Academy? Its $500 per 0.5 credit for out of state (but at high school level it can be half that) plus book costs and some various fees for paperwork ; accredited; part time fine. You'll have to look at course format and see what works for your student's career goals and family schedule, but they do have self paced.
  3. I'm rural. Rural varies. The county subsidized transportation is restricted to seniors, so there is that option for doctor visits. Grocer delivers - at $5 per delivery its less than a car trip. Uber is there to get to church or in to town for meeting friends if someone can't pick you up on the way. If she's working she isn't retired. I'm answering the original question on being retired. However, f the job doesn't pay enough to support a vehicle, then one of them has to go.
  4. Do the cost-benefit analysis. Most people find they don't need the vehicle. Include maintenance, gas, and insurance and figure out what's being paid per mile per month. Then they realize they can't see so well at night and half of what they thought they were going to use the car for isn't there.
  5. On car insurance....does she need a car? The young people I know are dropping theirs if they can Uber or use the public transport. The cost of insurance is so high that they save money..they generally let the car go when it needs the next major repair. Grocery delivery here is $5, in a rural area. Don't gift until the financial plan is made. The seniors have tremendous public resources. Sign her up for Meals on Wheels, etc thru the Office of the Aging. Your husband and you are obligated to plan for your retirement, so use these public resources so you aren't placed between a rock and a hard place at age 57 because you contributed to someone else's lifestyle.
  6. Call your County Office of the Aging; they can hook you up with resources.
  7. & this may be familiar from your own school days; easy to compact online high quality for mathy people
  8. One night about ten years ago I was watching Diane Sawyer talk about breast cancer and the position on screening that the insurance companies had taken. She spelled out how many young women were expected to be in Stage III or IV when their cancer was found because the insurer did not want to screen until age 50. It wasn't a small number of people, but delaying like that certainly added to profits. Now we have a scenario where people are being allowed to live in tenement conditions and the ill are allowed to congregate in public, infecting others. Our memories of Typhoid Mary, famous asymptomatic spreader, are so dim that our public officials are getting away with kicking people off the island.
  9. Yep. I'm finding people who should know better are ignoring public health laws -- public school administrators, library directors, etc all seem to be listening to the staff attorney rather than consulting with the county public health dept. We had pink eye start going thru our public elementary one year...three months of negotiation with the unions involved just to get the lunchroom tables sanitized between groups after the admin realized that Gov't would have to be involved once the case load was a certain number, arguments with certain teachers who didn't want to allow the children to wash hands before lunch...I'd be homeschooling if measles, tuberculosis, or COVID19 was active in my community and public health measures weren't followed. I have left the public library...the practice of allowing obviously ill people to cough all over others while spending hours in the library combined with never sanitizing keyboards was just too much. I don't need to spend all winter with pneumonia and/or flu because they don't want to stay home while they are sick or use good personal hygiene practices...until I have the same no cost medical care they do, I'm out way too much money as a consequence.
  10. Another thing to add is modeling. Let them see you plan, fail, adjust and recover. Play strategy games (he and one adult vs other adult) and use the team time for him to vocalize tactics and strategy, reflect afterwards. A rematch will give him something to plan for and invite persistence at accomplishing a goal. Threesquare, ping pong, marbles..... There is also the 'big project'. We've done them at home and with youth group. Lots of confidence building there.
  11. effort: ease.....reach usually exceeds grasp, so if they couldn't manage their emotions I'd have them take a break from their endeavour as heat started rising. The environment includes an adult that expresses confidence in their abilities, strong emotional relationship with parent, and they have the skills to do what they need to do (not necessarily at a master's level, but they can certainly develop their skills without me every minute during practice). Mistakes are fine, no need to run something by me first (the garage & vehicles were off limits and the knives can't be taken out of the kitchen or used for anything but food prep). Use of problem solving skills encouraged, no stepping in for them. Teach reflecting on actions taken and actions not taken, encourage reflecting. Resiliency experiences: negotiating a playground provided many experiences. I was also taught conflict resolution skills.
  12. I was asking about your reasoning on the value of placement in the zpd vs above chose to pursue that placement and your remarks since then indicate its been years of daily struggle. As a lawyer, you clearly had your reasons and you still have your reasons to continue a situation of struggle rather than dropping a level, into the zpd, as you decide on next year's placement. Its quite normal for those whose children can accelerate to catch up in the area of strengths once skipped, but here....the psych does not recommend a grade skip if the area of weakness must be a catch up area or is a struggle in the current grade level or more. The public district here won't skip a native English speaking child who does not score at least a 95% on the math and ELA portions of the achievement test for the grade level they are moving into...basically they can fail the math application portion. Even then, a part of the skip agreement is the 'what if it there is struggle - the school here doesn't want to skip a student and then have to invest in costly remediation. Most people in your social class here actually red shirt if they use the public school and the child will be struggling in an academic area....that way the child has 'the gift of time' and can excel academically with little stress while pursuing a talent. You are using private school however. It was not my intent to have the discussion be taken personally, but if you want to go ahead. Sorry I couldn't phrase my request for your reflection better. Me, I've had several people ask how the grade skip worked out for my dc...when the school district cancelled enrichment, it asked about 5% of students to grade skip so they would have something academic to do, and still the red shirters did not move their dc up, preferring to invest their time and money into a talent rather than remediating academic struggle (note that both grade skipped and struggling students here have psych support as needed at school). I respect your decision not to share your thoughts.
  13. The Ink Drinkers The Enormous Egg Mr. Popper's Penguins Half Magic Michael Price's Paddington books Kate Klise Dying to Meet You Jon Sceiszka Judy Blume's Fudge series Nancy McArthur The Plant that Ate Dirty Socks series Surviving the Applewhites If you'll consider a movie, try Cats & Dogs.
  14. Grades were sold for food drive donations here...extra credit if you brought in x amount. When rank is decided in the third decimal, its an issue. In 2008, it came to a head. What the nonpc families did made the point - they'd get a case of canned goods then hand out cans to everybody they knew on free or reduced lunch or without a job so that kid wouldn't be embarrassed with nothing to turn in and penalized at the same time. In the PTO, the discussion proceeded. Yes, food for grades was finally banned. How insensitive can anyone be? Students were major league stressed with all the parents losing jobs..and they were asked to donate a basic necessity while cash strapped and jobless. (no garden produce accepted.) No match from the staff, who kept their very well compensated jobs. What's not banned and should seriously be considered is the 'bringing outside knowledge in' to the essay as a major criterion for a '4' (top possible grade) Some kids (mostly lower middle class who do not travel internationally) just do not have the enrichment opportunities to gather that knowledge. And some don't understand what the teacher is looking for. Its no coincidink that val and sal are mostly tks or those with access to tutors. The info just isn't available to all via school or community resources. DE and AP are pay-to-play here. Of course there is a foundation that supports its preferred demographic.
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