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  1. Thriving for me is a bit of catching up on my to-do list, just the things I want to do and wasn't able to get to. Long bike rides, visiting friends and relatives who live farther away, doing some things on the bucket list that I couldn't do before as there wasn't enough shared interest in the family. A true vacation. I've optimized health as much as I could, and now am figuring out the next phase. i don't want to just wait around for my spouse to retire or my disease to kill me. I've volunteered enough, that season is over until grandchildren arrive. I have done much more elder care than elder's own dd and frankly need to attend to my own health more than enable elder to not get needed daily movement in. It's time to return to long term things that I want to do for me now that I have long stretches of time daily. I have eaten out alone; usually lunch at a locally owned coffee shop in a town I'm visiting..the kind with comfy chairs, big tea cups, and a few tables that invite others to join a single eating alone. Its been fun talking to random people as I eat lunch; what I usually learn is a little about the locale and that most people don't read signs. I've seen some beautifully designed public spaces, and enjoyed them. Same for some of the nature attractions I had never found time for locally.
  2. I agree with vonfirmath. In my time, there was enough state support that guys could easily work as roustabouts and pay for the whole four years of college from their jobs when school wasn't in session. Gals had to pick up a high paying skill or co-op, even factory work didn't pay enough back then to fund two semesters in a row (and that while working part time). Waitressing worked, if you had a relative who lived in a wealthy area where you could get the tips and shifts. I can't fault any dc that the option to self pay is no longer available, as the states are no longer investing in youth by funding the land grant colleges and local employers aren't hiring high schoolers for more than min wage and aren't giving full time hours much less OT. And co-op jobs aren't enough to pay next semester's expenses. I can't call accepting a grant from mom&pop instead of the state a dealbreaker for considering the dc launched while attending college. Their life, their investment in the future; mom&pop are merely staking them. Sounds like there is some jealousy that some folks are staking more than others, but I'm not seeing parents doing a lot of hands on in a situation where the young person is off to a four year college, mostly they just want to see that the student is passing before continuing the next phase of the stake. In my day, they didn't even expect the kid to come home except for Christmas, and that's if he wasn't working elsewhere pulling in triple time.
  3. High school courses can be taken any time the student is ready. My state has a procedure for test out and for alternative demonstration of proficiency. One does NOT have to take courses in a particular year or a course at all if one demonstrates proficiency sometime during the 8th-12th years, and that's good for 6.5 credits for B&M students. One also does not have to take the standard high school courses...for example in lieu of Regents Algebra 1 exam done before 8th grade, one substitutes AP Calc, IB Math, IGSE,or SAT Math Subject exam done in the 8th-12th grade period while one is busy with Linear Algebra or whatever if one has not graduated early. Advanced courses are really all about working with the Admin. Keep in mind though, that people usually don't do the bare minimum if they accelerate, the AP scores for example need to be 3 or higher. An superaccel math sequence here in a wealthy school would be 6th Alg 1 & 7th Geo (no high school credit if B&M), 8th A2 (high school credit since in 8th grade), 9th AP Calc BC, 10th & 11th Calc 3, Diff Eq and 12th work with mentor or Linear Alg. To satisfy high school grad requirements, the Regents Exam for A1 and for Geo is satisfied using alternative exam AP Calc BC score or SAT Math Subject test. its not necessary to change the grade level, and if the student wants to grad early that's okay too.
  4. - standing up allows the student to position his body and arm a different way than when sitting, especially if the desk is the wrong height or size Ask the OT to evaluate the lad's handwriting. With my dc, the issue was getting used to his glasses, re-training body position, and most importantly moving to automaticity -- writing the letters rather than drawing each one perfectly. Going to cursive was a big help because it didn't feel like remediation and the muscle positions were learned as a new thing for cursive. Along the way, the workload was reduced and scribing & keyboarding were allowed on hw.
  5. It really depends on your public school district. Each district has different needs and different strengths/weaknesses. My district is about social/emotional...very easy to get a mental health appointment on campus, very easy to have psych support groups and OT/PT. But....the academics aren' t there. Parents are on their own for math, reading, penmanship, tech, and music instruction as what is offered is either two years behind grade level or nonexistent. Most transfers are has a playground, and they can come after school and use it. There is remedial, so they don't have to hold back their child, he can stay in the same grade he started in. Most people who aren't transfers are afterschooling for academics or they moved to a district, private school or home school where on grade level is offered.
  6. Launch is a boat launch, not a rocket launch for me. The tanks are topped off, the dc can navigate on his own, he's had some training for the rough seas ahead, the boat has insurance, and he has a cell phone to call if he needs some emergency help. I would love it if the dock was shorter.... but that would take a school system that is more Euro - done at 16 with high school and 3 years of college instead of 4 - as well as some sort of affordable transportation options for under 18s.
  7. I haven't seen much press lately on income share arrangements. Have any of you evaluated that option?
  8. books i give to Better World, following the guidelines on their website. They have a collection bin at one of the libraries in the area. some things go to Best Buy, following their guidelines LeapFrog has an eWaste policy that varies by state; for me they have an agreement with RLG America and i can take those products to Staples games and some toys go to Boys & Girls club, according to what they want for their afterschool activities. BigBrotherBigSister here will also send a truck to your home and take everything -- its sold as scrap and the proceeds benefit their mission. clothing goes into bins that are found all over; the bin contents are sold by the pound; the exception is coats in very good condition which go to the annual coat drive if the school nurse doesn't need them adult dvds go to a local men's group to distribute to the Troops overseas or to the library sale; children's dvds to the school, BGClub, or a family homeless shelter nearby (they put the word out to the library and they'll open a collection box at the library then) clothing in excellent condition and smaller sized goes to a community person who ships it overseas and distributes it to a sister village in a third world country
  9. Video games are just one tool in developing a certain skill set. Will it limit careers -- well, yes if the child has no other venue where he can develop his spatial, visual processing, and flexible thinking abilities. I've seen a good progression in development from starting with puzzles to working on cars or developing sewing skills, but let's face it -- a lot of parents don't provide that progression. is it needed...yes, in certain fields. Look at the ASVAB and go does one develop those skills? Read up on the effect of spatial training on learning calculus. As a class its not something we'd pay for, but as an ec we'd take it if it was the only in person option. It would never be offered here in the high school, its considered elitist to be wealthy enough to own a gaming system/pc/have internet access and anyway all electives were cut for budgetary reasons.
  10. we buy from the auction or thrift shop. Agree, the newer flatware bends easily. Liberty is the only thing I've seen in the store that is not made in China. I'd suggest though, having the young lad hand wash the breakfast and lunch flatware after lunch, and the young lady help you dry.... that way you have enough to get thru the day and its stops the habit of using all the flatware up for just a nibble here and there. skills for the lad and math skills for the lady and cash for the vision treatment.
  11. Only eight weeks to find a person who knows what's up sounds good, and this will push you in the direction of a team with a competent staff before any permanent injury so that's a good thing. Now your life will revolve around pool schedules...hopefully there is availabilty for the general public at the time you need. Good wishes for fast healing.
  12. So true....certainly an incentive to take the fine arts on campus. The course description is quite different though. Private lesson and practice is not equivalent to 1/4 of the year at school because of the difference in developing the ear plus the skills gained via the ensemble and small group time as well as performances. Ensemble music at school is roughly 85 minutes daily between weekly group lesson, daily class, daily practice of what was assigned in group lesson. Jazz Band here is 1/4 credit; it meets 2.5 hrs weekly, but only about 25 weeks. And yes, they must practice the set in between rehearsals.
  13. My state likes seattime and has rules on it, our piano teacher shared them with us in advance so we could make the choice and she could do the paperwork..its 0.25 credits for one half hour lesson weekly plus 5 hours a week of practice plus a recital for a school year of lessons. In public school, for one fine arts credit the student must take the weekly lesson and make satisfactory progress (ie practice at home half hour daily), participate in daily rehearsal, and participate in all the performances both during and after school.
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