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  1. HeighHo

    High vocabulary Picture books

    Bill Peet, Virginia Burton, Tomie DePaola, Beatrix Potter,William Steig
  2. HeighHo

    the environment and economic growth

    More productive to discuss ideas than criticize people's comments. Perhaps you could pick one point you 'd like to discuss?
  3. HeighHo

    the environment and economic growth

    People do not move on to wants when their needs are met. They move on to investing, investing in human capital, especially their children and the poor and they fund their retirement & protect their investments.
  4. You are't going to get cooperation when the task is too difficult without offering a large carrot. Maybe think of yourself as herding cats instead of sheep. Your dd is not developmentally ready for kicking a ball right now, that's closer to age 5 for a lot of dc. She is developmentally ready to play catch, that's why she wants to join. Do you know the game "Annie Over" ? .teach them. If you don't have a building you can throw the ball over, use something else - when I was a kid we used the garage or a hedge, here the playground has things we can use. Another one you can do cheaply is tennis ball play...roll it, throw it, invent games, make things like a 3 par miniature golf course and use brooms as golf sticks. Use your soccer ball to play broom ball. Dc need outdoor play daily so their bodies can develop, as a parent you must take the lead and get that done. Your dd is the age for a tricycle and she'll use a lot of energy and her body will be happy if she can have that time. You can have one dc use chalk to mark stop signs etc. and get your daily exercise in at the same time. An indoor game they may like is bowling... make it with recycled water or soda bottles and use a ball you already own. Has your older learned to swim? Do you have the clothing needed for your children to play outside in cold weather? Here the school nurse is the co-ordinator of clothing donations for the community, and the church secretary is for the nonpublic schooled, so let your needs be known if layering isn't working out or you need hats/gloves/mittens. They can also give a tip on where to get boots at a reasonable cost if they are out of them at the moment.
  5. HeighHo

    the environment and economic growth

    we need more because stuff gets consumed. consumed stuff that is a need gets replaced. I agree that there are a lot of disposable goods that could be done without, were people persuaded to give up some convenience. I am not seeing people acquiring a lot of stuff, the trend is to look at the grandparents' hoard and groan.
  6. Lowes Lux Pro is on my list; the led hand helds are bright and good quality. The 750 lumen led camping lantern is $30, takes 3 Cs.
  7. The cool thing about bilateral activities is that everyone in the family benefits from joining in the activity and some of them are great sibling activies. I had older lead younger in crawling through tunnel forts and giving rides to the stuffed animals in their crafted vehicles. Simple things like building sand castles on the beach, family swim, playing catch. We would just go over to the school playground after dinner and use the equipment, half of it is built to encourage bilat development. Also, a lot more gets done towards the integration if play is built in the day. Blokus would be a great family game that will help. As will a box of legos.
  8. My opinion is that photos should not be published on facebook without consent of each person in photo. Same for geneology trees.
  9. One of mine had bilteral int noted as needed for PE, he was just above what was needed to qualify for adapted PE. There are many many family activites you can chose from that are helpful with this, that will be a lot better use of your time and money than sitting in the car for 45 minutes to/from an OT session. Also have your dd screened; here the ped doesn't do it but gives us the phone number of the state agency that does the comprehensive screening. Perhaps you ped could give you a referral.
  10. HeighHo

    the environment and economic growth

    If you look at what happened to the Zero Population movement, it appears they were spitting in the wind -- the middle class here agreed, and China agreed..the rest of the population went on as always. The ZP people have learned about symptoms and causes and moved on...their energy is focused on causes now. The Utopia people are focused on food production...tons of novel things going on there. Putting energy into rousing the population isn't going to work, everyone that is interested and can afford to be, is in the game. A huge amount of money is going in to literacy and ed, but its not working...the people that can make changes aren't the masses who can't comprehend. You can ask people to bring a sustainable grocery bag with them to the store until you die, but they aren't going to do it even if you give them bags out for free -- the people have no interest in actually getting away from their fun and doing work. Change has to be done for them.
  11. I guess y'all havent looked at the weather forecast today. Its no joke for kids to be out in 20 F weather walking two miles home in a thin hoodie, while the recipient of their parents' work is happily getting luxuries. Coat drives are going on here now, but they haven't been passed out. Most of these families will be losing power tonight and have no alternative heat source or extra gas to get anywhere. But if that is how you roll, that's how you roll. I now understand why you asked the original question.
  12. The way I've heard it, Betty is simply stating that she does not believe those who are receiving her tax dollars should live higher on the hog than she does. That practice is fostering huge resentment, you see it here in which teens have acne meds and suitable clothing.....if the parents work, they don' t have, if the parents don't work they do have.
  13. How many players? munchkin,blokus, pandemic by zman, neuroshima hex, lost cities, acquire, ingenious, memoir '44 pirate fluxx - good stocking stuffer ticket to ride, dixit - whole family
  14. A composite score of 21 is 50%ile, average. gpa depends on what classes and what the grading scheme is. Here there is little weighting, so the top ten students have very high gpas, thanks to not taking the optional math, science and FL courses.
  15. HeighHo

    the environment and economic growth

    This is very much where you live. Cooking food from scratch...people go to food trucks for lunch to get this quality here. The low end restaurants are heating up canned and frozen. Homemade bread is labeled artisan and goes for a good price. Hanging laundry out....kinda hard in a condo..but if you are on solar, not a big deal to run the dryer. lunchables...we don't have that income level here. free/red or organic no inbetween. what does 'so extra' mean? are you seen as an extra on the set, not a part of the community?
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