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  1. Its a huge problem to teach the algorithm and then the student never develops the understanding. I've seen this done several times, nines finger trick for ex. How many students do you know that have been taught that one before they moved from concrete to pictorial or abstract, who can actually tell you the concepts behind it before they grad high school? The push for the answer totally pushes out the objectives of helping the student gain the understanding of place value, base ten and part/whole relationship as they move toward abstract thinking. Same for balance beam use..experience is needed, and that's thoughtful experience of playing with what-ifs, not 'repeat after me' sequence. I've met STEM college grads who don't understand how to calibrate a scale when they don't have the 'right' weights, as they've never done gone beyond procedure to knowing. I think the OP might want to read Liping Ma. Knowing relationships and being able to communicate and perhaps use those relationships is the goal, not computational fluency.
  2. with all due respect, you are past the info gathering stage. Remember your child is a student, just like any other student. He has needs that do not need to be addressed thru the special ed process. This is one the parent of any other student who is discouraged because of the inappropriate comments he is hearing regarding high school, you have the option of taking action by picking up the phone and calling. If you can't figure out where he is hearing the message that literally had him walk out, call the school psych. That person is there for all students, not just special ed needs.
  3. these messages aren't delivered in assemblies, the children hear most of them from frustrated teachers. Students don't often know that messages are delivered to the whole class rather than the just the students who aren't doing what they need to can unnecessarily scare an average child into giving up. You do not need to wait for a meeting to call any member of the instructional team or the school psych.
  4. You know,this is the time of year when public school teachers start mentioning high school expectations a lot. Its also state testing time in some places. Is it possible someone is exaggerating and your dc has fled? In my district, they actually brought in a ex-cons one year to tell the dc what prison was like, and of course most mentioned how they rejected the opportunity to stay on grade level with their literacy while choosing instead to be that point the middle class parents all showed up at the next school board meeting. We could understand that frustration of the teachers, but there was no excuse to assume that noncompliant students would end up in jail, as most of the noncompliant students were bored stiff with the low expectations and had started confronting teacher asking why they were being given, for ex, novels that Accelerated Reader had labeled as well below grade level and having class time wasted with listening to audio versions of novels rather than read independently. Have you had a team meeting or contacted the school psych? I'd be doing that ASAP..there is a trigger for this avoidance, it doesn't come out of no where.
  5. Does she do all the homework in one sitting? If so, I'd split that right up. For us, math was in the morning before school, spelling right after dinner, and reading before bed. I set a timer for spelling -- no dwadling counted as homework time. They learned to get 'er done as fast as possible...but it does require fluent handwriting. Is there something she is feeling she is missing out on during the time she is doing homework?
  6. The taxpayers of the state funded the building of reservoirs here; they were built by the hired laborers of the times...some locals that were displaced due to the flooding of their valley in order to form the reservoirs, some people from other areas who came for the work. One of the reasons the city reservoirs are a hundred miles away is that speculators bought the rights to all the water close in to the city. We have reached the point where suburbs can't get enough natural gas, so developers can't use that source. And there are a lot of developers, the plan for the young folks working in the city is to develop affordable condos along the rail lines up to 100 miles away from the city. The population expansion is moving faster than the infrastructure work-arounds can be built. For water, its not a question of new homes, its a filling up of the existing single family homes with extended families. Literally, in the 4 houses adjacent to me, the population has doubled in the last five years and that isn't including children.
  7. I"m expecting a flood year, but we've had so much drought that the groundwater hasn't recharged. The mud is going to dry up quickly and we'll have brown crunch grass by July. The floodwater is going to drain out to sea. I"m just happy its recharged enough that I don't have manganese precipitating out in the coffeemaker anymore.
  8. More like the deer belong to the King and the peasants shall not touch. The reservoirs here belong to the nearest major city, no straws shall be allowed for the locals...locals are on well water and in drought times its too, bad so sad and they truck water in.
  9. Is he in high school now? If he's in middle, do some of his grades go on his high school transcript? Is his team aware of his feelings about grades? Is the school psych helping him with those feelings? Why is the academic support team not helping him be successful turning in his homework?
  10. the evaporated fresh water may land in the salty ocean. at some point, we are going to need desalinization to increase. unless of course the weather changes and we get snowpacks or rain that will recharge the areas that are drying up.
  11. As many times as the person wants. He is salaried - that means he is paid to do a job, not paid to be present X number of hours per day. His job may be monitor e-mail and response needed, he does what he wants; response needed, he rolls up his sleeves. You do realize hourly workers at times are idle on the clock, right? The person will follow the company procedure on charging his time, if there is one. As far as morale, all of my employers feel that if a person has enough time to be monitoring co-workers, they don't have enough to do...that position is likely to become surplus. And finally, food for thought. When I first went to work, there was a salaried person around age 40 who came in daily and read the newspaper. Sometimes he snoozed. People were sad. They felt it grossly unfair that a person dying of cancer had to come to work to get his medical benefits for his family. His wife was very busy getting her Master's Degree done so she could support the young children once he passed. These days, HIPPA means you will never know why someone isn't functioning, and you should never make and spread rumors. Karma.
  12. The language of flowers began in Victorian times. A crocus is associated with saffron, which was used historically in ceremonies. It conveys feelings of spring (youthfulness, rebirth, energy..) and sunshine/cheer. One would have to know a bit of the history of the wearer and the stage to know what the intended symobolism is in the setting. is the website the AP English dc around here found helpful, as they learned to intrepret the floral symbolism in poetry and other works, as well as the stage scenes.
  13. All the world is a stage. Costumes are chosen for a reason, and its appropriate for a commentator to analyze the choices.
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