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  1. the bolded is correct. Its selfish, and its controlling. The idea here is that traditions from the spouses aren't allowed. And that is a shame, because some of my SILs are fantastic cooks. We tried it for a few years and then decided to stay home Christmas morning, because my dc deserve to know the traditions from my side of the family and we as a family deserve our morning together. Aside from the selfishness, the other issue is the belief that the children aren't to cleave after's comment to me was 'you look just like a real family' one fourth of July seeing dh and I with our toddler. I realized the mental illness then. I have older friends, who are in their 90s and host big gatherings. This problem is not due to aging, its a mindset of rejecting the marriages and also trying to prevent the spouses from enjoying their own FOOs as well as their marriage and children. I'd be in to a big party later in the afternoon/evening if everyone was accepted, their foods were accepted, etc...but that isn't the case. But tradition says we must not replace Mrs. Smith, the Green Giant, etc etc. the menu is always the same.
  2. Yes, the CC here has nothing for student wellness, but the 4 year colleges all do - and they all explain the procedure and services to the students as part of orientation. Literally saved my son's roomie at least six months of his life. ime The bloodwork for a physical can be ordered in advance, the rest will have to be another draw.
  3. Call the Student Health office on campus and ask who can help you. The weight loss and not eating while on a meal plan is a flag for them. They can and will help...its called Student Wellness office at my son's campus. My kid had to call for a roommate that was heading for crisis, and they told him call when you sense something wrong, don't wait as intervention is there for early signs. One of the small things that students sometimes don't know is that they can get takeout if their classes/jobs are scheduled such that they can't get a meal during meal time. A bag lunch will be available for pickup for example, or they can get two lunches one day and store one for the next day. Also, his medical professional can send the order for bloodwork to a place near campus. You can then pick him up on the next visit, get the bloodwork done, and the results will be available by the time he is on break and in the appointment.
  4. visit campus first the theft rate on bikes was pretty high on son's campus ... anything bike shop brand was stolen quickly; eventually the school went to a Bikeshare program. $10/yr, $2/hr or something like that. there are not a lot of places to put privately owned bikes, but there are enough that the U has a bike service station. Keep in mind if you are biking, its harder to socialize with classmates coming/leaving class as most won't be biking
  5. No, classroom volunteers were banned when full inclusion started. I volunteered for several years before that, it was a good experience. I can't say anything more, as I had to sign a legal agreement as a volunteer that prohibits me from saying anything.
  6. Fair skin doesn't equal bruising easily. Let the GP know the bruising is in history along with the nosebleeds.
  7. Bloodwork needs done if he's bruising that much and nosebleeding. How are the grades? Is he freezing in class?
  8. What to say really depends on the person. Most people I know who are terminal have taken the time to live a full life, even if they died at 50, and mention that they appreciate their friends not dropping them at diagnosis, and making it possible for them to do the things they want to do and get what they want off their chest. They appreciate normal conversations greatly and going about daily living. A few do not want people to remember them as an invalid, and they cut off most people. For the chronic that is lasting years, I just ask how they are doing. I had one acquaintance that took me up on calling me when needing an ear. Turns out I was one of the few people that were authentic and would lend an ear as she had some serious philosophical discussions she needed to have before she ascended.
  9. This sounds like multiple absence seizures or a tumor. when you skype with your dc, do you see it happen as you are talking? You should make a recording and get him in to the GP and the neurologist asap. The GP should run down the nosebleeds; does your dc bruise more easily than most people? Show the neuro the recording, you can give a copy to the neuro before the visit. (make sure you get consent from your child to make and show that recording) What does your son describe as happening while you see a seize up? Does he lose vision and hearing and movement?
  10. World peace. Really, I want a drama free holiday. That means I must go on vacation, so that's my present to me. 🙂
  11. Knowing the historical context is helpful, as is understanding that the line was inserted for a reason other than insulting adopted persons.
  12. Swimming lessons or pool pass
  13. I do paper quilling w/preteens at the libary. Preteen gals like it as they can chat a lot, its new to them, and its easy for everyone to make something they can take home and be proud of in 45 minutes. Most of the time I just cut thin strips with the paper cutter of various colors, show them how to curl around a pencil, and how to pinch to make a tear drop shape. They take it from there. Here's some ideas:
  14. That's for people with weaker prescriptions. Once you get into -8 or more are in free shipping range...or you can count strokes and lap swim.
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