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  1. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    You can search online for those details Its not all nature, not all nurture, not all a combo. Some is just spiritual. Some is the decision to reject the wisdom of the elders for the fast living. I have generational poverty around me, now that the middle class voted with their feet to take their children out of study hall, to a district that will give them classes. The stunning concrete observation I see consistently in rural poverty here is children, grand children and great-grandchildren who have land, won't garden, yet will ask great grandma for her 'extra' produce. Now, ggm has explained and demonstrated the concept of 'planting an extra row', and of course good nutrition. The newly arrived neighbors, one fam per bedroom, often have chickens and do garden. Sin tax has saved some descendants from lung cancer. Other things, ingested by choice, are shortening the descendants' lives as they reject ggm's values and send their brain down a spiral path that can't be recovered from. Culture matters. These are people who are starving in the midst of plenty....remember, I live in NY. Its hard to starve here, there are food banks, meals at school/summer programs, and education programs for the poor. Yet people still walk away from the opportunities as the effort/reward ratio doesn't work for their personal agenda, which is maximizing their right to pursue happiness while minimizing work.
  2. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    We'll have to disagree. The shortened telemeres are a source.
  3. HeighHo

    Supplements or Tips for staying healthy

    have you measured your vitamin D? You may need to increase your intake
  4. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    The overall issue for nonelderly poverty doesn't seem to be confined to teen parent support, but rather broad support of those launching to independence. Families aren't able to 'stake' the teens for launch, instead moving them out of the home at 18 (or younger) rather than having them live at home while working & saving up or while attending community college. With the housing affordability issues outside of cities that have subsidized housing, young families as well as single parent families and singles are having a tough time. If you look at states such as Michigan, the property tax relief bar is set so low that singles and couples who are working just can't get out from under that burden. They have to double or triple up in housing or live in their car. Launching needs to occur so that the young family can have stability. Subsidized housing and converted basements and garages aren't the answer, its got to be property tax relief. Treatment also includes solving the cause of the problem. No need to leave someone ignorant of what they can do to alter their gene expressions or make up for genetic variations and go back to a healthy body. I myself am looking forward to the rest of the Terry Wahls story, she used nutrition and functional medicine to get out of MS, it will be very interesting to see the work on the genetic component and use that to help other people with autoimmune disorders. There is no way I'd deny a Type 1 diabetic insulin, and I sure wouldn't deny a healthy diet or the knowledge of the particular diet need individualized to those who need that for their genetic variations.
  5. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    The teen mom support programs here state that less than 50% of teenage moms grad with a high school diploma nationwide but if they have support programs that can be upped to 85% These programs are funded, among other reasons, because of the state push here to up the grad rates of each high school. I don't see how I can blame the govt here ....the other parent has abandoned the child and the govt does give financial support and does provide schooling as well as job skills programs and subsidized housing to the parent who is raising the child. As far as genetics, there are so many people with minor genetic issues that can be quickly fixed that I cannot reject that solution. Vit D receptor mutation alone affects 30% of the pop, and many of them significantly enough that they incur medical expenses that keep them in poverty. Overall, with 15% classified special education, I think we can do better if learning from the people who are doing..for example the work on maple syrup urine disease has shown the genetic cause and the solution. Its cheap, and without it the family is improverished by the cost burden of care. The UK now recommends screening for this genetic disease as a part of its newborn screen program...and that's old news, from 2014
  6. Having been a parent helper in an F&P classroom -- the students are supposed to using their letter of the week phonemic knowledge and the illustrations to figure out the correct word. It is not supposed to be wagging or guess and check, its an invite to crack the code.
  7. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Nope. The lack of mathematical knowledge precludes that assertion. Are you ducking the question, staying neutral, or what?
  8. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Is it then your position that the epigenetic effects of having parents raised in poverty or having gone thru the depriviation of war or the Great Depression is bogus? Are you a scientist?
  9. In NY: this is what NY State Public schools have an option of doing. Schools in my area do not offer option 2c or 2e, so basically there is no way to earn this in public school here if one is not a transfer student from a country where the language is spoken. We have many many students who spend the summers back home to retain fluency, work in the home business, or do music programs, but they can't earn the seal.
  10. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Internet access. I've seen teens open their world up because they can get on websites and see what they have to do to get into the military for job training. Others have applied to better college than their guidance counselors suggest (and been admitted with enough financial aid to attend and grad) and used free internet resources to get their SAT/ACT where it needs to be. I suggested town wide wi fi in my rural town, because many students do not have internet at home and consequently can't get the hw done there. Others can't get in to the public library, but could borrow ebooks if they had access. I'm not holding my breath, the retirees don't want to provide for the young so its not going to happen until the demographics change.
  11. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Its not a bad proposition, if you pick the right city. There are cities that will house homeless families and assist with job finding/learning job skills. That will get the family on the feet at lot faster than if they remained in a rural area. Community college may be possible with grants for low income, or gov't programs for the laid off.
  12. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    That is gov't policy. Similar is happening here....people voted to upgrade sewer/water district capacity after 9/11, when many city people moved in. They built twice what was needed for the new population...but were out of capacity in less than ten years. Now most of them are senior citizens and they don't have the money to expand. Those who have bought the older homes from the elderly who have passed have the homes stuffed with one family per bedroom/basement/garage and won't vote for expansion. The water issue is horrible...flakes of metal settle to the bottom of one's glass. It has taken three years to find a supply of water big enough to put a well on, and start the permitting process. This situation is not a result of the people's poverty, it's gov't policy turning a blind eye to enforcing the rule of law.
  13. HeighHo

    Carry-on question...

    that is airport dependent. I forgot going out of Newark, and they gave me the choice of tossing the entire water bottle in a trash bin or being escorted back to the nonsecure area. there is no place to empty one's water bottle in the line area. by the way, op, when you are done and pick up your stuff, its courteous to take the plastic bin and put it on the stack rather than leave it empty on the conveyer belt.
  14. HeighHo

    Target inventory woes?

    Ours was restocking yesterday and the shelves had more than they did the week after Christmas. I expect inventory to be low while they do their accounting the first half of January. Target doesn't seem to get blitzed on the first of the month like Walmart does. in the past, I've noticed that both are affected by longshoreman's strikes. I don't see walmart closing. they are doing good business when the other stores are not. Its hit or miss though if what I need is in stock, but since they have so many stores I just go down the road to the next one. What I am noticing most everywhere is more convenience, less unprocessed food. Harder to get frozen vegetables that aren't sauced or seasoned, for ex. Pricing on basic groceries is crazy...for example a five pound bag of flour may be 4.99 at one store, 2.99 at another. Haven't seen the price of anything go down since gas went down.
  15. HeighHo

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I have to disagree with the idea that if you are poor, making one mistake means you are in a sudden death gamble. Too many people around me are poor, and they aren't dead from their mistakes. Those working above the table have no problem feeding themselves, but they can't make taxes easily while paying for medical and eventually when they get older are driven out of their homes, which are often their ancestors' homes. That isn't a result of poverty, but of federal, state and local government policy. Even if they worked every hour available, they can't make that kind of money as 70 year old laborers or etsy sellers. Same thing almost happened to my grandparents, but they didn't live in the type of area like mine where property taxes rise high quickly as a result of an influx of people who are renting basements, attics, barns etc to families and flooding the schools with needy students. The policy of not raising taxes on multifamily illegal rentals to cover the school tax means all those who are living legally get taxed out. The medical pricing policy affects them greatly..sometimes to the point they go without. My grandparents lived into their 90s. They were dirt poor, and did not live in a painted house or have an indoor bathroom with running water. Cash poverty wasn't a big deal as they were able to feed themselves off their property. Poverty did not stress them, other than never getting a night's sleep as they had to run theives off nightly. Their kids, who were wearing flour sacks during the Great Depression as that was the only material available for dresses,did not die early unless they were serving in a war zone. They bennefitted from the State University support, which their children did not have. In this passage "the march to global disorder can only be arrested by adopting measures that begin to price in the stacked deck that I and anyone else born into deep poverty sees, and resents. " what does 'price in' mean?
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