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  1. I love these threads! We are 10.5 weeks away from finishing up our year! Woo! Hits: - Using botany notebooks as our main workbook. This was a game changer - especially for my 1st & 4th graders. They do most of their work in them and they are lovely to look at. - using my bullet journal to plan out a subject into a list, ticking it off as we go. This keeps me on track so much better than anything else I've tried. - setting my older two independent reading lists. They have their own history/science/literature lists to work through and I require a response. They are lear
  2. I wasn't raised with any faith. My experience was, it was like coming home. Like a key turning in a lock, it fit and changed me, I had heard it before but this time it was just self-evidently and undeniably true. A short time later I received confirmation in the form of a very personal minor miracle. It wasn't so much what happened, but the assurance that came with it.
  3. 80s. I was in my late teens when 9/11 happened. I was in 8th grade the first time I got on the Internet - my friends and I looked up Hanson if I recall... and squealed like 13 year old idiots lol.
  4. I did choir, which was one evening a week and various performances - including an international tour when I was 11. I occasionally did youth group but I had to organise my own lift. Oh I did calisthenics and for a little while when I was quite young <7 - I know that took a lot out of mum, sewing sequins on costumes! Definitely only one activity at a time. I was comfortable with public transport by my teens and would have to get myself places from then on - I remember getting into an exclusive choir when I was 13/14 and having to walk/catch a train by myself early on Saturday mornings...
  5. Yep, I agree. But I'm allergic to being busy...
  6. I hate the 'practicing for the workforce' line. 1. It's ridiculous - jobs are so vaired, 9-5 in the office isn't the only way of life. 2. Yes how much practice do they need? 3. This waiting for real life to start mentality wastes their whole childhood. They are full human beings, learning and thinking now, what's good for them now? Of course you want to help them grow into competent adults, but office/factory practice for 12 years is not necessary.
  7. I don't mind out of the house stuff. I DO mind evening stuff. Evening time is family/wind down time here and we guard it pretty closely. Same with weekends. We did 2 terms of archery once, but dh did the chauffeuring. We did orchestra for a year and it was hard. I know that evening activities are normal, we just try hard not to do them.
  8. Aaaaaawwwwwwww *melt* She's beautiful, congratulations!
  9. We live off grid and get most of our power from solar. Dh installed it, it hasn't skipped a beat in 2 years (we only have 4 panels but supplement with a generator) The batteries are more important than the panels. It's not just about generating energy, it's storing it for when you need it. We aren't connected to the power grid at all so we have power as long as there's daylight. If your generated energy is fed back into the power grid then you might need to ask how to flip it to feed only directly to the house in an emergency.
  10. We did most of the Josh-malachi one a few years ago, and I took part of the middle ages one this year. I had a new baby when we first did it so I set it up to be pretty independent, I had all elementary/toddler aged kids. I really like the books they chose and I find it very easy to implement. I would do it again, we do a similar style but with our own books now.
  11. Susan Wise Bauer says in one of her talks that crying is often a sign that it's too hard - the non verbal expression of frustration. It may not be that the work is all too hard, it's that all of it is a bit harder - at the edge of her limit, and cumulatively it pushes her over the limit? One thing that helped my daughter at that age was getting a bunch of colourful pens and letting her work in multicolour! I would get sentences with every word a different colour but they'd be neat!
  12. My older three are loving Boss Monster recently. We do lots of card games. They want to play Quest for Arete again tomorrow...
  13. We don't do outside classes. CC isn't a thing here in aus. There are some co ops but that's not our thing.
  14. I hope you enjoy it! You'll get yours before me, it takes a while (& $$$) for them to arrive down under!
  15. I am about to buy most of the lit level for dd... I'm looking forward to it! sorry not helpful.
  16. Now that would be PERFECT! My mathy 6 year old turns 7 in August. Please let it be so....
  17. That's my theory too. :) For some reason, all the kids looooove the wool balls in gift 1 (I think?)
  18. I have one. Got it second hand - cheaper. It's... hard to describe. The kids love playing with it and actually do fairly well with packing it up and NOT just tipping it all out (wish they could do that with lego!) We do some of the activities sporadically - some are great and some fairly underwhelming. The kids generally like to just play with it but I use the manuals and am glad to have them. And I'm not generally a 'need the teacher guide' person. I don't know if it is worth the exorbitant price, but I don't regret buying it and I am happy that I have it as a resource... Clear
  19. I am loving this thread. And if 8filltheheart & SWB have coffee I'd move mountains to hear some of that conversation!
  20. I really love this. But in my mind it competes with seeing the beauty of traditional academic subjects. I truly believe that there is nobility and worth - and genuine joy - in studying things like higher maths, grammar, literature, science concepts and history. This tension is very characteristic of our homeschool!
  21. Haha, we just started using Ellen mchenry as a break from bfsu and IT'S GETTING DONE PEOPLE! My kids love it and start without me! In fact, this very thing came to mind when I read the thread title.
  22. Good luck clemson, hope you enjoy it as much as we have! I have done mud trilogy, Alice/Peter/Mole trilogy and am partway through the search trilogy with dd - we had already done treasure island, she read call of the wild this year but hasn't done invisible man yet. I read through the parent manual for my own information but rarely do assignments.
  23. She got the mud trilogy to go with island for her dd. She didn't do a trilogy for herself, though she is generally quite well read and familiar with most of the titles - as I said, she's a very good English teacher!
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