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  1. Sure!They are just simple spiral notebooks, I use Studymate brand but I don't know if you can get them outside Australia. When you open up a two page spread, the left page is blank and the right page is lined. My kids do most of their daily work on a two page spread. I'll see if I can post a picture... https://www.flickr.com/photos/150953243@N06/37351391122/in/album-72157687227149244/#
  2. I did do some creative editing on the fly lol. And we're reading Oxford University Press's age of science and Revolutions now which gives an excruciatingly detailed account, from primary sources, of conditions on a slave ship. My kids are definitely not under any delusions that the slaves were happy about it! I agree with you about why you like it. I haven't found anything else I like as much. I really like how they follow the lives of people all the way through and intertwine them. With characters like Isabella and Ferdinand the kids went from "good guys!" to "Whoa bad guys" to "hmmm, it
  3. I think you need to set the boundary at asking you to lie. Is your dad likely to even ask you about it? I mean if your mom cancels Christmas, then tells him she's cancelled Christmas - that's true. If she holds a smaller Christmas eve thing, well that's her perogative. If she asks you to lie, you say "mom I support you in having the event you want but I won't lie." Rinse and repeat in a pleasant and kind voice, then make an excuse to exit the conversation "gosh, is that the time? Gotta go, love you mom!" Click. If your dad calls you and asks what's up, you don't lie or get involved, just say
  4. No from me. I know that I have at least 3 half siblings out there. I wouldn't know them if I passed them on the street. I could feasibly get in contact with them, but I don't have the emotional reserves for that right now. There was a situation at my grandfather's deathbed where some of lhis children thought he should know about his non-paternity of one of them. Other siblings thought that it would only be cruel to tell him then - if he hadn't already figured it out. I want less drama, not more. I don't need to know.
  5. My oldest son was never interested in colouring, he still won't do any neat work... My middle son, age 7, loves drawing, he has a whole folder of detailed drawings of characters he's made up. He has always had a very rich and creative inner life! My youngest son is only 3 but he loves painting. My daughter is arty too, I used to get multicoloured writing assignments :rofl:
  6. I've been so jealous reading these threads, they don't have it here in Aus. But I found a site that does a nice job of suggesting outfits, with free shipping, easy returns and a sale at the moment (I'm not great at dressing myself lol, so seeing an item put together in an outfit is very helpful!) I just ordered 4 items, a 3/4 sleeve knee length dress on green/brown/black stripes, a pair of light blue linen pants, a lovely plain white JAG tshirt with a little trim on the neckline and a lightweight longsleeve cardigan sand/black striped that comes to the thigh. $150 all up. Should get me t
  7. We do beast as our main math here. Well we did until dd finished all the books before I could buy the newly released ones (she finished 5A, is nearly finished with prealgebra, but when she heard I was getting 2A for her brother she begged for the rest of level 5...) Ds in 4th grade is nearly finished with 3D. I'm not at all worried about that. He is bright but easily frustrated. He does on average 2 pages of the practice book a day, more if they're easy problems. We've had days where we do one double star problem and end up doing it together on graph paper. Though this child often struggles m
  8. I love these threads! We are 10.5 weeks away from finishing up our year! Woo! Hits: - Using botany notebooks as our main workbook. This was a game changer - especially for my 1st & 4th graders. They do most of their work in them and they are lovely to look at. - using my bullet journal to plan out a subject into a list, ticking it off as we go. This keeps me on track so much better than anything else I've tried. - setting my older two independent reading lists. They have their own history/science/literature lists to work through and I require a response. They are lear
  9. I wasn't raised with any faith. My experience was, it was like coming home. Like a key turning in a lock, it fit and changed me, I had heard it before but this time it was just self-evidently and undeniably true. A short time later I received confirmation in the form of a very personal minor miracle. It wasn't so much what happened, but the assurance that came with it.
  10. 80s. I was in my late teens when 9/11 happened. I was in 8th grade the first time I got on the Internet - my friends and I looked up Hanson if I recall... and squealed like 13 year old idiots lol.
  11. We live off grid and get most of our power from solar. Dh installed it, it hasn't skipped a beat in 2 years (we only have 4 panels but supplement with a generator) The batteries are more important than the panels. It's not just about generating energy, it's storing it for when you need it. We aren't connected to the power grid at all so we have power as long as there's daylight. If your generated energy is fed back into the power grid then you might need to ask how to flip it to feed only directly to the house in an emergency.
  12. We did most of the Josh-malachi one a few years ago, and I took part of the middle ages one this year. I had a new baby when we first did it so I set it up to be pretty independent, I had all elementary/toddler aged kids. I really like the books they chose and I find it very easy to implement. I would do it again, we do a similar style but with our own books now.
  13. Susan Wise Bauer says in one of her talks that crying is often a sign that it's too hard - the non verbal expression of frustration. It may not be that the work is all too hard, it's that all of it is a bit harder - at the edge of her limit, and cumulatively it pushes her over the limit? One thing that helped my daughter at that age was getting a bunch of colourful pens and letting her work in multicolour! I would get sentences with every word a different colour but they'd be neat!
  14. My older three are loving Boss Monster recently. We do lots of card games. They want to play Quest for Arete again tomorrow...
  15. We don't do outside classes. CC isn't a thing here in aus. There are some co ops but that's not our thing.
  16. I hope you enjoy it! You'll get yours before me, it takes a while (& $$$) for them to arrive down under!
  17. I am about to buy most of the lit level for dd... I'm looking forward to it! sorry not helpful.
  18. Now that would be PERFECT! My mathy 6 year old turns 7 in August. Please let it be so....
  19. That's my theory too. :) For some reason, all the kids looooove the wool balls in gift 1 (I think?)
  20. I have one. Got it second hand - cheaper. It's... hard to describe. The kids love playing with it and actually do fairly well with packing it up and NOT just tipping it all out (wish they could do that with lego!) We do some of the activities sporadically - some are great and some fairly underwhelming. The kids generally like to just play with it but I use the manuals and am glad to have them. And I'm not generally a 'need the teacher guide' person. I don't know if it is worth the exorbitant price, but I don't regret buying it and I am happy that I have it as a resource... Clear
  21. I am loving this thread. And if 8filltheheart & SWB have coffee I'd move mountains to hear some of that conversation!
  22. I really love this. But in my mind it competes with seeing the beauty of traditional academic subjects. I truly believe that there is nobility and worth - and genuine joy - in studying things like higher maths, grammar, literature, science concepts and history. This tension is very characteristic of our homeschool!
  23. Haha, we just started using Ellen mchenry as a break from bfsu and IT'S GETTING DONE PEOPLE! My kids love it and start without me! In fact, this very thing came to mind when I read the thread title.
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