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  1. I've been so jealous reading these threads, they don't have it here in Aus. But I found a site that does a nice job of suggesting outfits, with free shipping, easy returns and a sale at the moment (I'm not great at dressing myself lol, so seeing an item put together in an outfit is very helpful!) I just ordered 4 items, a 3/4 sleeve knee length dress on green/brown/black stripes, a pair of light blue linen pants, a lovely plain white JAG tshirt with a little trim on the neckline and a lightweight longsleeve cardigan sand/black striped that comes to the thigh. $150 all up. Should get me t
  2. My older three are loving Boss Monster recently. We do lots of card games. They want to play Quest for Arete again tomorrow...
  3. We don't do outside classes. CC isn't a thing here in aus. There are some co ops but that's not our thing.
  4. I hope you enjoy it! You'll get yours before me, it takes a while (& $$$) for them to arrive down under!
  5. I am about to buy most of the lit level for dd... I'm looking forward to it! sorry not helpful.
  6. Now that would be PERFECT! My mathy 6 year old turns 7 in August. Please let it be so....
  7. That's my theory too. :) For some reason, all the kids looooove the wool balls in gift 1 (I think?)
  8. I have one. Got it second hand - cheaper. It's... hard to describe. The kids love playing with it and actually do fairly well with packing it up and NOT just tipping it all out (wish they could do that with lego!) We do some of the activities sporadically - some are great and some fairly underwhelming. The kids generally like to just play with it but I use the manuals and am glad to have them. And I'm not generally a 'need the teacher guide' person. I don't know if it is worth the exorbitant price, but I don't regret buying it and I am happy that I have it as a resource... Clear
  9. I am loving this thread. And if 8filltheheart & SWB have coffee I'd move mountains to hear some of that conversation!
  10. I really love this. But in my mind it competes with seeing the beauty of traditional academic subjects. I truly believe that there is nobility and worth - and genuine joy - in studying things like higher maths, grammar, literature, science concepts and history. This tension is very characteristic of our homeschool!
  11. Haha, we just started using Ellen mchenry as a break from bfsu and IT'S GETTING DONE PEOPLE! My kids love it and start without me! In fact, this very thing came to mind when I read the thread title.
  12. Good luck clemson, hope you enjoy it as much as we have! I have done mud trilogy, Alice/Peter/Mole trilogy and am partway through the search trilogy with dd - we had already done treasure island, she read call of the wild this year but hasn't done invisible man yet. I read through the parent manual for my own information but rarely do assignments.
  13. She got the mud trilogy to go with island for her dd. She didn't do a trilogy for herself, though she is generally quite well read and familiar with most of the titles - as I said, she's a very good English teacher!
  14. My friend, a year 12 English teacher by trade (and an excellent one), ordered this based solely on the title, having no idea of the suggested grade level. She worked through it herself, was challenged and inspired. When I explained the mct sequence, she was shocked. She had assumed that it was a high school level text (at least) and immediately jumped in to island level with her 3rd grade daughter.
  15. Too much social media/buy my ebook flogging puts me off. There's one at the moment, a popular choice but it's driving me crazy with all the watch/buy my stuff. I really can't bring myself to even look at it closely.
  16. I dislike spiral bound because they don't look pretty on my bookshelf.
  17. Yes it does help, thank you! The examples are very helpful. I'm just posting my musings, trying to sort out my thoughts... I'm coming from the perspective of a natural writer with a fairly poor education so much of what people call 'highschool writing' is foreign. We did the 5 paragraph thing - though it was never explicitly taught - and university essays seemed less 'writing paper' to me, if I'm understanding the distinction. University essays were basically just longer 5 paragraph essays... I think at the same point you were 5 years ago - figuring out what exactly constitutes an educat
  18. Haha! Yes, unfortunately the money fountain doesn't flow fast enough for all the curriculum... Yes, I've realised with my oldest that a lot of the practice needs to come from discussion first. That discussing IS practising skills. And it is a real asset in homeschooling to be able to have the deep, one on one discussions. Truthfully, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the reading/writing papers thing... I'm not sure whether la types (intuitive with writing/language) naturally turn their reading essays into more writing ones - when given enough time? Or, maybe I'm just not clear, i
  19. Have you looked at the upper levels of MCT, especially the new post-voyage level? There's a lot of analysing speeches and examples of excellent writing in there. There are also a few ancillary MCT/rfwp books in that vein like the one I have about Jefferson.
  20. Love this update, thanks so much for taking the time! The aops info is fascinating! How very cool to see him become a great writer that way! We are doing a mish mash inspired by SWB (wwe and wws and the complete writer and the lectures all buzzing in my mind) and by CW. We sort of pitch back and forth between the two depending on what else is happening in school and life! We just spent months working with CW's poetry, we're about to move forward with a SWB inspired writing in science/history. Lots of dictation, outlining, grammar etc. I also like to chuck in some of the assignments
  21. Pretty much this. Neither dh or I are big swearers, but the kids have heard some through music or movies. I've also had to explain heroin/junky and innuendo (I know that she is saying ice cream but she doesn't mean ice cream and repeating it isn't a great idea!) Lol. It's not a big deal here.
  22. Are you in the US? Us foreigners can't access Google books *boo hiss*
  23. DD is about half way through the secrets of drawing course. For a while there she was taking any opportunity to teach her siblings and friends how to do 2 point perspective drawings.
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