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  1. My kids' violin teacher is also a high school maths teacher (a good one) so I sometimes talk shop with her about maths standards. Dd, grade 6, noticed a year 8 test at her home one day and just started doodling the answers... the correct answers. I'm confident we're not behind. I do see a lot of people not wanting to teach maths and just using MUS. Which is not to my standard but definitely at least the same standard as most schools, at least to 8th grade.
  2. I have met 2 homeschooling families that... raised my eyebrows. I have met hundreds of homeschooling families in the last decade. So 1-2%? The two families, both had come out of being under-served in the school system. One was dealing with deep trauma, was already on social services radar, and quite frankly, I think mother was right to focus on healing for the kids. I gave them some resources and encouragement and a listening ear. Those kids aren't getting an optimal education right now, but they know that their mother will fight like a wild animal for love of them - that's better than wha
  3. Oh, right, the actual thread question... I know my philosophy, describing it is another matter entirely. It has less to do with particular books/methods and more to do with our understanding of the meaning of life/family/childhood/education and how that informs our priorities. Clear as mud?
  4. Thanks for the link! I read the title and laughed out loud. Perfect. I needed a laugh. Excited to read the rest over another coffee... Eta - one paragraph in. Frankfurt school, I'm REALLY interested to see where this goes, knowing the Conservative thoughts on THAT!
  5. I said other, I would personally be more likely to use another strategy to get them in the pool. I can totally see how it would go though. I have a kid who would be thrilled with a push and it would create a lighter atmosphere. I wouldn't blink at another family doing it. If you're abusive, you likely don't play abusive in public like that.
  6. Honestly, it sounds like the man's mother is the problem. You said that she took the girl on a family holiday and that the girl was spending a lot of time with her. THAT is the relationship I would nix first.
  7. Yes! I would add some mentor lines like "what kind of man/husband does she deserve? Luckily you have at least 3 years to work on becoming the kind of husband she'll want/God wants you to be."
  8. Listen to SOTW in the car on the way to appointments, they can do oral narrations after each chapter. Cut science. They are doing a class already. At those grades it's fine. They can free read science books if you like. I would try to streamline LA. Does ELTL have spelling through dictation? Can you cut copywork from ELTL and replace it with cursive? I would just do ssl orally. The workbook is pretty busy worky. Maybe on a whiteboard together. Prioritise. A list of must-dos and a list of when-we-cans. You are very busy, your out of the house schedule is more than I could handl
  9. Hehe, I was thinking KONOS and the early llatl books too. If you read those and compare with modern hs books the difference in scriptedness/hand holding is staggering. Which isn't a bad thing, I like me some script too!
  10. Okay, I think that some of the conflict comes because old schoolers had to wrestle and work hard to own their own decision and make it work. They had to be self confident. That is a mind set and culture that is very different to the mindset that sees the home school world as just another offering to choose from and consume - which devalues the real work and personal sacrifice that old schoolers gave to build this world. It seems disrespectful and old schoolers worry that the world they built will crumble because newbies don't realise that the personal owning of the decision and the hard work i
  11. Well we school jan-dec here in Australia so it's probably less relevant. But, the cut off was April and dd is a July bday, she was ready and started homeschool k at 4.5. She was reading by age 5. However around grades 4/5 we had some upheaval and a new baby and we kind of used the extra year. We don't have to report grades so we did a year of grade 4.5/5ish. Now she's finishing up 6th as a 12.5 year old and I'm happy with that.
  12. We actually did poetry first... dd did poetry this year and we'll do homer in January.
  13. I wouldn't do connecticut yankee that young. We started it last year and my then 11 & 9 year olds struggled. Heck, I struggled! It's great, but I had to explain as we went a lot and the language wasn't easy. If Mr. Weiss read it for me it might be easier lol.
  14. I like those boots and I would wear with leggings and a dress. I wear a similar outfit often! Something like this : http://lookbook.nu/look/4792287-Dr-Martens-Cherry-Red-Boots-Black-Leggings-Mini
  15. My 6th grader is using WWS1. She doesn't love it but doesn't hate it and I am really pleased with it. I'm planning on CW Homer for 7th next year (she did Aesop level a few years ago)
  16. Mine worked through Ellen McHenry's Chemistry books. Now we're working through Great Science Adventures Plants together, with my own home made practical botany component. I have assigned her to read some of a book called The Naming of Names (beautiful book about botanical history) alongside.
  17. I've been so jealous reading these threads, they don't have it here in Aus. But I found a site that does a nice job of suggesting outfits, with free shipping, easy returns and a sale at the moment (I'm not great at dressing myself lol, so seeing an item put together in an outfit is very helpful!) I just ordered 4 items, a 3/4 sleeve knee length dress on green/brown/black stripes, a pair of light blue linen pants, a lovely plain white JAG tshirt with a little trim on the neckline and a lightweight longsleeve cardigan sand/black striped that comes to the thigh. $150 all up. Should get me t
  18. My older three are loving Boss Monster recently. We do lots of card games. They want to play Quest for Arete again tomorrow...
  19. We don't do outside classes. CC isn't a thing here in aus. There are some co ops but that's not our thing.
  20. I hope you enjoy it! You'll get yours before me, it takes a while (& $$$) for them to arrive down under!
  21. I am about to buy most of the lit level for dd... I'm looking forward to it! sorry not helpful.
  22. Now that would be PERFECT! My mathy 6 year old turns 7 in August. Please let it be so....
  23. That's my theory too. :) For some reason, all the kids looooove the wool balls in gift 1 (I think?)
  24. I have one. Got it second hand - cheaper. It's... hard to describe. The kids love playing with it and actually do fairly well with packing it up and NOT just tipping it all out (wish they could do that with lego!) We do some of the activities sporadically - some are great and some fairly underwhelming. The kids generally like to just play with it but I use the manuals and am glad to have them. And I'm not generally a 'need the teacher guide' person. I don't know if it is worth the exorbitant price, but I don't regret buying it and I am happy that I have it as a resource... Clear
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