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  1. Poor thing! I'd be hiding behind closed blinds! I detest the assumption that I'm home all day and available whenever you call, flexible and on-call are not synonymous! I remember a couple of years ago, I made sure to tell everyone that we were starting school and really needed a few weeks to get the schedule underway before we could be a bit flexible again. Guess how many people called that first week? Not one, not two, but three!!! They were all so surprised (and a little snippy!) When I said no. No. Nononononono. What solved it? Moving 90mins away lol, now everything requires planning. :)
  2. We actually really enjoyed blue through yellow then moved to MCT. I did supplement, and I haven't hit highschool yet. I have tan and Gold I think on my shelves the old editions which I've heard are better due to less busy work, but I haven't used them. I'm kind of a pick and choose homeschooler though, so I'm happy to use it as a sort of independent spiral review, yellow especially. I did like blue though, except the first section (and I still supplemented).
  3. Oh no, poor baby! Praying!
  4. We have billions of scissors, I can never find any though... We have 2 vacuum cleaners! A main one and a little portable one for the car.
  5. I got a smallish set, and they found some more around our property. My kids have loved them actually, they look through them regularly! I should have gotten the big one.
  6. My sister was less than a week from finding a lump to diagnosis, including mammogram and biopsy... She was in surgery within a fortnight and starting chemo within the month. Hope you have good news.
  7. Ok, back to ramble. It will certainly be a chaotic ramble, you're forewarned! Dh grew up blue collar, first generation born here. He, and his family have a great work ethic and very practical priorities. His parents have done very well for themselves and his mum is very white collar now. I grew up fairly white collar but in a very dysfunctional home so many of the white collar benefits were negated. Dh is blue collar, he's very clever, one of the smartest people I've met, great work ethic, tradesman, but not academic. I'm quite academic but never finished my degree, I had babies instead! Much to my mother's chagrin. So, into that complex mix are our aspirations for our children! I try to offer them an excellent education, bordering on elite education for knowledge's sake. We aren't wealthy but we do prioritise homeschool books/supplies very highly. Dh keeps me level by stressing the importance of practical skills and hands on work, and we both believe in the need for free time and a strong family bond. What we actually hope for our children's future is honestly very basic, and has little to do with their careers. My mil actually asked me once how I'd cope if DD became a hairdresser, after all the work I'd put in - the insinuation being that the excellent education would be wasted. I simply said that she can be a hairdresser that speaks Latin! It honestly wouldn't bother me in the slightest! What we want for them most, and what we have designed our whole lives around, is to be able to try! Try to do whatever they want! We hope to set them up with the skills and confidence to be able to go for their dreams (in life, not just career) knowing that we support them. We hope they'll leave us with enough skill as a backup plan, practicality and work ethic to be able to make a go of whatever opportunity arises. I'll have to think some more about the homeschool community here...
  8. Bump! It's that time of year for us and I'm looking at this again. Has anyone been using it? How do you like it? :)
  9. I'm reading, interested, and will come back to ramble later! We are solidly blue collar.
  10. My dh bought niece (6) a beautiful watercolour set (she's a little artist), then sat drawing with her for ages. It was a lovely uncle/niece moment. An unusual hit with our kids was white volley sneakers each and a set of sharpie markers, including uv glowing ones. They cannot wait to decorate and doodle all over them! And the enormous Minecraft Lego set. Of course.
  11. We lived with my mum for 3 months a few years ago. We haven't spoken since. We did my in-laws for 3 months (after mum kicked us out) until we got our own place again. I love them, but 3 months was more than enough! I wouldn't do it again. My kids are welcome anytime, but we have lots of land lol!
  12. My DD, 10.5 y/o, has just spent a few days with my in-laws. If they had left her with an unknown to me sitter I would be furious. Eta, I trust my in-laws completely, and they'll take one or more of my kids (and niece/nephew) for a few days at a time several times a year. They have many options of known babysitters nearby if an emergency came up, I think they have used my bil/sil and an aunt occasionally. Still, if they left my kids with a random person (to me and the kids) without discussing it with us, it would be the last time they stayed. But dh would be far from whatever about it, he'd be angrier than me! Also, for context, we are very selective with who watches our kids. It has caused issues with some people who expect a relationship with my kids on their terms, disregarding our feelings as parents, which we do not abide.
  13. Sounds like boundary pushing to me. Some kids are obnoxious like this and you sort of have to earn your authority with them iykwim? I have a couple like this and I've known some too, you need to be clear that you will not put up with it. Even if the mother/teachers don't consider you in charge of her, she does, and she's trying to figure out the relationship and power difference. Help her! Be clear! If a 10 year old purposely pushed me or tripped anyone, I would tell her straight that if it happens again, we are done. That actually makes me seriously angry. Eta- mine with these tendencies do not dare touch an adult! Their obnoxiousness is mainly excessive questions/sarcastic comments and the passive go-slow. Generally a couple of serious 'up with this, I will not put' boundary placing stops it, and you had better believe that I deal with it at home.
  14. My mum lives in another state, a good 12 hour drive I'd guess. Before this year she lived within 20 mins, but I hadn't seen or spoken to her in 3 years. My in-laws are about 90mins away and we see them regularly. Before we moved we were about 20-30 mins away, we have moved further away than any other siblings.
  15. You all are terrible. Like my carts weren't full enough... When I feel like that I like to browse the royal Fireworks Press page, lots of interesting stuff!
  16. I'd probably assume that he and the girlfriend have targeted your DD for evangelism. And yes, I'd bet they'll let her 'get saved' - ie, pray the sinner's prayer, at youth group without asking you first. Though a good group wouldn't jump straight to it and would chat with you first if they see her seem receptive. If I were you I'd bypass the group and monitor the chats. And I do attend a Baptist Church (not southern, different country!)
  17. I agree with expensive is more related to value. MCT doesn't feel expensive to me, because it has been extremely effective and most of it is non-consumable. When I look at the cost covering 4 kids it seems worth it (ditto life of Fred) Eta, even with international shipping.
  18. ^^^ I agree I'm afraid. I'd be prepared for phonecalls, showing up at the door, total denial that they ever said anything nasty, then more nasty plus threats, then a nasty reply letter followed by shunning and guilt trips... That's my mum's script. Also be prepared for it to be very painful for your husband. I think sending the letter is fine, just be warned that crazy people tend to up their crazy when confronted. I'm sorry. I do hope it goes well for you guys.
  19. Yes, my kids spend many an hour legoing, bike riding, drawing, game inventing, clue hiding... And fighting. Lots and lots of fighting. Le sigh.
  20. I think altruistic surrogacy, when the surrogate is in a somewhat comparable position of power with the intended parents, is a whole lot different from international commercial surrogacy as it stands today! Come on.
  21. Yes, mine only has 5 drawers. Each school child has one drawer, I fill it each evening with the books/papers they'll need for the next day. We also have a basket on top with their spiral notebooks (daily list) and current assigned novels. It works well but they do get full and messy! Eta. I use the bottom drawer as my teacher drawer, where I keep teacher's editions, flashcards etc. We currently have an extra drawer which is generally used for either art or science stuff, depending on what I have planned. It can also be for extra puzzles/activities for my k'er.
  22. I like that too. I like to have a big picture overview like that. I used to use a big year wall calendar, its too big for 3 kids now. But the visual on the wall really helped me stay on track.
  23. The first year is mainly finding your feet. Getting to know yourself as teacher, your kids as students and your home as school. How all that works out with materials and schedules. None of those things are easily worked out until you try! My kids' behaviour is usually the first sign of illness! Sounds normal to me, and sounds like you're doing a great job!
  24. Yes, I had my kids do the end of chapter reviews in the textbooks and the corresponding IP pages. Then we add some miquon and life of Fred.
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