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  1. DD is just finishing up a steam punk zombie book called Boneshaker! Dh read it first and then gave it to her...
  2. Are you in the US? Us foreigners can't access Google books *boo hiss*
  3. Also, books! Like the Greg tang or anno ones.
  4. I don't leave my stuff out either- toddler! I have a wooden fractions cake, numbers to ten balance scale, matchsticks and puzzle book, geometry sticks (they click together), puzzles and pattern boards.
  5. I answered based on our family culture and what my parents/in-laws did for us. I would probably be garantuer for a home loan, I would probably let them live at home paying minimum rent to allow savings for a loan. I would possibly buy a home and later sell it to the child for a good price. All of these have happened within our immediate family. I would likely not be responsible for ongoing support/bills for a child living out of home. I would want to hold strong boundaries. I would likely gift money or groceries regularly, just as a kindness (we couldn't get away with visiting dh's grandparents without them stuffing notes in our pockets...) We have a decent amount of land and our kids are always welcome to come back. Being able to offer them a safe place to fall was very important to us.
  6. My son is 8 and in 3rd. He does spelling, handwriting, some of maths and history mostly independently. I say mostly, because he's 8 and easily distracted or will do a rushed job. If you have listened to swb's lecture on teaching students to work independently, he's a 'beginning and end of lesson' kid. Often I'll get him started (teach whatever concept) and go through expectations and leave him to it. With 4 kids, independence is necessary!
  7. 4blessingmom, thanks for your post! Reading it was like coming up for oxygen.
  8. I ended up getting the Charlotte mason and little byo bundle with the same choices everyone else picked lol. Ellen mcH mostly...
  9. I had my first mammogram this year (I'm 31) and it was no big deal. Good luck, hope you get good news soon. Getting checked sooner rather than later is really important, listen to your dr!
  10. Good luck. I'm currently going insaner training my 2.5 year old...
  11. My kids are average and love beast. If you hit a difficult problem (for either of you, some of them are hard!) Don't be afraid to work it together, give hints, work it for him (modeling lol), or check the answer and work backwards. It's about him understanding the concept, not making every workbook page a test. Have fun!
  12. Ruth Heller does a beautiful series of grammar books.
  13. Right there with you OP... Listening!
  14. What a great idea! *scribbles a note to remember for next year*
  15. Cool! Great to hear that you enjoyed it! I absolutely love her writing, her way with words is poetic. Radiance will be the 5th book by Valente I've read, Deathless is my favourite so far!
  16. Yeah the Velcro isn't that much fun. Mine has taken to saying 'mama no going' and holding on to my shirt with a death grip at nap time... Cute, but mama has a whole lot of work to do!
  17. I could totally do all that if I wanted to... No actually, I was tired by the end of the post. Actually, I was tired before I started reading the post. I'm not a gogogo person, in case you couldn't tell. But I'm sure that they would be a fascinating family to have over for dinner!
  18. I just ordered Radiance by catherynne Valente. I love her stuff.
  19. I very nearly posted the same thing... Sorry, I'm not helpful. Most days we just white knuckle through it and then I fret all evening about how badly I'm failing. Rinse and repeat. I like pps suggestion of the 3 point rotation.
  20. Dh suggested it when our oldest was an infant. I slightly freaked and came out with all the stereotype excuses. He said that it was my decision but asked me to make an educated one. I researched for a few months and was sold! We were committed by the time she was 2... She's nearly 11 now and has never been to school.
  21. Dh and I started Atkins about 6 weeks ago. I'm down 10kg (about 22lbs). We also tend to eat our main meal at lunch, or have a mid afternoon lunch. I'm never hungry on this diet and my portion sizes are about halved. And without the sugar addiction, vegetables taste amazing again. The first week does suck but it is helpful, it makes you realise what sugar was doing to you! This isn't my first time on Atkins, I maintained for years until I had another baby and a stressful time.
  22. OK, I said I wasn't a morning person... I'm not a routiney person really. And yes, it is now biting me in the behind. Schooling with a toddler is just hard. I have toy drawers and a trampoline and swing and millions of crafts and books etc but some days he just wants to climb on the table and scream and roll around on the floor. Many lessons have been held while I hold a crying toddler over my shoulder. We never have that picturesque day where the toddler does a nice drawing, plays with playdough and sits nicely for a story before eating a healthy lunch and blissfully slipping into a decent nap. OK, sorry for taking over your thread, I'm finding things difficult lately too.
  23. Heartlikealion, I can relate to a lot of your post. I have a toddler and a husband working rotating shifts (he also used to be a baker!), live out of town and not a morning person lol. My 8 year old son works at the speed of a turtle and is doing my head in with emerging attitude some days, other days he is sweet and responsible. Things have been hard since my 5 year old was little - he was hard, hard work as a baby/toddler/preschooler and took a lot from me, I haven't fully recovered (so I did the smart thing and had another baby *smacks forehead*). We didn't go to the library for years because it was too hard, dh now does all the shopping! At 5 he is the sweetest child and I'm glad we hung in with homeschooling, though I am really struggling with the joyless grind lately... My plan, to slowly implement some Charlotte mason habit training for all of us (OK, mostly me...), get the toddler toilet trained and the 5 year old reading fluently and get some of the joy back in our days. Sorry, no useful advice, just commiserations. It is just hard work sometimes.
  24. Oooh, my 8 year old son loves to do this. It actually annoys me more lately as he does it to other adults and comes off as really disrespectful and arrogant. I think that it is just him playing at being a clown and trying to figure out grown up joking around. We're a fairly jokey/sarcastic family, but he's not yet able to pick his moments well. When your stressed out mother asks you to do something, do NOT pretend to do the opposite and laugh! Anyway,my sympathies, thanks for this thread. I'm reading the replies too.
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