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  1. Love this update, thanks so much for taking the time! The aops info is fascinating! How very cool to see him become a great writer that way! We are doing a mish mash inspired by SWB (wwe and wws and the complete writer and the lectures all buzzing in my mind) and by CW. We sort of pitch back and forth between the two depending on what else is happening in school and life! We just spent months working with CW's poetry, we're about to move forward with a SWB inspired writing in science/history. Lots of dictation, outlining, grammar etc. I also like to chuck in some of the assignments in the MCT books to mix things up. We wing it quite a lot around here...
  2. I like it mostly. However it has been more difficult than expected. Part of that is craziness of life intruding... if we had a stable house (moving and building) and stable routine (jobs and rotating shifts) it would be infinitely easier. But then, dh and I don't ever do things the easy way. Probably a bad month for me to answer this question.
  3. 2 sounds good to me except for the fence and the possibly annoying landlord. The size wouldn't bother me, I prefer smaller houses. We are currently in a similar sized house and it is small but doable. Hardwood floors and shorter commute are big huge draws, I hate carpet. The fence thing would bother me, it would mean that playing outside is difficult - and with the small inside space the outside will be a lifesaver (ask me how I know!) But I don't know how normal that is for your area, it's virtually non existent here...
  4. I'm so sorry, what a kick in the guts. I know what that feels like (thanks mum). Raging is completely understandable. Be gentle with yourself *hugs*
  5. I adore classical writing primer! I tend to use llatl blue for k and red for 1st before it.
  6. Pretty much this. Neither dh or I are big swearers, but the kids have heard some through music or movies. I've also had to explain heroin/junky and innuendo (I know that she is saying ice cream but she doesn't mean ice cream and repeating it isn't a great idea!) Lol. It's not a big deal here.
  7. I'm so sorry. Yes, it happened to me. I lost two pregnancies between 7-8 weeks and didn't know anything was wrong until 12-13 weeks. One miscarriage I completed at home after pessaries (cannot remember the name of the drug at the moment). The other, I had a d&c. The doctors were not comfortable leaving it completely naturally, in fact, the at home miscarriage was not easy and I came close to requiring a d&c anyway - I had a lot of bleeding. I'm really sorry, it is scary and difficult. *Gentle hugs*
  8. Thank you for having the courage to share your story, Joules. I'm so sorry that happened to you.
  9. Point taken. My fault for not asking my husband's permission before opening my mouth...
  10. I am so confused. What do we call rape that isn't rape? I hope it's not the false/regret report thing again - I'm pretty sure we've covered that...
  11. There's a case happening here at the moment, where 3 brothers in their 20s abducted and gang raped a 14 year old girl. Do you know what the defense attorney is focused on? Whether she was wearing makeup.
  12. No, it doesn't happen. But yet again these hyperbolic hypothetical scenarios are trotted out. Yet those of us who continue to point out victim blaming and try to explain why it can hurt are accused of using 'extreme' examples... It has been pointed out again and again, on both threads, how and why focusing on the victim's supposed unwise actions is damaging and unhelpful.
  13. OK, I feel like I have a very tenuous grasp on what you mean! More pondering required...
  14. Yes! See, in my mind thinking that it's logic stage and I want to do a little more than rewrites, something about making connections or asking why. But maybe PPS are right, I should leave that to discussions for now and work on the skill of writing - using the one or two paragraph rewriting from main points...
  15. One issue I have, I think, is that I keep automatically going to the structure of a typical 4-5 paragraph essay (which she can do). I'm not sure how to structure 1-2 paragraphs! Like, do you just literally rewrite, in your own words, the paragraph that you took the main point from? Is that enough? You don't do an intro/conclusion I'm assuming lol. Hmm, off to ponder some more...
  16. This is where I hit a wall too. I think that in my mind, narrations aren't... sophisticated? enough. Like, is the only difference between a grade 2 narration and a grade 5 narration summary length and/or writing it down (or having it dictated)? And then the writing for the 5th grader should look like... main point outlines rewritten? One of these - 1 or 2 paragraphs only- a week? This is what I am trying to do... DD, 5th/6th ish does written narrative summary 3x a week, we are slowly going through a midsummer night's dream and she does a 2-3 sentence summary of each page plus copy work of her favourite lines. Then I have her pick out main points of paragraphs from either history or science reading - but putting this into a short writing assignment each week is not computing well in my brain and I'm not sure why... maybe because I'm having trouble hitting history/science at all these last few (stressful) weeks. Maybe it's just difficult to feel confident because she's my oldest. We are also working through a poetry unit so she's doing writing there too. Thanks for the topic op. I've read through previous threads too (I have a copy of one of 8filltheheart's posts printed!) but I always find them helpful.
  17. I agree that it's not that bad. It's almost better than my nearly 9yo ds's - we are remediating! I also agree with smaller lined paper, rubber pencil grip thingies and dotted thirds paper. Seems to get better results here.
  18. I do absolutely think that porn - especially modern porn, in terms of access to quantity and the violence - adds to the rape culture. Here's an article, a recent survey and report from my country about the impact of porn on young adolescents. Eta-link. Duh
  19. Great article, basically sums up this thread, in less than 12 pages!
  20. Yes, I do agree with that. I was thinking more along the train of thought that men are more at risk of physical violence from other men, and that led to remembering how seriously the violence against men was taken, and how quickly it was addressed here at the societal level.
  21. Absolutely, I do teach my sons the same safety measures. However, society is much more likely to support them if they are victimised than my daughter. Recently our country had a spate of random assaults, where men would randomly punch a stranger in the head, the victims would fall on the curb/sidewalk and many sustained serious brain injuries and died. We changed the laws (mandatory minimum 10 year sentence in my state) and the cultural language (king hit to coward punch) in light speed. No one asked why these male victims were out at night, in trouble spots (bars, clubs), drinking. No one insinuated that maybe it was complicated, maybe they provoked their attackers. No one asked if the victims had a history of drinking or fighting or risky behaviours. The perpetrators were bad guys - the end.
  22. Okay, I miscommunicated my use of the words actual victims. I didn't at all mean to imply that any victims aren't real victims. I would have thought my position on believing victims was clear in this thread, but I'm more than happy to be clear and careful with my language. I simply meant that theorizing about the hurt of hypothetical victims instead of hearing the words of victims right here seems like a distraction. I don't think victims have to be any kind of public at all unless they choose. It takes a lot of courage to share what people in this thread - ktgrok and Scarlett especially - have shared and I thank them. I have said more than once in this thread that teaching safe and respectful behaviours is great. I do/will teach them to all my kids. I have never and will never point out the mistakes of a victim as a teaching tool. Ftr- I do believe that you have no malicious intent to blame victims. I really do. I'm sure you are a nice person who would be a help to them in real life. I just know that there is actual damage done, both to victims and young people as they grow, by the hyper focus on drinking/promiscuity/immorality as a protection against sexual assault. In my opinion, it creates a false sense of security, a heightened sense of shame, a tendency to separate ourselves from victims and strengthens the hold on our culture that continues to allow these offenders to offend. *Edited to change 'girls' to 'young people ' because upon reflection I think that boys are damaged too.
  23. Exactly exactly exactly. Brock Turner was caught inside an unconscious woman, and was not so drunk himself that he couldn't realize he should run. But still there is an army of people saying all the exact same things about this case that people in this thread say 'not about this case obviously...' Sadie linked to all of the letters of support which the judge took into account when sentencing.
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