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  1. Would he enjoy biology experiments/demonstrations better? Could you use the Rainbow Biology material he has already done and add labs to make a full credit of high school biology?
  2. Mysteries were a big hit with my daughter at that age. She loved the Westin Game by Ellen Raskin. Another author that wrote in the 1960s and 1970s that my daughter and I enjoyed was Irene Hunt. Her books Up a Road Slowly and The Lottery Rose had a major impact on my life. She also writes historical fictions such as Across Five Aprils and No Promises in the Wind. Just as a precaution, some of the themes in these books are difficult (child abuse (not sexual), losing a parent, and poverty). Have you read Tolkien's books yet? Another author my daughter enjoyed was Laurie, Halse Anderson. She has a number of books out, but we only read Fever 1793 and Chains.
  3. I worked for the Network of International Schools, the organization that Northstar is a part of, in Korea many years ago. I can assure your, they are a thriving organization, and I have heard very little negative about this organization. It is a Christian, online accredited school with a solid reputation.
  4. I can't help you with this, but I find it so funny that my 83 year old dad and his 86 year old sister both have I phones and couldn't live without them. My dad and i were on face time just last week. I guess we are a tech savvy family.
  5. I didn't start home schooling until 6th grade. For the middle school years, we had specific class that were still somewhat interest led. For example, in history for 6th grade, we focused on topics she enjoyed rather than time periods. History was as much hands-on as she wanted it to be. She is a visual learner, so videos and even computer games like Minecraft were a part of her curriculum. We did not use one source as a spine. We used lots of sources. I also did not worry about time. She didn't do an hour of history a day. We might do 2 hours on one day and none the rest of the week. Or we might to 20 minutes one day, 30 the nest and an hour the next. We were not required to keep track of hours, so we didn't. What I did focus on in middle school was building the skills she would need for higher level learning. We worked on writing, geography/history skills like map reading and timelines, science labs and math. She also started taking college level tests in 7th grade. She took the ACT in 7th and 8th grade and the PSAT in 9th grade. Now, my daughter happens to be a good test taker who does not have test anxiety, so this route might not work for everyone. High school has been more structured but still somewhat interest led. Her electives have definitely been her choice. Last year she took a life skills class with a co-op, a financial literacy class, and and art history class at home. For English, I have required certain things such as some Shakespeare and poetry, but the other short stories and novel have been her choices. Math is the only old one out because I am not skilled in it, and she does have a certain aptitude for mathematical concepts. I hired a tutor that she has been working with for over a year now. Math is not her best subject, but with the tutor, her ACT score in math improved 4 points this summer. Dual enrollment is not for every student, but my daughter has thrived in her college classes. This year and next, most of her high school classes will be at the college. She should graduate with an AA degree at the same time as she graduates from high school. In Florida, dual enrollment classes are free, so this is saving us a lot of money too. I would say that the best thing I did as a home schooling mom was to trust my daughter and let her choose areas of study even as a high school student.
  6. I am coming at this topic from the end of home schooling. My daughter is 11th grade and dual enrolled. Most of her high school classes this year are at the college with the exception of ACT/SAT prep, bible and literature (1/2 credit courses), and Algebra II with a private tutor. We do still have a home school are and materials at home, but i am working on clearing out. Next year, all her classes will be at the college as she will be doing a full load of classes. I have so many books to move out! If I were starting over with younger kids, I would be more unschoolish in their younger years. I would teach phonics and some basic math skills, but i would let everything else be interest led until at least age 10 or so.
  7. This is exactly how my now 17 year old daughter is. I loved everything that Tap, Fairfarmhand and MysteryJen said. the only thing i would add is to give yourself grace. You will get worn down at times by his challenging behavior. you will also have other people try to give you "advice" about how to raise him. And you most likely will encounter negative reactions for people who don't understand what it is like to raise a strong-willed child. Please be kind to yourself. You are doing your very best and will see the rewards someday. When my daughter was young, there were times i did not think one of us was going to survive:) 😉 Now, she is 17 and a home schooled 11th grader who is also a full-time student at a local college (dual enrollment). She is thriving in college! She is a dynamic kid who is poised, relates well to adults and has clear goals. As someone already said, these are the kids who make a difference in the world. Hang in there!
  8. For those familiar with both or who have one of these devices, which one is the better product? They are similar in price. I am looking at the new Echo that is video too.
  9. My 11th grade daughter is really interested in studying overseas as part of her high school experience. Personally, I have some reservations, but I do think she would be able to handle it well. When she was 10, we spent her 4th grade year living in China, so she already has experience living outside the U.S. My problem is finding all the opportunities out there. We aren't rich by any means, but we can contribute to the cost. However, scholarships would be great appreciated. If you know of a program or have had a student participate in one, please list the website and name of the program. Thanks!
  10. 11th grade-all hits! She will have a total of 6 for the year-Comp.I, Anatomy'Physiology, Psychology, Health/Wellness, Spanish and TBD elective.) Algebra II is tutor based using Holt textbook, and American History/literature is based on Great Courses and texts.
  11. This might not be an option, but I totally outsourced Algebra II for my 11th grade daughter to a tutor that she sees twice a week. We did Geometry that way last year, and her ACT score improved 6 points. He is a great teacher, and DD needs the one on one. Yes, it costs a bit of money, but three of her classes are free DE classes at a state college (Comp. I, psych. and Health/wellness). Next semester she will have Spanish, Anatomy/Physiology and an elective at the college. The other two based on Great Courses, textbooks and personal research (American History, literature). I love that math can be totally hands off for me.
  12. Just finalized DD's 11th grade classes today. She is dual enrolled at a state college. Dual enrolled classes: fall classes: ENC 1101 (English composition), Health and Wellness and Psychology spring classes: French 1, Anatomy and Physiology, and Theater 1 At home: American History, philosophy and American literature (1/2 credit) and cinematography (1/2 credit) With a tutor: Algebra II If she completes everything this year, her senior year will be entirely college classes, and she will only need ENC 1102, Government/Economics, college algebra and chemistry.
  13. Hi, my daughter is having success this year with a Glencoe Biology text. We watch Great Courses Biology to go along with unit. She does do her labs at a co-op.
  14. My daughter loves Teaching Textbooks Geometry. She is not an enthusiastic math student usually, but today, she said it was her favorite subject.
  15. I think what you are doing sounds great, and I am a high school English teacher. Would you believe that my daughter doesn't like to write, and English was a struggle for us too last year. However, she can write, well...when she wants to. This year, we are trying Jensen's format writing to solidify skills.
  16. Biggest hit is outsourcing biology labs at a co-op! My daughter loves the weekly co-op and hands on labs. other hits have been Teaching Textbooks Geometry and an older world history textbook from the 1990's. I taught history for years and love the textbooks that are not all surface. This one has depth and lots of critical thinking activities built in. Oh, and the life skills class at co-op is going to be great as well-career resources, cooking classes, auto maintenance and personal finance. No misses so far.
  17. But big business has earned your trust? I can't see how things can get much worse. The cost of basic healthcare in America is highly prohibitive for many Americans. Even those who have insurance often can't afford the deductibles. Imagine how much harder it is to get well from an illness or accident if you are constantly stressed over how you are going to pay the medical bills. Our "system" is going to burst just like the housing bubble in 2008, but at the cost of many lives. I am more than happy to let the government have a go if it means that I don't have to take second and third jobs to pay for medical care.
  18. Since i live in Central Florida, yes, I know who Scott Frost is. However, I wouldn't think he would be that well known generally in college football circles unless you are talking about super fans ?
  19. Come to Florida! North Florida is very conservative and not bad on cost of living. I think our home school laws are super easy to comply with! No state income tax although property tax and home owner's insurance can be on the expensive side, but not as much in north Florida. And then there are the beautiful Gulf Beaches, and, in central Florida, the theme parks. I love living here!
  20. I think I am looking for something that doesn't exist. My daughter wants history that is not online, and not a large textbook either. I've looked at Notgrass, Mystery of History and other Christian options, but I really want her history focus to be neutral if possible. We are a Christian family, but I am not in favor of skewed or biased history. I would love to know if anyone has found an option like I am describing.
  21. When I turned 50 two years ago, I was feeling how you are now. Although I was a full-time teacher, my daughter had just become a teenager and no longer needed me like she did before. We were still home schooling, but she was much more independent. I began to really focus on my needs for the first time since she had been born. I started walking and lost 20 pounds. I upgraded my wardrobe, and joined groups to meet friends. I met my now best friend that way, and her support has been amazing. My husband and I are separated, but still living together mostly for financial reasons. It has been very amicable because we both realized that we really want different things out of life. We have separate bedrooms, and my daughter describes the three of us as roommates ? A few years ago, I would have been super depressed about ever thinking of divorce and eventually being on my own, but making the positive changes I've made, including separation as a married couple, has been beneficially for me and my family.
  22. I agree with St. Augustine, Savannah and Charleston. We now live in the Orlando area, and I took my 14 year old daughter to St. Augustine last summer, and she had a great time. We visited the fort, the old school house and several museums. I know she learned a lot. We also spent time at the beach. A few years ago, we lived in central Georgia, and we took her as a 9 year old to Savannah and Charleston. She loved Ft. Sumter even though i was afraid she would be bored!. She still talks about that trip, and the old churches and River walk in Savannah too. Btw, I am not a new poster. I am leeannpal, but when the new boards came in, I had t re-register for some reason. I've been on the boards since I fist started thinking about homeschooling 8 years ago ?
  23. I had terrible cystic acne as a teen. I found out years later it was due to hormone imbalances. I also have PCOS. I would have her checked out by a gynecologist. Cystic acne is not usually caused by diet.
  24. My daughter is vegan, and her dad and I are working on using meat less often. So, our meal are changing:). Monday-vegetarian chili with ground chicken on the side for those that want it included in the chili Tuesday-meatless tacos Wednesday-daughter-Vegan "chicken" tender, veggies, couscous-her dad and I will have the veggies and couscous with chipotle chicken thighs Thursday-daughter-curry rice/beans-her dad and I will have pork curry Friday-potluck or eat out.
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