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  1. Id probably give a "hey, don't you need to be getting school work done?" Then leave it at that. If he gets up or not his choice. I always lost track of time during Sunday afternoon naps. You know when you wake up and it takes a while to figure out if it's 6 A or 6P.
  2. My middle son and fiancee announced they were going to have a baby and I don't think I'm ready to be a grandmother. Baby boy graduates hs and leaves for the military and baby girl is about to be 13 which is proving to have its own set of challenges. Please tell me in the midst of all this change this year I will be ready to be good nana while getting through baby girls teen years and the changes this year will bring. I think fiancee was disappointed I wasn't jumping up and down ready to celebrate. Kwim.
  3. For my daughter and I. It will be her 13th birthday gift. Not sure what kind we want so I'm looking for recommendations. TIA
  4. Today I ran my half marathon. This week I plan to do a few days of yoga then begin beach body on demand hammer and chisel along with insanity max 30
  5. Made breakfast Stretched, did some warm up exercises ran a half maratho n came home ate lunch More stretching
  6. Grew up middle class, blue collar family. Going to work at 14 is just what we did. We bought our own cars, clothes etc. Got raises, promotions, moved on to better jobs, sometimes worked 2jobs. No one pushed us to excel beyond working hard.
  7. Cuteness to the max! Sweet baby pictures made my day. Thanks for sharing your adorable babies with us!
  8. Workout, bring dd to school, start dinner, go by fed ex, grocery store, pick up race packet, a few other errands, Friday chores.
  9. Grammy, nana, mimi. My sister uses Naynay, I have no idea where that started. A friend has her grandchildren call her Nina, yeah I don't like that one.
  10. That's a great thing you are doing. I've been involved in Mom's in Prayer for years here. 1 hour a week praying for our schools, teachers, our own children and students. We have several teachers that send us their prayer requests. It's been a great experience. It helps to have another mom you can talk to about your children you don't want to share with anyone else.
  11. do what you say you are going to do no chances no warnings. of course make sure you they know ahead of time. You do x , y will happen. No more discussion.
  12. We have the boys our cc once a week to top off gas for the week. We never used debit cards.
  13. I think I'm back on.
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