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  1. Thanks! I already came across it in my preliminary googling and bookmarked it 🙂
  2. Yeah, definitely. I'm pretty sure it's generally a full year course in public schools, and I also think it would be really difficult to cover all the material in less time.
  3. My then 10th grader did it a couple of years ago (on our own). It was a really fun year; it's one of the more straightforward APs to prep for, as it's mostly about knowing the material rather than any specific kind of analysis....but there's a LOT of material to cover. DS got a 4, and blames not getting a 5 on how we ran short on time and rushed through African art at the end 🙂 . Khan Academy has a lot of great material, and there are a few other websites out there that we used a lot, too. I'm thinking of doing it again next year with my next kid.
  4. Thinking of this for next year with my 10th grader. We did AP world this year, and I did US with my oldest a couple of years ago, so I'm pretty familiar with AP history testing. Has anyone done AP euro at home (not with an online class)? How did it go? What resources do you recommend? I want to be more organized about this than we were with world history this past year!
  5. Good luck, all! My oldest has his last ever exam tomorrow (lit) and my 9th grader has his first (world history) next week.
  6. My son has all As. Sometimes I feel funny about it, but he also has all As in the classes someone else has graded, so I figure it makes sense.
  7. Another Vejas Gabriel Liulevicious recommendation: we're listening to his Turning Points in Modern History, and it's excellent and is a great complement to a World History course.
  8. Mine really liked the (older) Jacobs. Particularly my now 12th grader (geometry is what really made him fall in math--he's now planning to major in it)....but he was NOT a fan of AOPS when we tried it in middle school. He didn't deal well with anything where he couldn't get everything right 😉
  9. When DS15 was in middle school I decided to give him an extra year before starting high school (summer birthday), so he's 9th instead of 10th right now. I had no idea when I did it that the best reason for the decision would be to give ME an extra year before doing college apps again! (Of course, it means the NEXT brother is 2 years after instead of 3, so it really all comes out the same....but I don't have to think about that yet!)
  10. Finally! Where: Macalester College Why? free bagpipe lessons! Just kidding. It came down to a few great LACs with more similarities than differences (Oberlin and Hamilton were the others in the top 3), but Macalester just seemed like the best fit for him. Strong math department with lots of new hires lately. Urban location set it apart from most LACs. Kids there seem quirky and kinda nerdy, but unpretentious and not overly sporty. Not the best financial aid package he got, but fairly close, and still manageable. Major: likely math (depending on the day, he adds "and maybe physics")
  11. Totally anecdotal, but DS didn't have the 3 subject tests Emory and Oxford want from homeschoolers (he had 2), and he was waitlisted at both. We didn't ask if they'd make an exception; he just applied and waited to see what happened (we did ask an admissions person at Oxford when we toured there--specifically we asked if they'd accept AP tests in place of subject tests (I still don't understand why schools don't do this, since AP tests are far more involved than subject tests and in many cases cover the same subjects)--and were told no). So I can say that they didn't just toss his app out because he didn't have the third test, at any rate. Incidentally, his portal showed the whole time that he had submitted all 3 tests even though he hadn't. I don't know if it's because they looked at his app and decided to ignore the lack of a third test or if that was just a mistake.
  12. Agreeing that meeting with someone (or multiple someones) in a specific department is enormously helpful. I really regret that we didn't set up something like this at Macalester like we have at all the other top contenders. He does have an e-mail in to a math prof there, at least, to try to get a feel for the department. Of course, a lot of kids have no idea which departments they're interested in before they start college. Hamilton visit sounds like it went well. Although I think it sold my father-in-law on Hamilton more than DS 😂. FIL spent his whole career teaching at universities; he was super impressed by the close connections between profs and students at Hamilton. But I suspect DS would find something similar at most small LACs. So he liked Hamilton, but wasn't wowed enough to immediately decide it's The One, which I think is what he was hoping would happen. He texted me at one point, "everyone here is from Massachusetts and plays a sport." And the math prof he talked to said that most of the math graduates go into finance. These are all things he sort of suspected would be true of Hamilton and reasons why it might not be the best fit for him. I mean, he doesn't have anything against people from Massachusetts (he was actually born in Boston!) but either Macalester or Oberlin would be a lot less regional than Hamilton, and I think he'd like that. He's visiting the math department at UGA later this week to go completely in the opposite direction...and then he's going to have to pick a name out of a hat if he still can't decide, because time will be just about up!
  13. jeans or shorts are fine. The one or two times DS was wearing khakis and a button up shirt because the tour was after an interview, he felt conspicuously overdressed.
  14. Glad she had a good visit @Arch at Home! Overnight hosts are so hit or miss--it's frustrating, because I really do think when they're good they're the best way to get a feel for what going to school there would be like. Hamilton won't give DS an overnight while he's there 😞 . He does have two classes picked out to sit in on, the regular campus tour plus the "first year favorites" tour that shows them some different stuff, a meeting with a math professor, tickets to Hamilton's production of West Side Story, and an invitation to "Prime Friday" where the math department gets together at the campus pub whenever Friday falls on a date that's a prime number 🙂 . So he might be too exhausted for an overnight anyway. I'm jealous that his grandfather is going with him instead of me (although he's a much better pick for hanging out with the math department than I would be!)....they're also going to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I think Hamilton might be getting an unfair advantage with all this fun stuff booked.
  15. How soon in the process do you find out for sure if you qualify financially? I didn't bother with Questbridge, because we looked to be borderline for qualifying, but in retrospect I think I probably should have investigated more closely.
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