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  1. The interference is why I ask. It’s what she is wondering about as a cause. No chance of pregnancy. I have personal experience with c diff and instructed her on prevention, so she was already taking florastor and another probiotic while on the antibiotics and still now (she had stopped a few days ago, but has restarted just in case). She feels sure it’s menstrual-type and not intestinal though. Especially when combined with the mid cycle spotting. She’s wondering if jumping to the next type of pill in her pack would help??
  2. **Please don’t quote** I’m asking this for a family member who is stumped and at the end of her rope with this. She started taking ortho tri cyclen for severe cramps a couple months ago. She was previously on something else that only moderately helped. Her dr has her taking three packs back to back, with no placebo due to some other reasons. She is halfway through the third pack, and she has had bad cramping and some spotting for the past five days. It’s a very random time for it. She did take seven days of Keflex, ending that about one week ago (so, she finished those a few days into a new pack and a few days before the cramps and spotting started.) She did have some of this happen the first week on these pills when she started it. Does this seem more likely to be from the antibiotics or is it more likely it’s not the right pill for her? She needs to decide whether to switch before the pack runs out in ten days. She also has an important event this weekend and is very worried about the impact of this cramping on that. Is there any way to help make it go away?? Aleve only helps, doesn’t remove it. She said she’s going to email her doctor, but I thought I’d check for advice or experiences to offer her as well, as she’s really having a hard time with this and hates that her event might be ruined. She has spent a lot of time and money preparing for it.
  3. I think it’s great! Learning when to start paragraphs, and especially starting new paragraphs for dialogue will help him out a lot, but I have found my kids take longer before they really get that down as well. I’m impressed with his cursive! Does he mind all the corrections? When my kids are independently story writing, I just let them go and don’t correct anything unless they ask. I find time fixes those kind of errors you’re seeing, and I don’t want to discourage the writing. I make a mental note of anything that’s a particular problem so that we can address during our school grammar or writing time. It looks like you have a writer on your hands!
  4. I’ve bought special moisturizers for knitters off Etsy. They don’t leave your hands sticky. Working Hands cream might work too. It’s not sticky after it absorbs. This is one I have used:
  5. Maybe I will just send to be on the safe side. The school’s application deadline is September 1, and now we’re headed into Labor Day weekend. She has submitted the application tonight, but I feel like the score report should be ordered before the first as well. Although, it’s a transfer application and she has enough credits that sending scores is optional anyway. They’re good scores though, so she wants to send them.
  6. My daughter is applying to a college she applied to in Winter 2017-18. Does she need to have ACT resend her score report to them, or will they still have it in their system when they look her up? I can’t find an answer to that anywhere on their site.
  7. This is what I need. Do you have a link to what you mean? I’m not sure how it works without being a smart home type setup.
  8. Stonz? These come really small as well, you’d have to look through to see which sizes they still have in the right size for your little girl.
  9. I’m so impressed with how far your son has come so quickly since the beginning of this thread! My dd has her freeway drive tomorrow and we haven’t ever taken her driving on the freeway yet. I wouldn’t feel at all comfortable yet doing that myself, but I’m just going to let that be up to the driving instructor. She needs a lot more practice changing lanes on lower speed streets first. I had her drive on a very familiar 55mph highway last week and she went about 35 most of the way except when I kept telling her to speed up. I hated every minute of it, lol.
  10. Elephant and piggie are one of my favorites for early readers. They were fantastic for my dyslexic kiddo. I haven’t seen these before, but they look like they might fit the bill: We have one from the “You read to me, I’ll read to you” series, but I think I might recall those being a little more advanced.
  11. I think there are lots of reasons people want to know what their mixed breed dog is, not the least is just because they love the dog and have a curiosity to know more about it, especially since it’s often going to be a rescue dog with little to no history. Or an answer to the “what kind of dog is that?” question they hear whenever they’re out. For me, besides those two reasons, I always wanted to know what our last dog was as a way to have a ballpark of what her life expectancy might be. She appeared to be flat coat retriever mixed with something else, but we never did have her tested. We adopted her when she was already getting toward senior years, and when she went downhill, it would have helped to know if she really was flat coat retriever. She wasn’t as old as I thought she would get to be when we reached the point of having to make the decision to put her down (she was probably about 11) but flat coats have a short life span, and knowing that’s what she was would have made it easier to feel like she had lived a long life and we weren’t being premature. We have a golden retriever who was abandoned in a rural small town as an 8-10 year old. The rescue said it’s not uncommon there for people to get new puppies and just abandon their old dogs in favor of the puppy 😢. She is the sweetest girl she could possibly be, and no trouble at all, so I can’t imagine why someone would do that. Their loss is our gain. And hers, as she was severely overweight when we got her and has had a couple health issues we've had to treat over the years that I’m sure would not have been treated. We’ve had her five years now, and I never expected she would live this long after we got her, so it’s worked out well for all of us.
  12. Did he have a cold or similar illness recently? Toxic synovitis usually comes on right after illness. My son had it as a toddler right at the tail end of a cold.
  13. Everything I’ve read on Pharmacogenomics indicates it improves the odds of picking the right medication more quickly, but that it’s far from a sure thing. Which doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea, I just think that’s important for people to know. I do agree that trying a short acting stimulant might be worth it. Maybe not yet if she is functional, but before high school. Mine didn’t start until Senior year, but I now realize would have benefited a lot starting in 9th grade. Before that, she really was okay without due to her other strengths and our particular schooling style (I didn’t realize it was ADHD making her so slow until late Senior year.) She doesn’t take them on weekends and only does one short acting dose each day.
  14. We have lots of those roads, and it’s a popular bike route, which is insane, because there’s no shoulder for the bikes and it’s 55mph and also heavily traveled by large trucks 😱. There’s no room for error.
  15. We have them all over our car, but have recently decided it seems like drivers are much more aggressive around us when we have them on. They tail gate and pass me when they’re on much more than when they’re off. What’s up with that? Your oldest is my second dd’s twin. Ive thought that for years every time you post about her, and this is uncanny. This is precisely the source of her argument with me both yesterday and today. She “knows” everything.
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