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  1. I prefer Apple Pay when there’s a lot of illness around, because I don’t have to touch the credit card machine or the pen to sign. I do sometimes spray my phone with Sanitizer when I get back to my car, and then I have a UV phone disinfector I’m using when I get home. This thread makes me think I could consider sterilizing the foldable N95 masks I have (left over from a trip my DH took to India—pollution) in my UV case. They would fit. I’m not using them at all right now, but we do at least have a handful.
  2. This sounds like flu, which is rampant right now, including in your area. So while it could be CORVID-19, flu is exponentially more likely. In my area, I know tons of people who have been down with it the last couple weeks.
  3. Oh my goodness, she is over the top cute!!! I love her name, too. Congratulations and Enjoy!!
  4. I would also be additionally concerned that failure to get medical attention for something like a possible fracture could lead to CPS issues (how old is he? I'm don't remember the equivalent agency for people with disabilities who are no longer minors--I assume due to his disability, you could be held responsible for neglecting to get proper care). If you have no real reason to suspect he swallowed a pencil other than there having been pencils around and him having swallowed thing in the past, I'm not sure that's sufficient reason to take him in for that issue. Can you call the babysitter and have her check if she has all her pencils?
  5. My 17-year-old dyslexic daughter is the same way. Alphabetizing is really difficult for her as well. She was looking for a job, and the library has some job openings, but then we realized she would be a terrible fit for putting books back on the shelf in alphabetical order.
  6. Prayers for all four of you!
  7. Our church does this with the permanent name tags and stickers for guests (or those that forget), but made clear when instituting it that you didn’t have to do it if you were opposed. They mention it during announcements as well, so newcomers know, and people are welcome always to add their name to a list if they want to have a name tag ready for them the following week. I think it’s been very helpful. I remember names better if I can see them spelled. It also helps when meeting someone with a name that is unfamiliar to my ears.
  8. If I was understanding my eye doctor correctly, it seemed he was saying that it doesn’t work that way. That the glasses prescription is then undoing some of the astigmatism correction, presumably due to the physics of the way the two lenses together interact, perhaps?. I feel like I could almost imagine how this might happen, but I’d love to see some kind of diagram or something to make it clear. otherwise, what you are hoping for seems like it would make sense. It would basically be the opposite of wearing reading glasses with your contacts. did you say that reading glasses did work with your contacts, or were you having the same problem I was, where I could no longer see near even with reading glasses together with my contacts? ETA: after looking for some kind of information that might explain this to me better, I think I probably misunderstood my eye doctor. I’ll have to ask him again when I go in next.
  9. Agreed. I’m currently in my trial period for my first pair of multifocal contacts. Like OP, I also have astigmatism. Mine is pretty bad. I had reached the point where my near vision was slipping badly, and while reading glasses helped initially, suddenly they weren’t working well enough. The doctor said that was because of the astigmatism. It sounds like toric lenses plus reading glasses is not a good combination. OP, are you wearing toric multifocals to correct the astigmatism as well? Like you, I think my distance vision may not be as sharp as it was with my old lenses, but I’m really liking that I can see both near and far, and these are working far better than the reading glasses were. My eye doctor said that he can tweak the prescription if it seems I need him to. He may increase the distance vision prescription a little to make it better. I’m going to try my old contacts again in a couple days, but at this point I’m pretty sure I’m going to decide that the slightly worse distance vision is worth it for the improved vision overall. I had reached a point my eyes were feeling sore by the end of the day from straining to focus even with my readers on.
  10. In addition to Mercy’s questions, I would ask how long they have been in their care and if they have been left alone at all during that time. If so, whether there are any signs of separation anxiety (if so, I would make it a no, given your current life circumstances). I also wouldn’t get too hung up on the dog needing to be young. We have adopted a couple older dogs, and they have had no problems learning new tricks or bonding. Our current dog was 8 when we got her, and she’s just the best. Never a single behavior problem with her. So, not saying you should seek one out if that’s not what feels like it makes the most sense, just not to rule it out if you see a dog that is great in every way but age.
  11. Having had to do college visits with a barely one-year old, I agree with this. There was occasionally another high school age sibling there, but I was very aware of how strange it was that we were there with a baby. It would very definitely not be a situation that was appropriate to have the whole family along for. Mostly I had to miss visits to stay home with baby while dh went, but when we reached the "this is the one" stage, it was important for me to be there, but that meant bringing the baby. The other siblings stayed home. Dh and I took turns being the one to go into sessions with dd while the other stayed out with the baby. We had to register for the things we went to, and it wouldn't have been okay saying we needed an extra several seats; that wasn't an option.
  12. The super strength ones are the only Gin Gin ones I’ve found that are that texture. They’re my favorite.
  13. I have the same word thing going on about two years or so now, and it is really bothering me. I’ve been chalking it up to hopefully being due to poor sleep (I have a two year old who has been a terrible sleeper, but she does finally sleep now, but I’m still doing it (but I wake a lot all night)). I also could have written most of the original post. I’ve been noticing concerning memory lapses in my mom for several years now, but everyone else in my family brushes it off. Besides being in her 70s, she is on medications that can increase the risk of dementia. Is your mom on any benzodiazepines or antidepressants by chance? Do you know her doctor? You can always call and leave a message about your concern in hopes he/she will do additional screening next time. They can’t tell you anything, but that doesn’t mean they can’t listen to what you have to share.
  14. I have this from time to time. I haven't figured out a correlation to anything.
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