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  1. I am so glad to read a positive update. I think about your daughter from time to time (particularly when I’m worried about something one of my daughters is doing on a horse, to be perfectly honest). Thank you for coming back with an update!
  2. Where did you find the apple pencils for half off?
  3. I cancelled auto shipment of hay when our guinea pig died, and they both credited me for the shipment I had just received (while telling me to donate it), and sent a handwritten sympathy card. Ive always had good experiences with 1-800-pet-meds as well. They don’t have the same personal touch Chewy does, though.
  4. My dd never took any AP English, just Blue Tent Honors English 1 and 2 (not that there’s any “just” about those classes). She did no prep, besides taking a single sample test from one of the prep books. She had a perfect score on the Lit test. I agree with the above that literary terms are important knowledge for the test. I recommend you just have him try a sample test cold, and if he does well, then go for it.
  5. Chooky— do I recall you posting awhile back about online friends for your dd? If that was you, I tried to pm you at the time because it sounded like your daughter shared a number of interests with one of mine. PM didn’t go through, though. Now that I’m seeing this post I’d love to see if they would have any interest in that, because my daughter is also learning Korean. PM me if you want to talk more.
  6. I hadn’t been on her website in awhile. Thanks for all the links!
  7. You might like the book “Move Your DNA” by Katy Bowman. She addresses these kind of questions.
  8. I agree with this, hard as it is to let a wonderful foster go. If you keep the Weimaraner, I can see you deciding down the line that you need another dog for your DS, I know you’ve said that three is your max, so that would be a problem. We have a golden who has been an emotional support for one of our kids, and you just can’t beat her. She is so happy to provide full body snuggles. I’m actually a mutt/mixed breed dog person in general, and have never sought a purebred anything, but this dog was a rescue, and after her, I’ll forever be partial to Goldens (but oh, the hair!!) I love Weimaraners too, but couldn’t provide as much as they need.
  9. While you wait, increase her water intake however you can. We feed only wet food and stir in a little more water for our cat prone to crystals. We took her to the emergency vet the first time, as she was incredibly uncomfortable and peeing blood. It cleared up with us pushing the fluids heavily—watered down turkey baby food (no onion or garlic powder variety), lots of water mixed in her cat food, which we divided into small amounts fed hourly (so she had constant water going through). She has had two recurrences due to letting her have dry food for one reason or another, and the same measures resolved it. That all said, I would take her in tomorrow, as it could be something else, and if it’s bad, she deserves pain medication.
  10. I ordered a nice one for my dd last year and I’m glad I did. It’s beautiful and she’s proud of it. For a kid who might wonder at a time like graduation if they’re missing out on something by not having a regular graduation ceremony like their schooled friends, it’s a small thing to add some pomp and circumstance to the occasion. We had a small graduation party and presented the diploma, and it was lovely and memorable and she has thanked me for doing that. For a kid who doesn’t care about that stuff? Yeah, probably not necessary.
  11. Have you tried l-theanine yet? It is helpful for my dd with ADHD. I’ve read that taking it along with caffeine amplifies the effect, but we haven’t experimented with that.
  12. What about an above the knee lightweight skort? That has become my summer go to, because I can get ones where the undershorts are much shorter than I would wear out by themselves, but then the skirt comes down lower, so I stay cooler but I’m still covered. My favorite one has been discontinued, so I’m on the hunt for a new one. This one has potential:
  13. Thanks for sharing. I have one dc who thinks I’m so ridiculous for warning her about these things—lots of eye rolling and indignant “I’m not stupid!” kind of stuff. But then this same dc recently gave her cell phone number to two people she met on forums so they could text unmoderated. And of course I’m still the paranoid, overprotective one.
  14. I agree vegan products or recipes will be your friend in this. We only have dairy allergy here, but my dairy allergic kid ends up eating a lot of vegan things, and that would cover the two most difficult of your dd’s allergies.
  15. Awww, she’s gorgeous! Your new user name made me smile 😊. Congratulations!
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