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  1. I’m still hoping to see a large, double blind placebo study so we can learn whether it actually helps or not. A problem is that, like with hydroxychloriquine, ivermectin has this fervent group of believers who want it to be widely used based on anecdotes alone. I’m seeing people saying it would be immoral to do a placebo controlled study because we already know it works. But we don’t, because of the lack of good studies. It’s also problematic when people latch onto something as a wonder drug to the point it becomes hard to take them seriously. Because, the truth is that it might really work, b
  2. My parents have a strong will to live, and it’s why they’ve been in lockdown since March. They want to get through this and continue living their lives. They don’t want to catch the virus and have their life come to an abrupt early end. They are so frustrated that people haven’t taken it more seriously and that we have done so badly managing it, because it just means that much longer they have to stay in their home. The whole thing sucks.
  3. I agree with this. I think she has some good info that can be a starting point, but I would balance it with some other sources. It seemed to me what she did worked for her kids in their situation, but wouldn’t necessarily work for all kids and situations. They got into college and got scholarships, but I don’t think any of those were particularly competitive, so if your kid is aiming for something competitive, it may not be good advice.
  4. I don’t know the best thread for this, but Canada is another country reporting no increase in suicides since the pandemic, and they may actually have decreased: (not to say a pandemic is a good way to decrease suicide rates, but these studies are reassuring that we aren’t seeing a double whammy of increased suicides on top of Covid deaths)
  5. My package that was missing for several weeks suddenly showed up. Super happy about that. I’m still waiting for an art box subscription gift mailed from the UK on Dec 11, though. No tracking.
  6. This was a lovely finale. The fireworks were spectacular.
  7. Like Lauraw, I’ve been seeing this increasingly in my part of the country. The loud part threw me off and I had to rewind because I wasn’t sure what she said, but I liked the Spanish part. We have some Spanish language learners in the house (including one who is quite fluent), which may impact that, but I think it’s a beautiful language sung and there are enough Spanish speaking citizens of this country that I think it’s a nice acknowledgment of them.
  8. I’m so sorry. Praying for your family.
  9. I listened to an interview with her on this topic over Summer. Really interesting! I think it’s different in this context. If a friend was frequently saying “people from my country...” it would seem strange to never ask what country that was.
  10. I saw something specifically about breastfeeding women yesterday. It was saying they shouldn’t be lumped in with pregnant women, and there should not be any issue during lactation. Such a small concentration would be in the milk, if any of the fragile mRNA made it in there at all, and even if it did, it wouldn’t survive the oral route and would be immediately destroyed by the baby’s stomach acid. I also saw something indicating one study just came out that suggests it may not transmit after vaccination. I’ll have to look that one up.
  11. Oh, I know it’s not literally (and almost clarified), but I’m shivering if I’m not multilayered with a heavy coat when it’s 39. I run really cold, though. I’m under a blanket now and it’s 68-70 in my house.
  12. We really enjoyed the ceremony here and keep checking in occasionally to see what is happening now. Such a hopeful day for this country, and seeing Harris get sworn in was emotional.
  13. I think MM6 would be a good choice for what you describe. There is lots of practice and I don’t think you’re likely to need to add to it. I’ve taken three kids through that level, and all emerged with a good understanding of decimals, though my math struggler didn’t retain it as long, but that’s true for everything with her. She did manage to learn it and do it correctly at the time, though.
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