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  1. Just to note on this, I think the reading speed part might be more of the issue than overall processing speed. I have a slow processor, which is why we initially planned on only the SAT for her, having read that the ACT was really tight on time. Fortunately, the summer before Senior year I read advice here that suggested for a student who is strong in language, the ACT is usually better. She did a practice, and it really was a big difference (33 vs 1240). She’s a fast reader though, despite having an overall low processing speed and being slooooow on the math section. So, I definitely recommend kids do a practice of both before deciding.
  2. I’ll let people with more experience say more, but the one thing I wanted to say is that I would not do the meeting halfway thing in this case. Meeting halfway means it really doesn’t matter what questions you ask, because the breeder could tell you anything. Only by going in person can you see what the parents are like and what the living conditions the puppies were raised in are like.
  3. Was your dd stronger in the language sections? That’s how my dd is, and that made for much stronger ACT scores.
  4. How old is yours, and do you have a long run from its location to your faucets?
  5. Right. That’s probably true. They’re not always the only or best way though, I don’t think. When my cat started having urinary issues, the emergency vet suggested that dry kibble urinary diet. Instead I strictly eliminated all dry food and added extra water to her wet food. That solves the problem. There might be other formulas for problems I am unfamiliar with that are the best way to help, but my only experience is with the urinary one.
  6. Profit isn’t the reason I don’t trust those particular pet food manufacturers, it’s the fact that they have been manufacturing and selling poor quality foods under the guise of them being better for the animals, when they’re usually using the ingredients they are for cost savings reasons, not for the animal’s benefit ( I’m looking at you, corn). It only makes it particularly egregious when they’re using such cheap materials and charging premium prices for them. I’m talking in terms of the prescription diets in this case.
  7. That’s where I am. I’m going to do a lot more research, but it’s hard to buy this coming from companies that make a lot of obviously species inappropriate diets that they sell through vets at enormous profit margins (“prescription” corn based cat foods??) Tufts veterinary nutrition center is funded by Nestle Purina just as many other vet schools are funded by one of the big four. There might be something here, but I’m not buying the answer is to stick with one of the diets made by the company funding the research, when they make so many questionable foods.
  8. How are they for multiple people needing to use the hot water at the same time. I’ve been researching for a while, and one concern I keep seeing is that the flow rate isn’t high enough to provide hot water for multiple locations at the same time. Like, it would be better at providing three hours of hot water continuously to one faucet than to allow two showers to be taken at the same time while the laundry is also running. Also, any maintenance issues? I saw a number of reports of them doing poorly with untreated hard water.
  9. I agree milk hasn’t been shown to increase mucus for those not allergic, but I don’t think op has any way to know if she is allergic at this point. One of my teens had this same issue and finally eliminated dairy and all her congestion went away. She can cheat if she does it very rarely, but any more than that and she’s back to feeling like she has a constant cold with nasal congestion. This same dd did test very mildly allergic to dairy as a toddler, but we’d assumed she’d outgrown it.
  10. @PeterPan I hope you didn’t think I was making any negative statement about PROMPT or asking you to defend it, I was just looking for your reasoning for deciding it was the best treatment. Your post was helpful for that. My use of the word “believer” was just for lack of a better word. I was grasping for the right one and couldn’t get it, and didn’t have time to grasp any longer 😊. @Lecka That’s a good point that I should find out what happens after 45 visits. I will do that. I’ll also be looking into who we might see after this and will consider getting an eval sooner if I feel like I need more information once this gets started more. @Hilltopmom You know, my paperwork did give the opportunity to not give my insurance info, but it was worded in a way that made it seem like that would be selfish/greedy because I would be taking funding from people who didn’t have coverage and really need it. I agree the parent coaching seems like it’s more helpful for people who aren’t already doing these things. I mean, she did give me some specific suggestions of sounds to Target, but I’m really already doing this stuff. Interestingly, in reading about different methods, I found yesterday that what I’ve instinctively been doing with her sounds just like the Kaufman Method. It has been helpful, but I do feel someone needs to start targeting the motor part even more directly, which is what I’m hoping for from a professional.
  11. @Hilltopmom Now that we’ve started, I can say yes, it is parent coaching model. We haven’t had her assigned therapist come yet, so I’ll wait for that to see what I think. My concern is that we have a limited number of visits per year on insurance (45, so that would get us through a year of once a week, but not more if she needs more), so I don’t want to burn those all up if this turns out to not be what she needs. It’s too early for me to make any decisions like that, though. @PeterPan I know you are a devoted PROMPT believer and it was very successful for your son, so I’m wondering if you can tell me what leads you to feel it’s the only effective therapy for CAS? I’ve been reading and researching a lot, and while I see PROMPT has some research showing it to be effective, I haven’t found anything to prove it is any more effective than some of the other techniques shown to be effective for CAS. I’m just curious if you can point me in the direction of what led you to your conclusion, or if it’s more of a proof is in the pudding thing because it worked well for your ds. I do remember years ago seeing video of him in a little chair with a tray doing his therapy, right?
  12. I’m sorry, I hope he goes to sleep and wakes up better. I can only imagine the worry for you.
  13. So, how would Facebook monetize this then? Wouldn’t they still be selling info to advertisers? I’m on my way to read the article, so maybe this is answered there.
  14. Thanks for this. I’ve just been looking over the topics he has left, and I was coming to the same conclusion. I feel like MM7 includes a lot of early algebra. I think the ratios, proportions and percents is the only topic in book B that I feel would be a must complete before algebra. The geometry isn’t crucial and the Pythagorean theorem while it would be nice if he has time to be introduced to it now, will be covered in algebra.
  15. Only for certain things. Not to chat back and forth. Text and email conversations feel pretty different to me. The text apps allow for instant real time communication. Sending pictures, etc. Telegram and Signal both work great for all that for us. And google is reading our emails anyway 😉.
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