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  1. This just made me have a disappointing realization. I had been thinking as long as next cycle was back to usual, we could discount the weirdness and not follow up with a doctor. But, the Moderna shot will be given exactly 28 days after the first one, meaning at the same point in the cycle, so it might cause the same effect the second time. So we’ll have to wait yet another month after that to see if things are back to normal.
  2. Maybe a mathematical symbol that isn't a number? That would both be "not a number" and would be a hat tip to your mathmatical leanings. Maybe something that's undefined?
  3. I read a story over the weekend that was pretty gutting to me, about a young adult with down syndrome who had been waiting for his chance to get the vaccine, but contracted Covid before that could happen, and he just passed away from it after being on a ventilator. He stayed home to try to stay protected, but his mom works as a greeter at Walmart. She contracted Covid at work, likely from a customer or possibly co-worker, and her son caught it from her. How absolutely gut wrenching. This, to me, is a perfect(ly awful) example of why even people who aren't worried about Covid for themselves sho
  4. Still pretty tough here. If you can drive a couple hours, there are parts of the state where it's really easy. Supply way outstrips demand in my part of the state, though. I did a lot of constant reloading of vaccine search sites and staying up in the middle of the night to get appointments for my family, and feel super fortunate that I was able to do so. I have one family member with an unmovable conflict for her second dose, and I'm trying to find another location for her to have that now, and so far haven't found it. I know I should be able to find one by driving a couple hours, if necessar
  5. I agree. I probably shouldn’t have contributed to that part of the conversation by taking the bait.
  6. His lawyer says he yelled multiple times, “Stay back!” and “Don’t come in here!” People on her side of the door were yelling “gun” It was very loud and chaotic in there and I don’t think a verbal warning would be very effective anyway, nor necessary under the circumstances, for the reasons HeartString says. She was breaking in through a heavily barricaded, guarded entrance. I hate that she was shot and wish there had been another way to stop her. I’m uncomfortable with it, but they absolutely couldn’t let that violent mob of people into the chambers where lawmakers were. She (and everyone els
  7. It appears to me that Texas varies widely by county, with some doing okay and some doing poorly. The overall state positivity rate appears to be on a fairly steep upward trajectory ever since the beginning of April, and is currently just below 10%. But again, that’s an average with some places better and some places worse.
  8. That must be a localized problem, as the overall statistics have been very good for people getting their second shot. I’ve seen one study that said 96% of people had returned for their second shot, and another which said 3% had not (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-cdc-idUSKBN2B72D1) I’m thinking more convenient locations opening is very likely. Vaccines are hard to find here, and I know a fair number of people who drove hours to get their first one at a mass vaccination site. They may be able to get somewhere closer for their second.
  9. Seems very inexpensive for that area to me, but I don’t live there, am just familiar via family.
  10. Move it to parts of California and it would be worth twice that, even without the granite! (For example: https://www.redfin.com/CA/Campbell/105-Kennedy-Ave-95008/home/824742) It’s crazy how much housing prices vary around the country.
  11. 😒 That’s not going to keep much contained. I understand the need for transport to still happen, but I don’t know how to make it not such a risk. With will, it could be done, but there is no will.
  12. What’s the border situation between Michigan and Ontario right now? It doesn’t seem like I’ve been hearing much about the relationship between these two bad outbreaks in Ontario and Michigan, but their geographic relationship makes me wonder if both are sharing a more transmissible variant. Which makes me wonder whether Washington state will also start seeing spill over from what’s happening in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver has been having a big P1 (Brazil) outbreak. Seems like the situation in Washington could change rapidly if that crosses the border. And I’m not sure why it wouldn’t.
  13. I’ve been taking 25 mg of iron biglycinate chelate daily. I can’t remember what my numbers were when I started, perhaps I’m just not taking enough. I’ll be fully vaccinated in a few weeks and will go back for bloodwork at that point.
  14. I’m so sorry. This shouldn’t still be happening like this 😞.
  15. I agree with everyone else that this sounds like a reasonable way to do things, with my only concern being if you mean you wouldn’t be home while your ds was responsible for dd. I wouldn’t feel very comfortable if a situation arose and he needed to interact with her directly. I can’t remember exactly her diagnoses, but if she’s on the spectrum or has intellectual disabilities, those are also a Covid risk factor, so I would feel concerned about the double risk factors. I’m not sure what your other options are, but since the original plan was for him to not be at your house at all, it seems like
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