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  1. I’d really like to find a cloth mask pattern that is similar to a style of n95 we have that fits really well. This one looks pretty close to it: https://www.etsy.com/listing/823736994/ Has anyone seen a sewing pattern for one like this? It should have separate nose and chin pieces.
  2. I wonder how strictly they are actually meaning that. It’s hard to imagine you couldn’t walk a ways away from the playground, have some water and then return to the playground again. Are masks required anytime you’re outside your home, or only in public areas where you are not able to maintain social distance? I thought most places were doing the latter.
  3. The cleaning part is not likely as important as just looking for any urgent issues. Could you just get X-rays and a quick visual exam to look for any problems? That would have you in and out quicker. Unless you have a particular issue with heavy tartar buildup or something that requires professional cleaning to fix.
  4. I would be interested in learning more about the circumstances of these. We are only seeing people outside, and are masked and distancing even then, but I would love for us to have more information about the actual risk outside.I wonder how many of those outdoor events also had people using shared bathrooms or being in physical contact. I’d really hate to find out that being outside and maintaining distance is still high risk. So far, data really doesn’t seem to indicate that, though. I’ve seen the opposite reported and I certainly have not seen masking people being the less careful o
  5. This happened to me when my dd broke a bone. The weirdest thing. Mine got worse over two appointments and then generalized to some other situations before I realized it was a panic attack type response. I think the first time was a Vaso-vagal reaction and then I had anxiety about it happening at the next appointment which caused it to happen again, and it got worse from there. It took me about a week to realize what was happening was a panic response (because I’m not someone I would have thought would be susceptible to that 🙄) and then I listened to Claire Weeks’ Pass Over Panic audios and I w
  6. So what would be the reason for flu numbers to go up here when they went down during Covid quite dramatically in the southern hemisphere? Also, having looked up the group who put out that statement, Physicians for Informed Consent, it’s not a reputable group that I would trust.
  7. Ugh. I could only skim the medium piece, because I have too many immediate life crises right now to start also worrying about actually, literal war. The Atlantic piece was helpful to me, though. I do wonder if those scenarios would change if they ran them now, particularly post RBG. I’m sure this will sound odd, but the Atlantic piece was actually somewhat reassuring to me, because while clearly all of those are bad scenarios, they’re within the realm of what seems tolerable to me right now. Everyone buying guns and taking up arms, not so much.
  8. That’s not the only reason why its effectiveness varies. Even when it’s well matched, it’s between 40 to 60% effective in preventing hospitalization. There’s also the issue that those most at risk – – particularly the elderly – – do not respond as well to flu vaccines, even when they are well matched. That means as many people as possible being vaccinated reduces the risk to those who are not going to be as well protected by the vaccine itself. I say all that in response to your original statement the people who are worried about the flu can protect themself by getting the flu vaccine. I also
  9. Seems to me that it would be a dictatorship at that point. I can’t see a way it wouldn’t be. Which I think by extension would make this a failed state. I don’t know what Hungary is considered.
  10. I think whether it’s a coup or not is somewhat of a semantics issue. The loser refusing to transition power would clearly be a massive breach of the constitution—arguably akin to just tearing the constitution in pieces. A sitting president threatening lawsuits and Supreme Court and not conceding and all of that before the election has even happened is not what democracy is about. That is a very different situation in my mind to what happened in Bush/Gore, where it ended up with the courts involved, but it’s not like that was the original plan before the election even happened. (Hopefully that
  11. No one outside our household is allowed in our home right now, so that seems very normal to me right now. Probably even much more so with a brand new baby. If the weather is decent though I would wonder whether a brief outdoor visit with masks and maintaining distance would be an option, though.
  12. It may rarely happen administratively, but if it did happen that way, would we be okay with it? Would it be constitutional for a leader to stay in power despite losing the electoral college? Would it be helpful or harmful to maintaining our republic for him or her to do so? I agree this discussion has to take place with the understanding that winning the electoral college is the current definition of winning the election. If we want to change that part of the system, that has to happen separately, at a later time. I think awarding votes proportionally would certainly make more sense un
  13. Unfortunately, flu vaccine is not as effective as many others, so having a high rate of vaccination will help a lot to reduce transmission rates and number of cases. If the vaccine were 95% effective like some more effective vaccines, then your way would work. I’m not sure what you mean here. CA doesn’t want to open venues with large numbers of people until case numbers and transmission rates are down low enough to not risk a new big surge. It’s possible that will not happen until a vaccine. I expect CA would be ecstatic if community transmission stopped and they could open amusement
  14. Well, unless you have likely reason to think you have problems with your teeth, the cleaning itself is not something that’s likely to make a big difference to your long term oral health. It would be more about whether they would find a problem during your exam it needs to be fixed. There are tons of studies out there showing that there’s no magic to the every six-month recommendation, and most people can do yearly with no change in oral health. Exceptions for people with dental issues, which might be you since you’re having an implant.
  15. This link might help you: https://advanceddentalofnewwindsor.com/blog/long-dental-implant-healing-crown-placement/ it seems like the bigger problem is not leaving enough time before having the final crown placed, not waiting too long. Since you already have the post placed, that’s the important part. (and I would find it really strange and insulting if my family members didn’t want me to visit them just because I was missing a tooth 🤷‍♀️)
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