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  1. No, I thought it was really interesting! I have read a few things that were enough to make me pretty uncomfortable about it, but you raise a lot more, and I think it’s good for people to at least pause and consider the possible repercussions.
  2. I totally agree with your whole post. It’s why I refuse to do 23andme even though it might yield some interesting health things. But like you said, that doesn’t really matter once enough of my relatives do it.
  3. This is how it is with my 8th grader as well. He has a checklist of subjects and he just works in each one. He likes to work independently and just ask for help as needed. He is taking a couple outsourced classes this year and is getting good practice in those with planning out the work himself for what needs to be done each day to have it all done by the next meeting time.
  4. They are like this one: (eta: I linked a random one on Amazon, and read the reviews afterward, and the one I linked was awful 😂. I’ll come back with a better link ) We’ve owned two different brands in our 20 years of marriage, and I don’t recall our current brand. They remove the lid by cutting through the glue sealed that glues the lid onto the top, rather than cutting through the top of the lid. They don’t get all gross from dipping down into the food, and they don’t leave sharp edges to cut you. I honestly don’t know why they still make the other kind. I would say they are a lot easier on your hands than the other kind, but obviously not as easy as an electric. Surely someone must make an electric safety CanOpener?
  5. A safety can type can opener? I’m always surprised when we go to other people’s houses that most people still have the old kind that cuts through the lid.
  6. This is what I did when my second dd had testing done at 9. Especially with your dd returning to homeschool, it would make perfect sense to tell her the above, and it’s true. The fact that there’s the potential that you will get labels that go along with those strengths and weaknesses is also true, but it doesn’t make the above less true.
  7. I was wondering this as well. Besides that, I wanted to say that if math has been going well until now, and she’s mostly doing it right except for making small errors and sign errors and such, that’s super typical for a kid in algebra one. I think even more so when they are young for algebra. My daughter did the same when she was in it, and her online teacher assured me that was par for the course, and it usually worked itself out by the time they hit algebra two. She was right. My 13-year-old is in algebra one now, and I’m seeing the same thing with the little errors causing him to get things wrong.
  8. My last two babies I switched to buying cheap ribbed tanks from Old Navy and cutting a slit in each side. Midriff stays covered and warm, and I can wear whatever bra I like with it.
  9. Oh, that’s hard! I have a late diagnosed older kid as well. In hindsight, I can see that ninth grade was when the ADHD was more than catch her high IQ could balance out, but she didn’t actually get diagnosed until spring of her senior year. And hers was super obvious on the testing that they did. It literally never would’ve struck me as even a possibility with her before high school, but I think that’s due to the way we homeschooled and her natural strengths. with my second daughter, also highly gifted, but very uninterested in academics, the psychiatric nurse did go ahead and prescribe a trial of ADHD meds for her at 16, based on her sister’s history and her own history. It didn’t seem to make any difference for her, and we stopped them after a month or so. Now I have a nine-year-old who is the first one of my kids who I think is starting to actually seem to have some pretty clear ADHD issues this young, and has probably since we started schooling. this is my kid I just can’t keep on task with me. She leaves and starts doing something else or she has a meltdown or she goes to take a nap. This one I’m going to need to do some testing with, and soon. Even with all I’m seeing with her though, I don’t think I would feel comfortable with her so young to do a trial of meds without doing testing first. Because it might be at something entirely different. But your daughter sounds more like my oldest to me, though. If you have a way to do an eval without it breaking the bank, that sounds like a good plan to me.
  10. kand

    Thyroid people

    0.075 synthyroid eta: actually, I just realized it’s Levothyroxine. Not sure if that makes a difference in dosages.
  11. kand

    Thyroid people

    We’re already addressing the anxiety separately. But that doctor wanted to know what’s going on with her thyroid also, based on the timing of the spike. She had been doing better and better, and then started on thyroid medication about six weeks later and got much worse. She also had her cycles get really messed up and miserable at that same time, and we ended up switching oral contraceptives to get that sorted out, which did work.
  12. kand

    Thyroid people

    Hmmm. She did take her synthyroid ~2 hours before the test. Perhaps it is just that.
  13. kand

    Thyroid people

    We got results already (way faster than the dr would have gotten them to us!) All is in range except t4 is out of wack. T3 uptake—27 T4, total—17.8 (high) Free T4index (t7)—4.8 (high) TSH—1.08 Now I need to go figure out what this means. And find her a different doctor. Her dr would have only run TSH, and declared everything perfect. On the blood draw, I went about it very differently this time. I asked all around in the weeks leading up to get recommendations for who is good, and then told them when we went back that she had significant anxiety about it, and the person was great. She was actually training someone else that day, and I assured my daughter before we went back that I would not let the person in training be the one to do it. They didn’t even suggest it, once they saw her, though. Not to mention the whole reason I scrambled to find a way to order the labs myself on short notice was because she had gotten herself mentally prepared that she was going to go and do it but that at least it was going to be done before she went to school that day, and darned if I was going to tell her never mind, we weren’t doing it after all. If any of you have a kid who’s anxious about this stuff this way, you’ll know what I mean.
  14. kand

    Thyroid people

    Following up because my dd went for three month follow up blood work today. She’s been on synthroid since July, and I have some suspicion she’s overmedicated. She lost weight (was already thin) and her anxiety has gotten worse, not better. This new doctor she saw has actually been a nightmare, because she’s impossible to get a hold of. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s too long a story to go into details, but the short of it is that she didn’t have the lab orders waiting for us to pick up like we were told they would be today, and she was unreachable, so I got online and found a place I could order them from and had them faxed to the lab we were on our way to. We had a short amount of time to do this before dd needed to get to her first class, so I didn’t have time to research. I know her doctor would have only ordered the TSH, but I figured since I was the one placing the order, I would try to get more useful labs like I wished she had run in the first place. Like I said though, I had to choose very quickly. The panel I chose ran the following things: T3 Uptake; T4 (Thyroxine), Total; Free T4 Index (T7)] and TSH. I know that’s not everything that could’ve been checked, I’m realizing now antibodies would’ve been good, but I hadn’t looked at this thread since July. Should those numbers be pretty helpful for us, at least? We are going to have to find a new doctor for her though, because this has been ridiculous. At least she noticed the thyroid, though.
  15. If she’s knitting for babies in the hospital, a lot of hospitals have pages saying what yarns are and aren’t okay. This page has suggested yarns you can find at regular craft stores:
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