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  1. Well, the possibilities are nearly endless for me this week. I must finish re-reading The Chosen in order to be able to discuss it with dd14. I have three books out from the library that I still really want to get to: The Forgotten Garden by Morton, Shout by Halse Anderson, and No Pretty Pictures by Lobel. I’m also still reading Penderwicks in Spring aloud to my boys and A Long Obedience in the Same Direction for my own devotional read. I’d like to pick up the Ellis Peters challenge as I’ve always been interested to give her a try (& have attempted to read Brother Cadfael once.) This week I blogged my thoughts about News of the World and The Namesake. @NeginThat Humans of NY book sounds delightful and poignant. Thanks for sharing! April is National Poetry Month! I love it for that reason alone! 🎉🎉
  2. So far today: ✅church ✅lunch ✅nap I can only be MORE productive from here, right? 😝
  3. Church all the other stuff I didn’t get to yesterday, plus the stuff I forgot 😵
  4. Given your list of pros and cons, I’d be inclined to stay where I am with the promise of perhaps changing to another school in the system. Being on the same schedule as my son would probably be the deciding factor for me. That, and the National Board camaraderie. I don’t think applying and seeing what comes of it, as your dh has suggested, is a bad idea. Knowing myself, through, I’d feel pressure to go ahead with a change if one were to present itself.
  5. Leif Enger is one of my favorite authors! My favorite of his books is Peace Like a River. I read Virgil Wander when it came out last year and really enjoyed it, too. I just wish he’d write faster. 😝
  6. Quiche out and cooling. Rice for week (& probably some for freezer) in instant pot. Will also do half dozen eggs in instant pot for lunches this week. Dh and dd14 finished the dishes so now I’m lying down to read a bit in dd14’s school novel. I hope I don’t fall asleep. 😅😴
  7. My girls eat boiled eggs almost every day (as either deviled eggs or in salads). I’m going to put a half dozen or so in the instant pot after the rice finishes and see if they eat them. I also just finished baking a ham and veggie crustless quiche. I’m tired but feel quite accomplished!
  8. I would THINK so, especially kept in a fridge that isn’t opened and closed a lot.
  9. Yes to all of this! My biggest hurdle is actually remembering to use the stuff in the freezer!
  10. I like the banana oatmeal, too, as well as the peaches and cream. The peach oatmeal, though, is quite dessert-like. The orange cranberry is the family favorite for sure.
  11. Hi, @Myra! I use this recipe, using old fashioned rolled oats instead of quick oats, unsweetened almond milk in the place of milk, coconut oil in the place of butter, and I do add in 1/2 c of chocolate chips: ETA: Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures is my go-to source for all things baked oatmeal
  12. I grew up (in AL, fwiw) hearing KILL-o-meters but now mostly say ) kil-AH-mitters. I’m still in AL, so I don’t really know what changed.
  13. Birkenstocks are my second favorite. I had Chacos but found them to be a bit too much for my arches.
  14. We have painted brick. We’ve lived here since summer 2015, and we’ve noticed no issues. Our house is large and though the paint color is not what I would’ve chosen, the house was built in 1963 or so, and the original brick color (which we still have on the hearth in the basement) wouldn’t have been what I would choose, either. The brick looks very dated in 2019. (Think dark, very variegated.). It would be overwhelming on such a large house, so for me, painted is better. Again, we have noticed no maintenance issues 4 years into living here, either. The only times it has even occurred to me to think I about repainting it is when I see a paint color I prefer. Lol. We obviously do live in an older neighborhood, and quite a number of houses around us are painted brick.
  15. Finished: 76 meatballs are now in bags in our upright freezer ✅ I’ve listened to 3-4 more podcasts 🤓 Next up: finishing the beans with the immersion blender, letting them cool, and bagging some up for the feeezer Right now I’m sitting on the front porch where the temperature and breeze are both very pleasant, taking a break.
  16. I’ve never gone wrong with Tevas ETA: I’ve had a pair similar to this: and one similar to this: and liked them both equally well.
  17. I’m in the middle of a kitchen prep day, and while I take a break, I thought I’d share what I’m prepping and then ask for ideas. I’m prepping ✅roasted sweet potato slices (baked to eat this week) ✅baked cranberry orange oatmeal with chocolate chips (in muffin tin) (baked to eat this week) ✅”refried” Beans in instant pot (some to eat this week; some for freezer) ✅meatballs for freezer ✅sheet pan chicken fajitas prepped to be cooked for Sunday dinner and then leftovers for burrito bowls on Monday What do you prep in advance to make your week go better?
  18. Taking a break from kitchen stuff so I’ll update: ✅roasted sweet potatoes ✅baked cranberry-orange oatmeal (in muffin tin & with chocolate chips) ✅pintos currently in instant pot for “refried” beans ✅switched laundry ✅two podcasts
  19. Finished Farewell to Manzanar. SO good! How had I never read it before?
  20. All of my kids went with dh over to dmil’s house where he has his tools, etc., to change the brakes on our van. I sat with coffee number two and did a bit of reading/thinking/praying, which has helped with the inevitable Saturday overwhelm. Now I need to decide how best to spend the quiet: cooking with audiobook or podcast or working on school stuff? 🤔 Also done: one load of laundry half way (need to switch). ✅
  21. Thanks for sharing! I’m intrigued by (and a little intimidated by) the Circe crowd.
  22. I’d like to hear more about the Angelina Stanford talk. I’ve been out of the Circe circle (😝) but recently listened to a Close Reads podcast and enjoyed it.
  23. Move to AL! We’re in almost 4000 sq ft here (full, finished basement), and our house was WELL under 200K. 😝
  24. All that stuff I haven’t done all week because dh has been off and I’ve been discombobulated? Yep. On the agenda for today. 😑 So: walk✅ coffee/reading/praying ✅ grocey pickup/return library books/drop dh to pick up van✅ kitchen day: make meatballs for freezer; oven chicken fajitas prepped; rice in instant pot; baked oatmeal (in progress) prep school stuff: MUST GRADE SPANISH; look at what dd13 has left to accomplish in history; prep boys’ math; formulate plan for ds8’s writing; look at dd14’s literature catch up on reading dd14’s and dd13’s school novels (finished dd13’s novel✅) co op prep: two more weeks to sketch out! CC class: come up with poetry journal assignment visit parents? think about ds5’s birthday on Tuesday and look for bicycle order boys’ comforters online collapse
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