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  1. Update: still no iPad! I’m going to put dh on the case today
  2. Up way too early ✅ coffee (on to cup 2)✅ plan 3 co op classes (2 down, 1 to go)✅ finish gathering sale stuff (will I have time?)✅ shower/wash hair ✅ kids up and moving ✅ pack my lunch/check on snacks ✅ don’t forget cupcakes!✅ oversee loading van (it’s overstuffed already!)✅ co op ✅ one child has appt ✅ dd13 to play practice ✅ library run (forgot the books!) kill time (went to Target to buy birthday gifts)✅ parent mtg about play ✅ birthday supper for ds6! (My baby is six today! 😭)✅ home to unload ✅ prep CC class crash
  3. I’ve enjoyed Kate Morton’s novels. The Clockmaker’s Daughter is very good and might fit the bill for a historical novel. It also has a supernatural element.
  4. What a great update! Ditto what everyone else has said about sitting with your class!
  5. Congratulations! This is wonderful news and so inspiring!
  6. I got more done today than I usually do, but I still have to get up super early in the morning to prep my co op classes.
  7. Worth noting: I actually sent the email I needed to send! Woo hoo!
  8. I GRADED DD14’s Spanish tests and came to an understanding (somewhat) of how to move forward! 🎉 I have also worked one-on-one with each of my children on SOMETHING. This is a red-letter day! Now to try to check something else off the list before I head in to work.
  9. I’m rejoining this thread because life has been super crazy this year and I’m dropping balls left and right. My challenges (or maybe I should say *some* of my challenges 😝): ☑️I’ve taught this year at the local CC. I teach freshman composition, and the grading for it has been substantial, especially last semester. This semester is much better, but I still have the mental load of the class I’m teaching. ☑️Dd14 started out the year at the public school, attending brick and mortar school for the first time ever. She had a great first semester, but she ended up coming home early in the second semester due to severe anxiety. This was not something I anticipated happening, and I have had to scramble a bit to finish up her ninth grade credits. She had four credits from the first semester so she’s working on geometry, English, and Spanish at home. ☑️I teach three co op classes (yes, I am crazy, why do you ask?) and they consume a lot of my energy and time, especially at the beginning of the week as I prepare. ☑️Dd13 is in a play at a Christian school, which means a good bit of to-ing and fro-ing for rehearsals, etc. This is in addition to soccer for ds8 twice a week and horseback lessons biweekly for dd13. Anyway, all this has made this year rather difficult for me to get a handle on. Today has been a semi-decent day in which I feel like I have at least had some interaction with each child. Here’s what we’ve accomplished: ds5: RS A lesson, AAR 1 lesson (partial), handwriting, read aloud ds8: RS C lesson, AAS 2 lesson (complete—trying to finish this quickly as it’s mostly review), read aloud (me to both boys; he to me), handwriting dd13: she does most of her work independently, and she’s the one I’ve dropped the ball the most with. Today I did start a read aloud with her for her history and discuss some of that with her. She does math online but everything else is at home. (Well, she and her sister both so No Red Ink for grammar review.) dd14: still on the learning curve with this one being back home. Today we went over some of her Spanish that I’m having her correct. She has a couple of online classes (math and writing) and I’m handling the lit part of her English, too. So—today has been a win because the girls and I watched CNN10 together, I read some poetry at lunch time (April is National Poetry Month!) and told all of them to pick a poem to memorize, AND I actually worked individually with each child today. 🎉 I didn’t mean to write a book—LOL. I just have felt very much like a failure lately and today felt like a tiny success.
  10. I don’t think so. 🤔. It’s an ancient one. Also, it’s more than likely run down. 😑
  11. Also done: ✅two loads of laundry in process (dd14 is responsible for one) ✅dishwasher unloaded (kids) and refilled (everyone) and started (me) In other news, dd13 got six chicks on Saturday. One of them was dead this morning when she checked on them. She said she thought it was sickly and might’ve needed quarantining. 😬. I hope it wasn’t actually sick.
  12. I’ve looked in all the usual places, so now I’m going for either completely buried or in someplace unusual.
  13. The one place I haven’t looked! 😂
  14. my iPad is? None of my children knows where it is (despite the fact that they’re REALLY supposed to leave it alone so it’s charged for school), so I thought I’d ask here. 😖🤪😝
  15. Check out Teaching the Classics by Adam Andrews (applies to all books—LOL—not just classics). Rooted in Language is also a FANTASTIC resource and maybe more along the lines you’re looking for since it sounds like you want a little less structured. Bravewriter Boomerangs also might be a good resource. I’ve taught lit analysis (“disguised” as book club class) for the last several years using these resources with great success.
  16. What will you do to celebrate? I am planning to put up a “poet tree” later this week. I’ll also take out my poem-a-day book and share a poem at lunch each day we’re home. I’ll aim for a poetry tea time each week. Last, I’m going to have each of my children pick a poem to memorize this month. Here are some links: National Poetry Month at Poetry Tea Time Index post to poetry books I’ve reviewed over the years on my blog (shameless plug)
  17. I know exactly what you’re talking about but have no idea what’s possible on IG. Maybe someone with more social media know-how will chime in!
  18. Of all the social media channels, IG is the biggest Pandora’s box for me. I wouldn’t say my experience there has been negative, just a time drain. I have no idea about “bare bonesing” it. Sorry!
  19. As the parent of children with significant mental health challenges, I have to say that your need to get away and decompress cannot be overestimated. Is there ANYONE who can be your child’s emotional support while you’re away? Does he have a regular therapist who might help prepare him for your absence and offer support?
  20. ✅Coffee/read (✅ also fit in a bit of blog work!) finish school prep look at CC stuff✅ call about Spanish questions (✅ left msg; let’s see if they call me back) send email about author visit (✅ sent preliminary email to the one I had in mind here 😝--actually sent the REAL email, not just the preliminary one!) boys’ school ✅ lunch✅ girls’ check in/review ✅ get cash to pay for dd14’s formal (✅ dh said he would handle this) ds8 to soccer (meet dh?) (✅dh will come home to pick up since dd13 doesn’t have play practice) CC class ✅ make cupcakes for ds5 to take to co op tomorrow for his birthday ✅ Co op prep Finish gathering sale materials ✅
  21. The whole family went on a walk to an old community school building about a mile or two from our neighborhood. The property is still maintained (one building is used as a preschool) and it has old playground equipment like I played on when I was a kid: really tall swings, a metal slide, huge tractor tires sunk into the ground for climbing, a seesaw, etc. The boys loved it and the girls endured it. 🙄😝 I came home and took my coffee to the porch for a bit of reading but it’s quite breezy and cool, so I had to come in. I did manage to read a couple of chapters in dd14’s school novel. Now on to more planning!
  22. War Eagle isn’t something I hear very often. Lol. My family is full of Alabama fans! 😝
  23. @KareniThanks for sharing the Laurie Halse Anderson interview! I enjoyed reading that. She’s a favorite of mine.
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