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  1. I’m feeling quite accomplished today EXCEPT the boys are outside, muddy, on the wet trampoline. And my floor needs to be mopped desperately.
  2. Thanks for the burrito bowl recipe! It’s in the crockpot now! ✅😊
  3. Morning, all! coffee, etc✅ figure out exactly who’s in my creative writing class and send email to parents with coffee shop menu for orders for last day poetry slam/“teatime”✅ School prep discuss soccer practice with dh before he leaves for work (except it’s raining buckets at the moment, so maybe it’ll be too wet again)✅ co op prep (time permitting—would be nice!) laundry (in process—load in dryer; dry flat clothes spread all over the bed) call about color copies✅ return Spanish curriculum call (didn’t know I had a voicemail from them until dh saw it on my phone last night🙄) think about supper✅ (In crockpot) boy wrangling (forever) go over dd13’s math test with her set dd14 up with her Spanish test ✅ school with boys✅ lunch✅ finish with boys if necessary girls’ one-on-one✅ (Interrupted by a phone call) dd13 to play practice✅ make copies ✅ Cc class✅ grocert store for co op stuff ✅ prep co op
  4. So, 3+ hours later, I’m home to do all the stuff I didn’t do yesterday.
  5. I also wanted to say to @Lori D.from last week’s thread that I listened to News of the World by Jiles a few weeks ago and LOVED it.
  6. Hi, all. We just made an unplanned trip to the library and I checked out 5-6 books, all of which (except one) are books about . . .books. The only problem with this is that I’ve barely read anything this week. I’ve made some progress in The Chosen by Potok and also The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland by Defede. I’m still reading The Penderwicks in Spring by Birdsall aloud to my boys and The Year of Impossoble Goodbyes by aloud to my 13 year old daughter. Some weeks are just like this, I guess. I didn’t even listen to any audiobooks this week, opting instead to listen to podcasts.
  7. I read Maid a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. I’m working on my review for my blog. Thanks for sharing the interview!
  8. I decided to stay in town with the kids instead of going home. We’re doing a little more shopping and making a library run.
  9. I crashed last night. So tired! today: up and at ‘em: shower, wash hair, coffee, read, dry hair (ugh)✅ church—help with 4&5 class today ✅ eat out at our favorite pizza joint ✅ home with kids while dh has church mtg allllll the stuff I didn’t finish/do yesterday
  10. I just realized there WAS a reason I needed to go to Walmart, but now I have to go home first in order to refrigerate the groceries I bought at Sam’s. 🤪
  11. I bought myself a dress for $20.00 ish at Kohl’s using Kohl’s Cash for the balance of the cost.
  12. So far I’m not feeling too accomplished. I need to run by another coffee shop on my way home to see if I can negotiate a deal for fancy coffees for my co op creative writing class on Tuesday for our poetry teatime (coffee?)/ open mic for writing event. But first: shopping! 😅
  13. In my state, teachers are paid once a month. My dh and I have always worked in education, so it is the norm for us. However, I remember what a shock it was for me to quit my part time job (at which I was paid every other week) for my first full time teaching job. We hired in in August but didn’t get paid until September! 😅 It was quite a shock, in addition to being something of a hardship since I had lots of expenses associated with setting up my first classroom and buying my first teaching wardrobe, etc.
  14. Oh, my! That’s hilarious, like you said, IF it happened on tv and not IRL.
  15. Went by Office Depot to do my business there and the price for color copies was 28 cents more per copy than advertised on their site. 😖. I’ll have to push that task off until Monday when some other print shops open.
  16. ✅Busy day here! off to coffee shop (probably Starbucks but thought about trying out a local place) to work on CC class (research papers to grade; poetry lecture to prepare) ✅ I never get as much done as I think I will. All I accomplished is thinking through and writing my grading rubric. trip to Office Depot to copy my co-op students’ poems to compile poetry books for them (✅must print title page first!) ✅ I tried. 😖 Kohl’s to look for top for me? (Kohl’s Cash burning a hole in my pocket—lol)✅ Ended up with a Chaps knit A-line dress—fitted at the waist and then a full skirt. I didn’t love it on the hanger but when I put it on I immediately knew it was “the one.” Lol. I like wearing dresses in the spring and summer, and I’ve gained some weight (ugh!), so I need a few things for warmer weather. Sam’s to buy meat and stuff for birthday party ✅ home to get stuff together for party and wash hair, time permitting 6 yo’s family birthday party hosted at my parents’ house because my mom is still house-bound home to do whatever else I didn’t get done and/or collapse
  17. THIS is why I love Kohl’s! Sure, it’s not really free, but I find their sale prices as good as or better than most of my other local options.
  18. Frugalish win: used Kohl’s Cash for both dds strapless bras which they’ve been wanting/needing for a while. Dd14 is going to our homeschool co op formal and needed one for her dress (just sleeveless but with a weird cut that shows more shoulder) and dd13 has wanted/needed one for a while for a few “cold shoulder” type tops I still have a bit of Kohl’s cash left 🎉
  19. Decided to go to Publix for some sale items instead of orderinf online from Walmart
  20. I have an unexpected hour + free due to cancelled soccer practice. Maybe I’ll get it all done, after all.😝
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