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  1. I’m knee deep in research papers so dh is going to pick up dd13 so I can finish this.
  2. I’ll play. Nailing it down this early in the game is probably pointless. Nevertheless. . Lit/language: Lit Analysis at co op (I’m teaching) with WttW + ? Math: Algebra II with DO Science: chemistry (honors or non honors?) with Clover Valley self-grading History: ancient history (?) Electives: health at co op (LifePacs); world religions (co op); robotics (co op); physical Ed at home somehow
  3. Thanks, @Lori D., for your thoughtful reply (as always!) Yes, what you've listed is correct, though I wouldn't say that her experience in the PS class was wonderful in terms of learning due to some severe anxiety spikes (which led to her coming back home again). As we are unexpectedly homeschooling again to finish up this credit, I do not have a lot of time to prep, etc., due to prior commitments made when she was in PS. What this means is that I need something that's student-directed and provides a good bit of guidance due to my inability to actually do a lot of the teaching. She will be home again for tenth grade next year and will be enrolled in a lit class that I'll be teaching. We'll be using Windows to the World and diving deep into lit analysis writing. Knowing that we're doing that is somewhat tempering my decision-making on how to finish this year decently. I would LOVE for her to finish the BW sequence, but unfortunately, it's really not in the budget. The dynamic thinking class is a great one for (obviously) deepening the thinking process for the student, and I hope that what she has experienced and learned in this class will carry over to her writing in all areas. One thing I've considered is the Great Christian Writers study from 7 Sisters. We used their Christmas Carol guide a year or two ago and I thought it was well done. I feel more than a little bit behind the eight ball here because I do not have a comprehensive high school plan. I really thought we were good for the next four years with her enrolled in PS, but it's just not working out that way for the foreseeable future. She also has a younger sister who will be counting high school credits next year and I plan to lump them together, so that's also in the back of my mind. Eeek. I'm having a minor freak-out.
  4. My dd13 is taking it. First time for her, too. I'm less anxious this time since my dd14 took it a few years ago. @Kalypso I hope both our children have calmness and clarity of mind!
  5. Busy Saturday here, too. Up and shower✅ Pork roasts in crockpot for pulled pork✅ DH handled the beginning of the laundry (woo-hoo! This is one reason I love Saturdays! Adult help! LOL) ✅ DD13 to CC for ACT (I saw 4-5 students turned away due to lack of ID. This kind of blows my mind. Why wouldn't you read the instructions for something you paid for?)✅ Camp out at Chick Fil A to grade for CC class✅ Pick up DD 13✅ (dh did) Pick up the bread I forgot to buy last night at the grocery store Home for more housework and cooking (will figure out what needs to be done once I see what was accomplished in my absence)✅ Think through and plan DD14's English for the remainder of the year/credit✅; general homeschool planning Send SAT email to moms who are testing Go out to visit my parents and take them some food✅ Watch a movie or play a game with family✅ Early to bed? (Ha!)
  6. Yes, I believe algebra is reviewed as the pp mentioned. My concern with the proofs is that I would not know alternate solutions, etc. Also, my dd is unexpectedly homeschooling again after being in ps for one semester, so I literally do not have the time to teach her anything right now due to other commitments, and even keeping up with grading would be a real struggle. She did spend one month in geometry in ps, and fwiw, she says that sometimes she misses things because “they’re called something different in this class.” I don’t know how much of that is her frustration speaking (her grades in DO are lower than in any of her ps classes due to all the extra work ps teachers gave, etc.) and how much of it might be the truth. Geometry is the one math class I always said I’d personally never teach my own children (well, maybe that and pre-cal/cal) because it was the hardest one for me. I’m happy to hand it off. ETA: I don’t think I actually answered your question. As far as I can tell from my very cursory following of her work, it is just two-column proofs.
  7. My 9th grader is currently using BTSB after having Spanish I in PS. I believe it moves much faster than she moved in school. She is only using the text (not the e-text), and I’m not sure how it would go if she hadn’t already done Spanish I. Ymmv with the e-book.
  8. Dd came home in early Feb. from PS after spending one semester there in the fall. Her school was on block, so she was just at the beginning of a new set of classes. She read To Kill a Mockingbird and did a writing/analysis project there in her pre-AP English class. They also did some primary source analysis (maybe a MLK, Jr speech?) and vocabulary study. Then she came back home (unexpectedly) and I have scrambled to flesh out a 9th grade English credit. So far she has read The Yearling by Rawlings and The Chosen by Potok and answered comprehension and analysis questions on them. She has been working 3-4x a week on No Red Ink, and she’s finishing up a class with Bravewriter (Essay Prep: Dynamic Thinking). What would you add to finish this credit well?
  9. FWIW, I chose DO for geometry for the reason the pp mentioned above. I didn’t want to grade proofs! Dd did use MWOB for algebra I and liked it well enough.
  10. The evening didn’t exactly go as planned, but we did do all of this. 👍🏼 Now to put the groceries up and get ready for bed.
  11. Thanks for sharing your story, @Tap. I am an adjunct CC instructor and just this semester I have a student with POTS. Had I not read about that here on the forum, I wouldn’t have been as sympathetic with her plight.
  12. Headache better thanks to ibuprofen. Now to clean up the kitchen and do a tiny bit of checking in with the girls. They’re all in a dither over tonight’s dance so I cut them loose to get ready. 💅🏼 Also: baked brownies for the dance during lunch and finalized a Thrive Market order
  13. I have a headache, which I thought was dehydration related. I’ve had about 30 Oz of water already and it’s worse, so now I don’t know. Ugh.
  14. Also vacuumed my bedroom, which was desperately needed
  15. My six year old just said to me, “Mom, I think I might like snap circuits more than anything in the world.” I’d say that’s a homeschooling win, especially since he confirmed that he likes them “even more than Legos.” 😝
  16. My baby (age 6 🥰) has taken to finding consonant blends everywhere and announcing them to whoever’s nearby. He’s my last to teach I read, and it’s a little bittersweet.
  17. I’m with @LisaK in VA is in IT—can I just opt out today? Ugh. I’m tired. Shower + wash hair✅ coffee etc✅ dry hair✅ laundry (Up to 3–girls do their own, more or less. Nothing folded. 😖) school with boys ✅ lunch✅ one on one with girls ✅ boys to Nana’s ✅ dd13 to play practice where I’ll stay and help out ✅ (dd14 and I found something to do!) girls to 19th century dance (+ anybody else from play practice who needs a ride)✅ date night with hubby✅ groceries?✅ pick up all the kids ✅
  18. I also managed to deliver about ten dozen sugar cookies to church AND run by Walmart to pick up some pants for dd13’s play costume. 👊🏼
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