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  1. I don't have one of my own personal stash, but I found this one on Pioneer Woman. Does that help?
  2. We've been enjoying Carcassone. What about a traditional card game? My dh and children like Rook a lot, and dh's extended family always plays when they get together. I don't like it, though.
  3. Hello, fellow Frugalistas. I have a question. If you all use a cash-based budget envelope system, how do you handle multiple stops at the grocery store (or elsewhere) made by more than one person? For example, what if I hit one store for the main grocery run, but DH stops by the Wal-Mart near his office on the way home from work? How do you keep up with the cash in this situation? It's often the case for us that DH will need to stop by for something unexpectedly. Does everyone who might shop always carry some grocery cash on his or her person? We really need to get back to a cash-based system, but I can't figure out how to make it work.
  4. I love the idea of having ALL the colors. Right now I just have lapis, cobalt, and lemongrass. I'd like something orange-y, I think. Oh, and I have the Christmas set.
  5. My dd had chickens for a while (and wants them again!). She had some Silver-Laced Wyandottes. They are pretty!
  6. I guess I expect to (as in, I'm not surprised when/if it happens). That means it's a happy surprise if I DON'T! 😁
  7. Making little progress, as noted above. @Margaret in COThank you for sharing your snow pictures and stories! This AL girl can't even imagine this. . . Whew!
  8. I don't know that it breaks LESS. My children aren't terribly destructive/clumsy/whathaveyou. What I prefer about it (besides the most important thing--the colors!) is the fact that when Fiestaware does break, you don't have those treacherously sharp shards to deal with. I'm seriously afraid of those when we break a piece of Corelle.
  9. I live in Alabama, so it's definitely not a climate thing. LOL I love bright colors, though. My kitchen and dining room are a few shades lighter than lime green.
  10. Hello, everyone! I just wanted to say a big thank you for the warm welcome I received last week. It feels good to be a part of a bookish community again. I've missed it since my blogging heyday is apparently over. I did manage to sum up my February reading on my blog, with an appreciative shout-out to the WTM BAWers. This week I hope to finish my current audiobook, Resilient by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. I'm very close to finishing it. It was recommended on a recent thread on the Chat Board. Here's the write-up about it from Goodreads: I'm also still reading The Clockmaker's Daughter by Kate Morton and REALLY enjoying it. I wish I had about three hours to sit and read with no interruption to FINISH it. It's very engrossing. I'm reading The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall aloud to my boys. This is a re-read for me, though I think I'm enjoying it doubly (triply?) due to my boys' enjoyment of it. We should finish it soon and be on to The Penderwicks in Spring. I'm reading Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein aloud to my thirteen year old, but we have a dickens of a time making time for it. This is also a re-read for me. I honestly think this is a book best read alone due to its style and the actual plot, but I wanted to read it with her. We'll see how it goes. I ordered and received my paperback copy of A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson. I have it in e-book version through Scribd subscription but, I really, REALLY prefer reading the actual book. I especially wanted a copy of this one because as I've read it, I've highlighted many, many passages that I'd like to copy down in my notebook or have to refer back to. I just comprehend books better when I read the physical book. Anyway, I started over on this one this week. I intend to ready it slowly, with my morning coffee. A officially decided to abandon Hillbilly Elegy this week. I do love a memoir, but this one isn't grabbing me. Plus, I'm afraid I will find it discouraging in the end instead of a triumph. We went to the library on Friday and I checked out about eight books! 😮 That's a lot for me because I own so many books that I need to read. However, because we are going out of town next week with dh, I was in an optimistic mood about how much reading time I'll have on the trip. Time will only tell if this pans out. Ha! I have to say that participating in this thread has really reignited my passion for reading (something that's always present but waxes and wanes with attention and inattention). For the challenge, I have read Still Life by Louise Penny. I liked it well enough, though not as much as I expected to, given the amount of fanfare Inspector Gamache garners. I went on to the second book and abandoned it rather quickly. I DID NOT like the mother of the overweight girl in the second book (as I know Louise Penny intended). I found the language in the book shocking and gratuitous. I'm willing to give Penny another try if someone tells me that it DOES get better.
  11. Maybe contact some local churches? Our local area has a homeless ministry that is a cooperative effort supported by the churches. They do not put people up long-term--the churches just host during cold weather for overnight stays. It would be worth poking around a bit maybe.
  12. I'm pretty sure I'd never buy Pfalzgraff new. The pattern I bought at Goodwill is the khaki brown with a blue floral design, and I happen to like that color combo a lot. Again, though--I would only buy Fiestaware new. 😉
  13. I don’t know if this would be applicable since her focus is on blogging for money, but Crystal Payne has a blogging mentor site with courses that I imagine would be good. I have a blog and have had it for over a decade, but I couldn’t give any advice because I’ve just learned by trial and error. 🤪 ETA: @OttakeeHere's the link to the site. I was on my phone when I left the message and couldn't manage to link it.
  14. I love the colors and the general utilitarianism of it. I also GREATLY prefer it over my newlywed Corelle because we can manage to break both, but the Corelle shatters into a million needle sharp shards. With that said, I have a set of Pfaltzgraff from Goodwill and also like it.
  15. Wow! That’s great that you can get them for such a good price!
  16. I have such a mixture now! I’m not sure yet which I like the most. Lol. I do have the Christmas set and I love the plate size in it (salad plate?) as well as the flat, shallow soup bowls. I wish I could find those in a non-Christmas set. Bowl wise, I have cereal bowls; the large, deep bowls; and the smaller, deep bowls (bistro set). It is difficult to put the latter two styles in the dishwasher.
  17. We’ve broken both Fiesta and Corell, but I prefer the broken chunks of Fiesta to the shards of Corell!
  18. Raining here again today, which is the last thing we need. 😪 church lunch at home (chicken stew, grilled cheese) all the school (homeschool, co op, CC) stuff I didn’t do yesterday 😩 lists and prep for our trip this week (going with dh on a work trip to the beach—too bad it’s going to be cold!) try to dig out from under the mess at home so we come back to a semi clean house read Have a lovely Sunday!
  19. Kohl’s has $15 back in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent, so I took advantage of the deal and bought two bistro sets in cobalt, one in lapis, and one in lemongrass. I came home and immediately put them in the dishwasher, and I plan to eat my breakfast tomorrow morning out of one of my new bowls. 😊🎉
  20. I remember you as Remudamom! I didn’t know your new name. Nice to “see” you again!
  21. I need to read that book. I've seen the term grok used here and there and never knew it was a literary allusion. 🤓
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