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  1. Finishing up a few CC related things and then on to planning/packing for co op. I teach three classes and have one planned and prepped already. 🙌
  2. Don’t you love it when a hypothetical problem is solved for $0? 😝
  3. Popping on to say I finished the audiobook of Resilient by Rick Hanson, Ph.D., while ferrying my boys about today for errands. I got a lot out of it and hope to blog about it before I forget it. I shared the Goodreads summary above. I also re-read The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde for my CC class.
  4. Lunchtime update. I feel pretty good about what we've accomplished {and with mostly good attitudes!}
  5. New, in my experience—look for sales at Kohl’s if you shop there so you can earn Kohl’s Cash for more. 😊
  6. Today is officially crazy. After I post this I am banning myself from the boards until this stuff is done (which will be tomorrow, or never). deep condition hair coffee + devo + quiet time shower and dress finish CC prep (make reading quiz, review play) (I actually RE-READ the play--The Importance of Being Earnest) plan and pack up co op stuff to take to my homeschooling BFF for her to run my classes tomorrow take ds8 to Sam’s and/or WM to buy dh’s birthday gift ✅ get the house in some sort of order (clean off dining room table, pick up Legos and stuff in living room, clean counters and bathrooms, sweep and vacuum floors, maybe mop) {girls have cleaned room, living room has been dusted and vacuumed, kitchen counters are semi-clean} laundry {sheets have been washed and are in dryer; dd13's clothes are in washer} pack teach CC class✅ take co op stuff to BFF wrangle boys and try not to nag girls (too much) collapse into bed Thankfully, I’ve already called school off for the day (and the week, excepting the girls’ math and reading aloud). Also thankfully, dh volunteered to take the dog to the vet for boarding. That’s a lengthy task off my list! {dd13 did her online math class and has a test to take; dd14 needs to make a plan for accomplishing her math this week} Have a marvelous Monday, everyone!
  7. May your unpacking go smoothly and quickly! ❣️
  8. North AL present, accounted for, and unscathed. ❣️
  9. 1. I read the quote before I read the book, and after I named my blog that, I couldn’t find the actual quote (in the book) anywhere. I’m guessing it’s a paraphrase from some particular translation. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful sentiment, yes. 2. I can’t see signature lines. Should I be able to? I’m on my phone but I can’t see them on my laptop, either.
  10. Thanks! That helps me begin to wrap my head around it.
  11. I own the Christmas glasses and haven’t broken any. Obviously, though, we use them on a limited basis.
  12. I'm also a Trixie fan! I inherited an older cousin's Trixie Beldens, which doubled the enjoyment (and the enjoyment of the memory) for me!
  13. I made some headway on my CC class prep--schedule made, powerpoint made for lecture, lots of decisions made. That's it. Up early in the AM to finish and make the BIG PUSH to get everything else done. Good night!
  14. You know, my Corelle is coming up on twenty years old, and we still have a few pieces of it. I can think of several pieces (maybe 3-5?) that have shattered, but I guess over twenty years that isn't so bad.
  15. That is GORGEOUS! Seriously, it matches my dining room and kitchen! I even have some Roman shades being made in a fabric very similar to that pattern!
  16. Headed to the beach for a few days (tagging along on a work trip for dh). Even if it's too cold to enjoy the water (it will be!), everything's better by the ocean, right?
  17. @regentrude is definitely one of the names I've been most curious about! I also pronounce it with the long E sound at the beginning.
  18. I know what you mean! I've gotten mine on sale (like now--Kohl's!) a little bit at a time. I got my Christmas dishes over many years for Christmas from my dmil.
  19. I think someone linked a recipe from this site already, but I want to second the recipes from Budget Bytes. I've mostly only made the vegetarian soups, but nothing I've ever made from this site has disappointed.
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