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  1. Dh and I had a fun day—some hiking, a couple of meals out, some coffee at a coffee shop. I also got a haircut—my first since October! (This is unusual for me.) Now to pick up the kiddos and crash.
  2. The party continues here! 😝. This is dh’s last day off (excepting the weekend, of course, but that’s normal) , so he and I are off on a day date. Three kids are staying with nana, while one is off to spend the day with a friend. 🎉
  3. We had a great hike with friends and the kids enjoyed getting into the creek. Now I’m off to our local farm/outdoor store for my dd13 to buy stuff for chickens. Also, a quick grocery trip and then out to see my parents are on the agenda. The fun never stops! 😝
  4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 🤣 Anne of Green Gables ❣️❣️❣️❣️ Anne of Avonlea ❣️❣️❣️❣️ You’ve Got Mail ❣️❣️❣️ Imitation of Life 😭
  5. ✅I flaked yesterday because we went on a little family adventure by way of a road trip. It was an exhausting day! Managing my four children, two of which have some extreme anxiety issues (and are TEENAGE GIRLS! 😅) was taxing to say the least. Add into that my own anxiety (which I am managing but still spikes periodically), and whew! I was pretty much a zombie by the time we got home. I’ve made the executive decision to not do school with my boys today. I have SUCH a hard time when dh is off work—do I try to maintain some semblance of our schedule? Do I just call it all off? My “good homeschool mama” nature says keep up the schedule; my “I must stay sane” nature says give it up! So today I’m choosing sanity and getting dh to help me do some cleaning out in our library in anticipation of a trunk sale next week at co op. I have SO MUCH homeschool stuff that needs to go! We do have a hike this afternoon with friends, so there is that. Today: coffee/reading✅ Shower✅ go through books and curriculum in the basement to fill a few boxes for the sale (ongoing—filled two boxes already—I have a LOT of stuff!) lunch✅ hike✅ visit my parents while dh takes ds8 to soccer practice laundry, of course
  6. I just started using the face wash from Trader Joe’s which I saw recommended here. I really like it!
  7. Woo hoo! I’m at Starbucks with my laptop and books, working on my blog and enjoying tr relative quiet! 🎉. I texted my parents and they’re good, so I can skip going out to check on them tonight. Before Starbucks, I went to a local shoe store and bought myself a pair of Birkenstocks and a pair of Teva leather sandals. This is something of a splurge but also needed. I tend to buy pricey shoes and wear them until they’re completely worn out.
  8. I ask often him while cleaning up after supper if he wants leftovers packed for lunch, but because of the nature of his job, he is often not in the office on some days. This makes what he can take for lunch vary widely and it also makes it impossible for me to plan without knowing his varied schedule, so besides this, he takes care of it himself.
  9. I haven’t actually read this one (so I can’t 100% vouch for it), but I purchased Eugene Peterson’s Every Step an Arrival for dmil’s birthday. I had been reading Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, which I LOVE, and thought I couldn’t go wrong with something by him. He also has a praying-through-the-Psalms book. I also like Keller’s psalms book.
  10. I know the sense of relief this brings and I wish for you all a very smooth transition!
  11. Update—school? What’s that? 😝 SOmetimes I’m amazed that we ever accomplish anything! Dd14’s counseling session went well as far as I can tell. She is seeing a counselor we’ve used for several years who also saw my other dd who has OCD and I have also been to. Dd14 is a bit teary now, which is unusual for her, but not an unusual after-effect of counseling.
  12. Just wanted to say that you mamas are rockstars! Seriously. You do SO MUCH and are keeping it together. Way to go! 👊🏼
  13. Crazy day here up/showered/dressed ✅ coffee/read/prep lessons for dh to do with boys ✅ (let dh figure out the math lesson 👊🏼; spent rest of time discussing redoing the boys’ bedroom) nag girls about school dd14 to counselor (huge anxiety issues—first visit 🙏🏼)✅ home for lunch✅ (Eat RX Bar in van ) head to funeral for friend’s grandfather about an hour away✅ back home to finish up school (?)✅ visit mom and dad? supper whatever else gets done housekeeping wise I’d Love to sneak away for a bit for some quiet time/reading/writing, but we shall see. ✅
  14. Wow. We can't even imagine more than 6" of snow. And that only happens once every few years! LOL
  15. First, a little bit of back story: my dd14 came went to school at the beginning of this school year for the first time and had a great first semester. The school she attended was on a block schedule, so she completed Spanish I the first semester. Second semester, dd14 began struggling with severe anxiety, and to make a long story very short, we ended up withdrawing her to homeschool again about a month into the second semester. She was enrolled in Spanish II then. Homeschooling her again was not exactly on my radar and I'm stretched pretty thin between working part time and homeschooling my other kids, so I basically looked for what I'd consider stop-gap solutions to complete this year. Following advice I received here on the high school forum, I purchased Breaking the Spanish Barrier for Spanish. We went with book one because I thought the review would be good for her (she didn't love Spanish I but ended up with a high A in the class because of the abundant opportunities for grades and extra credit. which is a whole 'nother story). She's doing okay with BtSB, but every time she takes a test at the end of a lesson, there appears to be things she cannot recall or even go back and find in the chapter. Because she is doing this independently, I have not followed along with her to know exactly what she's doing. There are also oral questions to answer at the beginning of each test, and I have no idea what to make of them because there is nothing explanatory about it on the test key. My question is this: because she is ONLY doing the print version of the book, are we missing something that might only be available in the e-text or the iBook? This is especially true of the composition question at the end of the test. The test she took today (on lesson 3) mentions what appears to be the title of an article as a part of the composition question. I've had dual enrollment for Spanish as an option in the back of my mind for a long time, and I'm beginning to wonder if I should've just stuck with that original plan when she came home again. I hope this makes sense and someone out there can offer some insight!
  16. @Margaret in COYour photos are gorgeous! Your life sounds like something out of a storybook to me.
  17. Today turned out to be a booger for me! I got word from my mom that she got some bad news at her doctor's appointment that is a setback to her healing from hip surgery. She is supposed to stay off her feet as much as possible until she goes back to the doctor in FOUR WEEKS. That sent me into a tizzy of cooking for them. My daddy does a good job of taking care of her (she'd say too good somtimes--ha!), but he does not cook. The plus side of all this is that my dd14 really stepped up to the plate and helped out a ton with the cooking. And now I'm tired enough to crash here at 9 p.m.
  18. Do any of you subscribe to Book Browse? I get the free newsletter and always discover a new title or two for my TBR list.
  19. Good morning! Dh is on spring break this week, which should make for an interesting week since we need to do school on top of all the stuff he’ll have going on. 🤪 His big project for the week is installing new lights in our kitchen. We’ve been remodeling our kitchen for the part year and the lights/ceiling are really the last big thing to do. I really don’t even know what to expect from today! Coffee/read/pray print ds14’s geometry test shower and dress school boys try to catch up with girls in their novels help dh with lighting project (as needed) send e-mail to co op class moms about an assignment cook something for my parents visit parents and take food clean. . .something go for a walk
  20. Your keeping-up-with-school-reading sounds like mine! 😝. My girls are always ahead of me! I was really disappointed that I couldn’t stomach the other Jiles book. I wanted another story like News of the World!
  21. Love the poem! I have had a good reading week. This week I finished The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, which I mentioned on last week's thread. I have a hard time with contemporary stories, too, mostly due to explicit s**. I found the story of Indian immigrants fascinating, but a few explicit scenes almost ruined it for me. I'm glad I finished it, but it gives me pause about reading something else by her. News of the World by Paulette Jiles audiobook--WOW! I bought this one sometime during an Audible sale after seeing so many rave reviews, and they were all right! I LOVED it, and the narration made it that much better. HOWEVER, I started another audiobook by Jiles (The Color of Lightning, I think), and two chapters in and I had to give it up. Another thing I can't stand is explicit violence, and that one--WHEW! By the second chapter I had heard more truly terrible stuff (a Comanche and Kiowa raid on a Texas ranch) than I think I've ever read in my entire life. (Apparently, I'm just a baby when it comes to adult books. ) The Maid by Stephanie Land--I really enjoy memoirs and personal narratives. This one is about a single mother's struggle to care for her child and keep her head above the water financially (and even just to keep her and her daughter housed and fed) while working as a maid in the Pacific NW. By the end of the book I was wowed by her perseverance and just how much she survived through dogged determination. If you like this sort of thing, I recommend this one. Still reading: The Penderwicks in Spring (aloud), The Chosen, and Farewell to Manzanar--all with and for my children. I'm also still slowly reading A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Peterson. New this weekend: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (print book) and Beneath a Scarlet Sky (Kindle) by Mark Sullivan. I still need to decide on an audiobook. After finishing one Jiles and rejecting the second one, I opted for catching up on a few podcasts instead of starting a new one. I also blogged! I reviewed (more of a personal reaction, really) The Most They Ever Had by Rick Bragg, and I continued my chapter-by-chapter blogging of A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. Thus far I've read twenty-seven books in 2019! That's quite a record for me at this point in the year, I think. I set my Goodreads challenge goal at sixty books for the year, but at the rate I'm going, I'll far surpass that. I think I read something like eighty books last year, but in January I didn't want to overshoot. Maybe I should've set it at 100! LOL Have a great week, fellow BaWers!
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