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  1. For everyday, around the house clothes this summer, each kid has had about 5 shorts. Ds has about the same number of shirts, though he usually doesn't wear one. Dd has probably 10 shirts, but only because they were hand-me-downs from a friend. I've been washing everything except whites and dress clothes (which we've had none of since March) together for a while now. It makes it so much easier to do laundry, as I basically just put most stuff in the washer as it comes off our bodies. When the washer is full, wash and dry. This is particularly nice in the summer, as clothes are sweaty, stinky, or wet from play and don't really need to sit in the laundry a long time. In a fascinating turn of events, since we've been home much more on weekends, dh has been rounding up any remaining laundry on Saturday. He and the kids wash, dry, and put it away. 🙉 There may be towels tucked in odd places in the bathroom, and weird stacks of clothing stuffed in their closets, but I'll take it!
  2. That is crazy! I mean, our hospital is teeny, tiny, so it's understandable to me that a hospital wouldn't necessarily have a plastic surgeon available or on call. But I can't imagine them acting like that! Speaking of facial scars, I've had a scar right in the middle of my forehead, about an inch long, since I was about two years old. My mom . . . I guess this was an old remedy thing to do? . . . packed it with flour to stop the bleeding. She then called the doctor, who told her to clean that flour out of it! 😂
  3. A plastic surgeon recommended silicone scar strips after a surgery. I began applying them after the wound was healed and they worked well. The stitches were done by the plastic surgeon, though, so were well done to begin with. Honestly, for something that significant on my face, I'd want a plastic surgeon, not an er doc. I guess it's probably too late now for the fresh wound, but you might like to have a consult to see what options there are. So sorry this happened! Head wounds bleed so much it makes them seem overly scary too.
  4. Totally. I don't even consider the bras a splurge, they are a necessity. But it doesn't feel like undies are as important - wearing cheap underwear doesn't pull ribs out of place or cause deep crevices on my shoulders - so, logically, they should not be so expensive. 😄
  5. I ordered from Soma. Something like, "retro brief" in the "vanishing" line? They have silicone grippers around the bottom rear that keeps them in place. They are also thicker than cheap underwear. Eta: I mean, for real. The support is so nice - not like girdle or anything, just enough I don't feel like I'm spilling out of anything, ya know? And, though my husband and I joke about them being old-lady panties 😂 (it's all good-natured, he doesn't actually care what I wear), they are sooooo comfortable. They have styles other than the retro, I just like the retro because they're high rise, so they're not cutting into me at all the wrong places!
  6. Lol Bras are a totally different story. I've always been well-endowed, and have been buying good bras for years. Plus, I have a hiatal hernia and comfort around the band is a must. Why I never applied the same reasoning to underwear is beyond me! 😁
  7. Comfortable underwear. It was needed, but I didn't have to spend as much as I did. I've never had nice underwear. Now I don't think I can go back . . . I also purchased a pair of cropped pajama pants that happened to be on sale, in the same order. Now, I *have* worn pajama pants before, but none this soft, and the last few years I've just been wearing odds and ends for sleepwear. It really gives me great pleasure to wear these items. I did not realize how irritating my undergarments were previously! I plan to purhase more.
  8. I thought the same thing! Trixie was awesome. I'm pretty sure my books are still in my old room; I need to find them.
  9. At our local (very small) hospital, you may use only one entrance (the E.R. entrance). Your temp is checked and you answer a few screening questions. A sticker is put on your shirt saying you've been cleared. There are masks available if you want one. Their mask policy has changed from time to time. For a long time, masks were not required at all. Right now, the receptionist wears a mask, as well as hcw's interacting with patients. They do not wear them (or they pull them down) in break rooms or when patients are not present. In an adjacent wing, the OT and PT do not wear masks. One of my children asked why they weren't wearing masks, and the response was, "they only have to do that around the E.R." I don't know what the official policy is right now, though. As far as mask-wearing in general, I rarely see more than two or three other people masked when I run errands. Our county has had very low number of cases this whole time. Most people think it is way overblown.
  10. This is good to know. I recently took a look at it and was dismayed to find it will take a while to figure it out. Granted, it was late at night and I was tired, but it just looked like more than I want to tackle right now. I need to take another look.
  11. Thanks for explaining, that makes sense. That is a scary story! I've actually had similar thoughts before, I just didn't connect the dots. I think it's probably true for everyone -- there are some things we do or don't do simply for our own peace of mind, doesn't matter if it's perfectly rational or not. 😊
  12. Yeah, I do get the thought that certain attire may be appropriate for one venue but not to another. I agree (but the attire in question seems appropriate for a campground, at least the ones I have been to.) The comment I quoted seemed to be saying (this is the part I was unclear what was meant) that the difference was that the person would have been naked in the shower and how that realization would affect others.
  13. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying that you wouldn't wear skimpy (towel, underwear) clothing when coming out of a shower house because others would know you had just been showering and it could lead them to picture you naked in the shower? But that you would wrap a towel around you coming out of a pool dressing room or equivilant because that doesn't involve being naked, thus doesn't have the same effect on what people are imagining? Eta: Well, wait a minute, a pool dressing room does involve being naked, at least to change. I think I'm just not understanding. Times like this I wish I drank coffee!
  14. I won't quote to save space, but @ieta_cassiopeia thank you, that was helpful. According to this I have not been using the term "masking" exactly right. What my dh would be advocating, then, is providing tools. I want to reread, as I have other thoughts and need to revisit masking vs. providing tools, but have to get busy right now. In case I don't make it back before the conversation changes focus - thank you for taking the time to type all that out.
  15. I agree. My dh, who is on the spectrum, and I have talked about this at length, so I'm biased toward his opinion. He is adamant that dd will not have to spend the first 30+ years of her life first realizing there *are* hidden rules of social norms and then trying to figure them out through trial and error alone. That doesn't mean that he always follows those rules, or that she is/will be expected to. It means that he (now) understands (many of) them, if not intuitively then intellectually, and has the choice and the ability to follow them or not depending on what he wants/needs to accomplish. It's all well and good to wish for an ideal world where his "quirks" are valued by everyone, but for now he has to live in this one. He's going to mask or code switch or whatever the current word is, if that gets him where he wants to be, and he wishes he'd been explicitly taught how to do it. I do understand that many, perhaps particularly girls, are more bothered by masking than he is. ETA: I don't want to imply that he isn't bothered *at all*. He is. I also think it has a bit of a puzzle or strategy game aspect to him. Like, aha! This explains that, and now I can do this to take advantage of it! (He hasn't said this part, it's just an impression I have.)
  16. I agree about her videos. They are extremely difficult to watch. I did download the free pdf, and I like having all the bullet points together. It will make a good jumping off point when I do more research. I actually haven't gotten the impression that she is pushing her book. But that may be because I haven't watched many videos in their entirety. To me, it's had the feel of mostly informational. She seems to be pretty even-handed when it comes to comparing options and stresses that your choice will be dependent on your individual goals and concerns. It doesn't bother me if there is a brief pitch along with free content, though, as long as the content is good. I wouldn't expect anyone would put forth time and effort to produce content with no return at all. For some reason I was thinking that her first name is actually Barbie? Not sure where I got that.
  17. Yes. I always wonder where they were planning on going with it.
  18. The Unit is the weakest of the four I mentioned. I don't really know exactly why I like it, but I recently rewatched it (I think it was on Prime for a short time) and, though it does reflect the style of the time, I still enjoyed it. Maybe I enjoy it *because* it reflects the time it was made, I could be heavily influenced by nostalgia. 😁 haha I'm not trying to dissuade you, really! Just don't expect Poldark level from it.
  19. Jericho, Poldark, and The Unit. I'd swap The Unit for Firefly depending on mood.
  20. We would normally be doing rec gymnastics. Everything seems to be open as normal here (there's not much even normally) although gymnastics is doing extra cleaning of surfaces and limiting number of classes. There is little to no distancing, no masks. (Regarding masking, here's the policy: you can wear a mask if you choose and they will make sure no one is bullied for wearing a mask.) They are touting the cleaning of surfaces (and, indeed, they do a great job of this even pre-covid) but the kids are following each other in close succession, breathing heavily. Unless you're always the first person on an apparatus the whole time, you're sucking in droplets from everyone who has been through there. Sigh. We all really, really hate to miss it. The kids would prob be too hot in masks; it's very warm in there through November or so. Numbers have remained low here this whole time, despite people carrying on as usual. Would we be just fine doing this activity? Likely yes. Things can change so quickly, though, and we are continuing to see my parents regularly - I would constantly be wondering if we were pre- or asymptomatic. When the heat breaks (late Sept) we'll camp and other things.
  21. I find the bolded to make a big difference. Sitting for a long time is horrible for my body, which makes me hurt worse, which makes me irritable and unfocused. I try to make myself get up and stretch between kids, do what teaching I can standing up, we dance for 5 min mid-morning, just break up the sitting.
  22. I would not wait until March. I vote go elsewhere.
  23. OneDrive and Google Drive. (I am in the process of switching from Dropbox to OneDrive.)
  24. Yes. It is very like FIAR in a box for the younger set.
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