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  1. Children’s urgent care states on their website that they are not testing mild cases. I guess we will find out what their definition of mild is and go from there. It’s not surprising that we aren’t seeing a lot of numbers from schools in our area if they aren’t testing. But where did the “everyone who wants a test, can get a test” mantra fly off to, eh?
  2. Tomorrow we can take him to Childrens Urgent Care. Maybe we will take all of them. Hopefully they won’t turn us away. 😒
  3. I would have thought so too.
  4. Our pediatricians office wants to see a 48 hour fever before testing. Yesterday DS 7 developed a fever; went up to 102.8. Other symptoms are slight headache and some body aches. He feels much better today, but still has a elevated temp and low appetite. Dd 3 is beginning a fever now - 100.1. Dd 11 had an asthma attack today, and looking back has had more coughing this week. Anyway, I’m frustrated by the testing restraints. I’d really like to know what we are dealing with!
  5. Currently, we are saying we will travel for Christmas, but in reality we may not. Time will tell. My sister and BIL already had the virus; I’m assuming her kids were exposed? The kids were at BIL’s parents house while they were sick. (BIL’s dad contracted COVID). My grandma probably had a mild case, but wasn’t tested. My parents haven’t had it, but aren’t worried and are not taking many precautions. I think they will quarantine if we ask them to. The trick is travel - it’s a two day drive or flying. Flying involves 3 airports and 2 planes, so exposure would be very high. Driving would be a night in a hotel.
  6. So, I’m not freaking out, just sharing experiences. Dd11 had to go to the optometrist. There is only one in our city that works with kids needing vision therapy. I dislike the office; it’s been there for 60+ years and is cluttered and closed. We did VT there a couple years ago. I called and asked about the COVID protocols. We got the “first” appt of the day. The real thing was a bit different than I was led to believe. The office staff did have masks, cloth only. There were already 4 masked people waiting when we went in. The receptionist had hers off when on the phone. A man waiting for his family had his off. The optometrist herself had only a loose fitting cloth mask. At one point Dd had to take hers during the exam. There were no air filters. We have to go back in 2 weeks; dd needs to do some vision exercises and then we can see if lenses would help her issues. I’m not looking forward to it. It’s the highest exposure we’ve had during this whole pandemic. *sigh* Let the countdown begin. ☹️
  7. The blurred vision was mentioned to the prescribing doctor, who said it was related to the tiredness. The patient did get very tired and actually fell asleep during the day while on it. The medicine did work it’s intended purpose - the person felt “finally free”, and really wants that feeling back. The prescribing doctor thinks the rash may be due to something else, too, and is giving the option of trying Lexapro again. I’m trying to weigh whether that would be a good idea. 😖
  8. Any experiences with this? A family member (child) started it and had blurry vision. This person has been through vision therapy in the past, did not complain about blurriness before the week the medicine was started. This person also developed a rash, a week after starting, on both wrists that looked like an eczema flare with hives. The person quit taking lexapro when the rash flared, and the rash mostly cleared up the next day. Some small eczema-like dry skin on the wrists is still there.
  9. Dd11 hates shoes, but recently broke her foot and needs supportive shoes to get out of the boot. She has had plantar fasciitis, has sensory issues with shoes, will not use laces, and likes to be in fashion. She is around 6.5/7 US size. I’m at a bit of a loss. She has not worn good tennis shoes in a couple years, and although I did buy her pull on Nike’s last summer, she didn’t wear them much. Long shoe shopping events aren't going to happen since we are trying to avoid prolonged time in public spaces. Can anyone offer a recommendation?
  10. Missionaries in the Dominican Republic shared with our church that the Dominican Republic is giving kits to those infected with Covid-19. They are saying it's 95% effective. If 95% of people usually recover, how do you know to attribute it to this combination of medication/supplements or just them getting over it?
  11. Sis just came down with "another" cold. Runny nose, cough, general bleh. She never regained her sense of smell. Is it likely another cold or more Covid symptoms? It's been 3 weeks since she first had Covid symptoms.
  12. Next week we are supposed to start our school schedule. I’m already tired. Last week and this were supposed to get us into a routine, and they’ve been miserable. No one getting up at the right time, various appts, whining, puppy care, bunny care, one kid down with a broken foot. I guess it’s a JAWM. The last 6 months have been hard and I don’t feel ready to direct teach 2 high need students and oversee a low motivation teen, with a 3yr old and a puppy. One of my kids is starting an anxiety med this week, and that’s another unknown I have to deal with. Give me some words of encouragement! 😣 Or solidarity, or something...
  13. Child: multiple broken bones, mostly from riding horses Adult: tore something in my knee, directly from riding horses. Horses are worth it, though 🥰
  14. I’m fairly certain they meant the faithful will get sick because they will not forsake meeting together.
  15. Recently a person had a discussion with Dh about why church activities are still going strong in a hotspot. This verse was cited along with, “we will see who the faithful are by who gets sick”. Has anyone else heard this? It is absurd, and I’m not sure how widespread that viewpoint is?
  16. Quick update, sis and her Dh are recovering. Sis feels fine, but still no taste or smell. My grandma is doing well too! And parents still feel good. Their church has about 1/5 sick. Small congregation, and in addition to Sunday, they have many groups meeting every week in homes. There may be more falling ill, since not all have resolved symptoms. It seems they value meeting together as the highest ideal, global pandemic be da*ned. So while I’m glad my immediate family seems to be faring well, I’m very angry at their attitude towards people’s lives. Don’t quote please, I’ll delete later.
  17. She didn’t answer yet. The friends are part of the church.
  18. Sis just got her confirmed positive. Took 6 days. Her dh is about the same - says it's like the worst flu he's ever had. A few members of the church are on days 14 and 17 of being sick. My parents still are ok - no symptoms yet. My grandma seems better, just congestion.
  19. Well, I should have asked this question! Our 9 year old ShihTzu/Bichon cross wasn’t too happy about a pup, but she hasn’t been too mean either. We didn’t do anything special, just let them be together. Our older gal has been fine, after teaching the pup a thing or two, LOL. She seems to even like him at times now. 🙃
  20. Yes, sadly, it’s for real. I wish I was making it up, believe me. It’s horrendous to watch it all play out and think maybe the people living near me may act like this. It has made my Dh more aware of how people are behaving, and he is being much more cautious now. So that’s a good thing. I tried to PM you, but it said you were not accepting messages.
  21. Apparently there have been several confirmed cases at their church and many more that were assumed positive but didn’t get tested. Most are recovered and some have lingering symptoms; none have been hospitalized that she knows of. I don’t know what their procedures have been like.
  22. She still has light cold symptoms, as far as I know: sniffles, sore throat. She lost her sense of smell. They are getting a pulse ox delivered tomorrow.
  23. Yes, sorry I didn’t specify. Silver was their idea. I don’t know what people use it for; I’ve never used it.
  24. Can anyone point me information on kidneys?? My sis says her husband has fever, body aches, cough, and his kidneys hurt. She asked me for information on kidney and this disease. I suggested he see a doctor; she said they would like to try to wait until Monday if possible.
  25. I know she has D3, zinc, Calcium/magnesium and silver (colloidal and ionic) - that’s a new one for me. Parents have multi-vitamins and D3 that I know of.
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