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  1. Hits: IEW Fix it Grammar, I bought the whole series I love it so much. SWI A, My son is actually writing with this! Praise God! Singapore Math Evan Moor's Building Math Fluency Series https://www.evan-moor.com/p/562/building-math-fluency-grade-3 Mystery Science Misses: All About Spelling for DS8, he is just not getting it. He is still spelling words wrong by the end of the week. Lord help me! I need to find a spelling program for this boy that works.
  2. I have an almost 9 year old and I would be flabbergasted if my son wrote this. He complains when he has to answer a question in a complete sentence, but he has a writing disability so its apples and oranges. I think your son's writing looks great. He has nice penmanship as well.
  3. It was the victor out o sight mole trap
  4. We have had mole problems for some time, we tried a sonic beeping stakes and dried blood, neither worked. DH set traps on some of the runs and it was pretty gruesome. They are supposed to be quick kill but the trap disemboweled the poor thing. It was still alive and suffering when we found it one morning. Dh took a large rock and put it out of its misery. We have more, but no more holes in our grass. When we get holes in the grass we may set them again.
  5. I have a Kindergartener and a 3rd grader. Last week we started Early Modern History. We use the Family Guide and Remember the Days. We also have Story to the World, the Usborne Internet Encyclopedia and the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. I like the Story of the World and the Usborne History Encyclopedia. So far I am not liking the Mystery of History or Remember the days. Those are my spine choices. Its too much to read them all with all of the other books. Remember the Days, Mystery of History and Story of the World all have audio, I might use some of the audio instead of reading them all
  6. I am in that group too. I am sad that there will be no summer school. My special needs son will not get any services. I will have to ask to get ESY services from here on out. I never asked because we always did summer school. However, I didn't know until recently they did this through a loophole. 😞
  7. There is a real feeling of loss and mourning in having a special needs kiddo. It's the death of what could have been, the death of a dream.
  8. We used Easy Grammar 2 this year and I really like it. It is very easy and quick, yet I think it is really helping my son.
  9. So is this a sales gimmick or will they never carry Bravewriter again?
  10. I have a kindergartener and a 3rd grader. We have lots of "living books"and read alouds for them, not necessarily text books. I do like the idea of a backpack though for major subjects that we could take with us if we needed to. I need something for our math manipulatives, paper, art supplies, pencils...
  11. My DH and I are decluttering and packing up our house to get it on the market. We are taking down all 5 of my bookshelf's along with our huge homeschool cabinet. I am going to try to gather everything I will need in the next 6 months. I will need the ability to roll all of our homeschool books and supplies into the garage, perhaps with very little notice. I was thinking of a utility cart or library book cart. I would love some suggestions or personal experience. I need to keep everything out of sight as much as possible and there will be nowhere to keep the books and supplies in the house. 😞
  12. My neighbor just had a baby and thanks to this thread my face was totally unchanged when she told me she was getting her placenta capsules today.
  13. I do not have advice. But I do hope you go and get checked out at ER or Urgent care. Until then, do not see a Chiropractor.
  14. I go to the GHC every year and love it. But look at the list of vendors and know what you are looking for. Or know what grades and subjects you need. For instance, I am looking for science, grade 3. That will help you navigate the vendor hall which is huge and overwhelming. I try not to buy too much there unless I am sure I want it and will use it. I have often got home and wonder what was I thinking. It is easy to get carried away with the energy and salespeople. As far as the children program, I have always taken DH to watch the children, as they are too young to all be in the program. Maybe
  15. My husband and his brother both had cystic acne and took it in their teens. They both developed ulcerative colitis as a result. I would never let my children take it. They both have bowel issues and bleeding.
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