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  1. I use a Kokuyo Jibun Techo, but it's an A5 slim, which is slightly more narrow and a smidge taller than a true A5.
  2. Since they like the chili, you might want to try this recipe sometime: I prepare a dry cup of red lentils and use it in place of the meat. I use 1 TBL roasted vegetable Better Than Bouillon and 2 cups of water instead of the broth. I add the Bouillon before adding the taco seasoning and the water when the recipe calls for adding the broth. DH, who thinks he hasn't eaten a meal if there is no meat, will eat the whole pot if I don't save myself some first. (He works 3rd shift, so we don't often get to eat together these days.) ETA: In winter I use sweet potato instead of the zucchini/summer squash.
  3. I've had success with vitamin E oil for preventing scarring from both cuts and 2nd degree burns. I bought a small bottle from the pharmacy, but Trader Joe's sells it for a good price too. As others have said, I never let the wounds dry out, and there is absolutely no evidence that I ever spilled hot oil over my right hand or that I deeply sliced into my left index finger with a serrated knife.
  4. I'm very sorry for your loss.
  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful update! Many blessings to you, Greta.
  6. My book club just finished The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper, which is a cute, uplifting story about a 69-year-old man.
  7. Another very satisfied Chewy customer here. We buy cat food, treats, and litter regularly, toys occasionally, and a few months ago a cat tree for 1/3 of what the local pet store charges. So far every order has been correct and delivered in two days. All of the prices are comparable or a little less than at the local pet stores.
  8. Threading is painful, but I find it far more effective than waxing.
  9. This is one of our favorites. We use red lentils instead of ground beef, but any lentils will do. Instead of chicken broth, we use roasted vegetable Better than Bouillon and water, but vegetable broth or stock would also work.
  10. I am so sorry for your losses. Hugs to you and your DS.
  11. Are you sure it was a CRC congregation? I live in a CRC saturated area. The CRC ordains women as deacons, elders, and pastors, and while most congregations will pray for our government and encourage political participation, most do not engage in promoting any particular candidates. What you describe is more like a United Reformed Church congregation with its views on male-only leadership.
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