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  1. We finished homeschooling last year shortly after the lockdown hit. We exited our coop with no fanfare or celebration, due to covid, and I had to figure out my life after homeschooling. I did love homeschooling very much. It is definitely a transition to end this stage and launch your last child. I gave myself lots of grace and time (well, covid gave me time) and started to figure out what the next stage looks like for me. Take your time and realize you're grieving some parts of your life that will never be the same. But, there's also a new part opening up. I wish you well, and I'm sorry our f
  2. Welcome! I started out as mostly a lurker in 2008, but contribute every now and then if I feel I have something to add to the discussion. I'm also done with my homeschooling journey, but I find new perspectives, interesting information, and friendly camaraderie on these forums. I'm glad you found us and have come out of lurk mode. You shouldn't feel any pressure to post, ever, but I hope you feel the freedom to do so if you choose.
  3. We often just put a glob of dough (about two cookies' worth) in a small dish and microwave it for ten or fifteen seconds. It's awesome, but everyone has to do their own.
  4. It sounds like the family you made is kinder and more mature than the family you were born into. Hang on to those people who give you love and strength. Offer grace to those who are mean and immature, but don't expect them to fill your heart. And, keep your distance if they are trying to wound you. You have a lot to be thankful for; I'm glad your kids are rising to the challenge.
  5. Hi, Welcome to TWTM community! I agree with regentrude. I would encourage open and honest communication with your husband and then with your BIL about time frame. You both have valid points, but I think you need to find something you can all be comfortable with if this turns into a long-term situation. Set a move-out date for him if you all aren't comfortable with the arrangements.
  6. I got my 2nd Moderna on a Saturday morning, and felt bad all day Sunday, but felt ok and went to work on Monday. On Sunday, I would not have been able to go to work due to symptoms. I spent the day in bed with chills and nausea. You might consider rescheduling if you can.
  7. Praying for you all. I'm so sorry. I'm dealing with mental illness in child, and it's brutal. You are surrounded with love from this group.
  8. Is there any way you could work half a day and he could work the other half a day in the office, so you don't have a chance of infecting him? Assuming you are the only one in the office and nobody else comes in? If you're doing paperwork and phone calls, but not interacting with live people, I think that would work, but I don't know your setup. ETA: I would still err on the side of caution and state laws.
  9. Ellie, I think the American understanding of the term evangelical has become something more than the dictionary definition, hence the reason people either identify with the term, or don’t. It has to do a lot with self identification or self non-identification. It is confusing and unclear, but if you ask individual churches and people, most would be able to tell you if they’re evangelical or not.
  10. I used to self-identify as an evangelical. To me, at the time, it meant: 1. Aligning with conservative politics 2. Doctrine of hell that included eternal torment for "sinners"/Calvinist doctrine 3. Rejection of evolution in favor of 7 day creationism, or you aren't considered a Christian 4. Anti LGBTQ 5. Penal Substitution Theory of Atonement 6. Duty to impact culture by generous giving, voting, picketing, boycotting, witnessing 7. I was self-righteous, judgmental, and certain My rejection of evangelicalism has been a rejection of most of the above belie
  11. I grew up in a large non-denominational church that had been Assembly of God, which imploded when the leader had a financial failing. Then, 20 years later, dh and I were quite active in a non-denominational church that was moving towards what is now called New Apostolic Reformation, which is more a "movement" than a denomination. We experienced (and were willing participants in) legalism, abuse of power, cult-like attitudes, and general weirdness, mixed with a lot of great people and true friendships and genuine encounters with God. Thankfully, that church imploded, and we went on a sear
  12. I would offer to pick something up from their favorite restaurant and bring it to them. They can still host by providing the dessert and place to eat. But I would take any suggestions or preferences they may have.
  13. You should let Outschool know, because it's harming their reputation and they should decide what action to take with her. I would also let her know you are unhappy. You are buying a service for your child; she is there to work for you. You are not there to work for her. If she gets defensive, she doesn't understand the dynamics of her job. It's too bad she's going through health issues, and it's ok to have sympathy and understanding as a fellow human being. But, that's really not your role in her life. I hope you will be able to find another great class for your kiddo.
  14. I got my 2nd Moderna shot yesterday morning. Last night I had bad chills and body aches, and I woke up with fever and body aches. I feel pretty good now, so the worst time for me was between 12 and 24 hours after the shot.
  15. I'm so sorry. May you find comfort knowing she's at peace.
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