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  1. Thanks again Elizabeth B, and thanks acresoft, happysmileylady and homemommy83! I have never heard of the Webster's Speller book - thanks for the pdf link. It looks perfect for her. The Victory Drill Book and the McGuffey readers look great too. It is good to know there are other free/inexpensive resources out there. We are big fans of Explode the Code and definitely plan to finish the series.
  2. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your phonics program. This is perfect for us! She needs more practice with the multi-syllable words beyond the primers we use. A lot of the same multi-syllable words were being repeated, and I feel like she is memorizing some of the words in the order they appeared. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Brenda for your thoughtful and thorough response. I've started looking at your recommendations - they look good.
  4. I'm seeking advice on what to do next after completing our phonics primer. We've been using OPGTR, with Progressive Phonics and Phonics Pathways as supplements. Most days, we do the following: (1) work on the phonics primer, (2) she reads books, and (3) for spelling and writing she alternates between Montessori based spelling, copywork, free writing, and Explode the Code. I think that after completing the phonics primer, we work more on spelling, which also works to reinforce the phonics rules? Would you add a formal spelling curriculum, and if so which one? Or maybe spend more time on (2) and (3) above? Thanks in advance.
  5. I would love to hear your experiences - how have you advocated to educators to convince them to challenge your accelerated child at school? Were you successful or not, and what did you end up doing to resolve the situation? What are your tips for successful advocacy? Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you ElizabethB and xahm. These are great tips. I like the idea of making reading more of a game for him. Thanks again!
  7. Thank you for the welcome, and the great advice and encouragement. It is encouraging to hear this is normal. Alice - I had stopped using the phonics program because he was resisting it and I didn't want to push it as it was stressing us both out. After seeing your recommendation about restarting it, we did it today and it went well. I tried to have a relaxed attitude about it and he did it without resistance. I think I will research other phonics programs and hopefully find something he enjoys more. I love your creative use of M&Ms and am going to try it - what a fun way to encourage decoding. MerryAtHope - I love the idea of starting each book reading session with a refresher on blending - what a great idea to get him in the correct mindset. I am definitely going to do this from now on before our book reading sessions. This is all so helpful - thank you so much! :)
  8. We're finishing up the HWOT transitional kindergarten level workbook, and we're getting ready to do the kindergarten level workbook. I have the teacher's guide for the transitional kindergarten level and found it very helpful. But I was looking at the info online regarding transitional kindergarten versus kindergarten and the two levels look pretty similar. Do you see any benefit in purchasing the kindergarten level teacher's guide? Thank you!
  9. I just found this wonderful website and community and have been enjoying reading all the great advice here! I'm seeking advice for my DS (4.75 yo). He learned to read words with a program Children Learning Reading in which he learned to decode without pictures. We started reading BOB Books, and that was going well. He was having fun and decoding 4-5 letter words with ease. Lately, he has been trying to guess based on the pictures and memorize. He seems newly hesitant to actually decode, like he really wants to avoid decoding if he can. I tried to solve this by switching back to stories without pictures (printed from various websites) so he would need to decode, but he says he wants an actual book and then reverts to avoiding decoding. Any experience and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)
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