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  1. How about Social Studies, like Master Books "My Story 1?" Looks fun! https://www.masterbooks.com/catalog/product/view/id/3431
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions! I haven't looked at MEP much, so I might need to look at it some more.
  3. This looks like just what I would need! Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't know they had these, but I did see they only have the review books for grades 1-3, which would work for my younger kids, by not my oldest. Hopefully they will come out with the higher levels soon!
  4. I used MM with my son in 1st grade, and I really loved the way it teaches math! I soon found out that my son needed more review though. He'd finish a chapter on one topic, and by the time there was a review on it, he had forgotten how to do it. We ended up using Horizon, which worked well for him. I did miss the way MM explained things, and the conceptual, mental math aspect of MM. I also like that MM is a pdf and I can print it as many times as I need (without taking up room on my shelf). Is there a math curriculum that teaches in a way similar to MM that uses conceptual and mental math, but also is spiral (with more review)? Thanks!
  5. I didn't realize ELTL included art studies too...hummm.... I might need to look at it again! In ELTL, do they read whole books, or just portions? Is it considered a full grammar curriculum? I was looking at Beowulf's Grammar too. Looks fun! I'm not quite sure how it works from grades 2-6 though.
  6. I've been thinking about try this curriculum so much, but I'm concerned about the grammar, writing, spelling, and some of the literature (I haven't read much beside the early readers, and I wasn't too impressed with them. I think I'd rather choose my own books for them to read.) And since those are kind of the main aspects of it, it doesn't seem like it will be the right fit for us. The main reasons I'm attracted to it are because it incorporates art study (with beautiful pictures!), ads art lessons, includes some geography (although it doesn't look like much), is colorful and fun looking, and is all put together in a one main book for daily lessons (I know some levels have another book, plus a reader). I think I might try it lightly over the summer and see how it goes. I'm also thinking of putting together my own books put into daily lessons using other things that I think might work better for us.
  7. My concerns about The Good and the Beautiful are: -it's a newer curriculum and it's not "tried and true" like so many others out there. -am I just caught up in the hype and like it because it has pretty pictures!?!? :confused1: -I know it's marketed as a "non-denominational" Christian curriculum, but I do have some concerns about the author being LDS and I wonder if works- based vs. grace-based salvation creeps in at all.... Maybe I'm over thinking it? Mostly, I'm just just curious if there's anything else like it out there, and if there are any great visuals available to go with MOH or SOTW (and why not, if there isn't??)
  8. Hi! First time poster.....long time reader! I've learned so much about different curricula on this forum, but never bothered to sign up to post on here until tonight... Do you know of any LA curriculum that integrates art, geography, and beautiful, colorful pictures like The Good and the Beautiful does? I really like that it's not the same thing every day, every lesson is different, and keeps things interesting. Also, I am a very visual person and love to look at things that are beautiful! This curriculum is beautiful! I kind of like the idea of Total Language Plus for LA, but is there something I could add to it that would bring in some of the beautiful art appreciation, art projects, and geography without adding in a ton of extra curriculum? Also, the Good and the Beautiful History....Does MOH or SOTW have any kind of beautiful visuals to go along with it? I can't seem to find anything that would be similar to the "Big Book of History Stories" and the "Maps & Images" the Good and Beautiful history has. I would have thought someone would have put something like that together for one of these popular curricula! Am I missing something? I do think I like the idea of studying more time periods instead of one time period for an entire year. I like that the Good and the Beautiful doesn't contain a ton of parts/extras and is more minimalist, but still with great content. Are there more good (and beautiful) curricula out there I just haven't found yet? Thanks for any responses!
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