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  1. For feel good with almost no gore: When Calls the Heart (many seasons) and Anne with an E — those two would be great for someone feeling under the weather. And Virgin River had an interesting storyline (I think it’s based on a novel). Hell on Wheels has some violence (which I fast forwarded through) and is definitely R rated for other reasons, so you could save that for when you’re feeling better. It’s a great show though. Same w/ The Witcher and Turn. Northern Rescue has a pretty good storyline but I like to watch shows w/ more than one season when I’m not feeling well, so you could wait on t
  2. When Calls the Heart, Anne with an E, New Girl, Virgin River, Hell on Wheels, Longmire, Turn, The Witcher, Northern Rescue. Feel better soon!
  3. There are medical exceptions for a mask mandate, so even though we see a small percentage of people masking in our area which mandates a mask, some people medically can’t wear a mask. Also, with the past (and continuing) protests there were some people not wearing masks while protesting....so while peaceful protests are allowed and while some people medically can’t wear masks, what should be done about the people protesting who could wear masks but didn’t? I don’t think masks are 100% protection against the pandemic (LOL) so even people wearing masks attending protests in close proximity were
  4. I don’t know if the lines are still as long, but some people were waiting in line all day to get tested. How long could I wait in line if I had to wait when it’s hot out even though I have A/C in my car? Not all day, I know that. As far as false test results for corona, my DH’s hygienist told him that she took her kids to get tested for COVID-19, but after a few hours of waiting her kids couldn’t take the wait any longer. They left, and a week or so later she was contacted and told her kids tested positive for COVID-19 when they actually had never gotten tested. And because their names a
  5. Those are definitely not stupid questions! My oldest didn’t take a CLEP test until the summer after she completed her sophomore year in high school. She could have done one at the end of her 9th grade year; she knew the U.S. Government material having taken that class at home, and could have passed the American Government CLEP test, but I didn’t know about CLEP at that point. Really, if a student is a good test taker and wants to take a CLEP test, I would go for it. However, make sure the colleges your student is thinking about attending will accept the CLEP credit. The Literature CLEP isn’t a
  6. One of my nephews has autism and is in the special needs class at his local public school. What are single parents doing in this pandemic? I mean, the public school is offering the hybrid option of go to physical school 3 days/ week and remote school rest of the time, or for special needs kids, they can go in person 5 days/ week, or they can choose the all online public school option. The problem is, my brother isn’t comfortable sending his autistic son to the public school with the pandemic going on still. I know many parents are in the same boat as far as comfort level sending their kid(s)
  7. Just one of the things that has been annoying me since this pandemic came on the scene is how much contradictory information we, the public, have gotten. Is there asymptomatic spread or is it that COVID-19 is airborne, which 239 researchers recently published an article on? I'm not going to claim that there definitely isn't asymptomatic spread but an awful lot of different claims have been walked back due to what almost seems like some kind of pressure. Fauci saying masks were not needed by the general public initially...now we are being told differently. And hey, we are wearing masks when we
  8. CLEP tests, run by the College Board, are not nearly as well known as AP exams. But at some public and private universities, passing one or more CLEP tests can get you college credit. I forget now where I first read about CLEP tests a few years ago, but my now freshman in college has 43 college credits (30 credits from CLEP; 13 from DE). All the credits were accepted by her college. Some colleges / universities don't accept many CLEP credits while others accept a lot. Sometimes if you ask the admissions department they will tell you they accept a CLEP test (passing score) in place of an SAT su
  9. One of my mom's friends said this same thing happened to her about going for a COVID-19 test and leaving and not getting tested because the line was too long...and then getting told her test came back positive.
  10. Oops -- What I meant to put after reading that whole long CDC article is the super spreader reported cold-like symptoms starting March 7. Three days later that person attended the choir practice on March 10 and didn't realize he/she had COVID-19. No choir member was sick on March 3. CDC concluded the person who had cold-like symptoms starting on March 7 was the index patient. Possibly that person was pre-symptomatic on March 3, but the CDC report doesn't say (that I could find, could be wrong!). From what I can tell reading the CDC report (under Investigation and Findings subhead) and the disc
  11. Well, after the CDC investigated, it looks like from their report that one person who had cold-like symptoms attended the choir you're talking about in Skagit County, WA on March 7 and seems like that person was the super spreader. So, not an asymptomatic person. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6919e6.htm
  12. Did anyone see or post this article (posted July 9) about 239 researchers claiming "there's significant evidence the coronavirus can persist in the air"..... https://www.cnet.com/news/coronavirus-airborne-spread-who-calls-for-more-evidence-about-covid-19-transmission/
  13. I am looking at the CDC website re: asymptomatic people, and the problem with facts on asymptomatic people is more time and study is needed for facts about if/how much asymptomatic people transmit. As CDC states, asymptomatic people are not routinely tested. From CDC's recently updated site: "The relative infectiousness of asymptomatic cases to symptomatic cases remains highly uncertain as asymptomatic cases are difficult to identify and transmission is difficult to observe and quantify. The estimates for relative infectiousness are assumptions based on studies of viral shedding dynamics."
  14. Thanks so much for helping me get rid of the yellow Help button!!! My eyes really disliked that yellow button. Agree re: supplements. I'm taking B12 and vitamin C. I've got some of what you mentioned on hand if we need it (NAC, magnesium, K, zinc).
  15. I think most kids will be safe from COVID-19 in the sense that it's rare kids die from it. But as far as kids who get COVID-19 and have mild or moderate symptoms, and don't have to go to the ER or a doctor, what are the stats on that? And what about the kids who get COVID-19 and are still recovering from it or may have permanent issues from it? Even mild symptoms for COVID-19 are not fun. Are severe cases the ones that have to go to the ER? I guess so. Even if kids aren't super spreaders, it seems like there would be some spread at schools--what about the adults who work with kids or drive th
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