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  1. I think your idea of putting your son in Geometry now is a good one. Hopefully he likes Geometry better! I've heard good things about Teaching Textbooks, and Math U See is a curriculum some people I know have used successfully.
  2. We are using Mr. D live for my DS (Algebra 2). It's awesome and my son actually likes math now as opposed to before... As far as Algebra 1 that my DD did, we used Saxon and it was awful. With DS we used Foerster and it was better than the Saxon text, but after that DS requested a live virtual math class. 🙂DD used Shormann briefly for Algebra 2 and did use 2 chapters of the College Algebra CLEP review that Shormann offers and that was fine, but we just didn't have good luck with Shormann. But honestly people learn differently and that could be the reason. DD said there were too many things to w
  3. Yes, the homework assigned didn't help him learn. He really like the tutor (tried to get the same one each time) but the homework didn't help him learn the Spanish. I know lots of people here love Homeschool Spanish Academy and I wish my son had loved it (it's cheaper) and been able to learn the Spanish but unfortunately not. That is why there is a wide variety of curriculum, as people learn differently!
  4. My DD tried using Shormann Algebra 2 and made it through maybe 1 chapter before we switched to a different curriculum. I'm not so sure it's the kid that's the issue. 🙂 Knowing what I know now about math curriculum and my kids, I should have put her in the self-paced Mr. D Math.
  5. DS is doing Spanish 1 online with Kolbe Academy and loves it. This is the 3rd option for online Spanish that we've tried including Homeschool Spanish Academy, and the first one that clicked and is working for DS. It's not cheap, but it's less expensive than OSU. About $860 + a new family fee from what I can tell (not including text). They are accredited but also progressing towards regional accreditation (a good thing). https://kolbe.org/courses/online/courses/high-school/online-foreign-language-courses/wcf-09span1/
  6. Spanish 1 online with Kolbe Academy has been great this year, using Avancemos. The teacher is new but great-- my son's favorite Spanish teacher so far. The Spanish 1 class meets once/week but there is an optional second meeting on a different day where one just practices the Spanish learned thus far in that class.
  7. It is expensive, but considering how much rides on being able to write well in high school and college, and the essays to get into college, it's worth it. I read on this forum that if you can swing doing just a year for a 9th grader, it really helps in high school. It is my opinion that if one can only swing paying for 1 semester (fall semester is best if just doing one) that it is very worth it. If you can find a good curriculum that is writing intensive you could potentially do a homeschool course and see if there are online tutors in your price range that could grade essays and a research e
  8. The state flagship of Florida used to require 2 validations per core subject except for English -- however -- this changed as of summer '20. Instead, they now state that they prefer homeschoolers take regionally accredited classes. When asked if we could submit CLEP /AP passing scores the answer was we can and those will go in the app file, but they prefer regionally accredited classes. To me this indicates that regular homeschoolers are at a major disadvantage unless they have very superior SAT/ACT test scores. State flagship is a top 10 public university.
  9. I don't know what to tell you other than my son has the same problem. My solution a few years ago was to make him learn how to type and he uses Word and spell checks, and then I look over his papers for spelling errors. He did do Spelling workbooks every year but he was good at finding patterns and doing them with little thought, and I've come to accept he isn't that great a speller. Some people aren't and at least we have spell check! I will say that he has gotten much better at editing his work thanks to the high output of writing he's had to do this year.
  10. @Roadrunner Yes, I live in Florida and that is what the state flagship used to require. DD fulfilled those requirements and was accepted there. I still have their PDF of the old requirements for homeschoolers. Now their preference is for homeschoolers to take regionally accredited classes and submit the transcript for those with their app. They no longer require validations of core courses, Admissions told me. I asked about CLEP and similar tests and from the response we can submit those and they'll be added to the app file, but they prefer regionally accredited classes. It definitely seems st
  11. While a lot of universities will likely continue accepting AP exam credit as "validation" of homeschool transcripts, our state flagship will not now -- unless the AP class taken is regionally accredited.
  12. AP seemed to kill my DD's interest in the subject and she said the AP classes she did had more busy work than her dual enrollment classes. What about taking regionally accredited classes for foreign language? TPS, FLVS, and I am sure there are others you could look into. I can't recall what year your kids are in, but I have heard of some kids doing FLVS Spanish 1 & 2 in less than the 2 years they are normally done, as they had already taken "unaccredited" Spanish. I know FLVS offers other foreign languages. My DD took 2 years of a foreign language via TPS (only classes she took at TPS) and
  13. I also think this move of the College Board discontinuing SAT Subject tests is outrageous. It makes things so much harder for homeschoolers. I contacted our flagship university, which had until recently a reasonable requirement of homeschoolers -- 2 validations per core subject. For example, my DD now at university showed validations mainly with CLEP passing scores but some dual enrollment (total 40 college credits). Now, the Admissions office says they prefer to see regionally accredited courses from homeschoolers when they apply, over a CLEP transcript. So, one can still take & show CLEP
  14. For feel good with almost no gore: When Calls the Heart (many seasons) and Anne with an E — those two would be great for someone feeling under the weather. And Virgin River had an interesting storyline (I think it’s based on a novel). Hell on Wheels has some violence (which I fast forwarded through) and is definitely R rated for other reasons, so you could save that for when you’re feeling better. It’s a great show though. Same w/ The Witcher and Turn. Northern Rescue has a pretty good storyline but I like to watch shows w/ more than one season when I’m not feeling well, so you could wait on t
  15. When Calls the Heart, Anne with an E, New Girl, Virgin River, Hell on Wheels, Longmire, Turn, The Witcher, Northern Rescue. Feel better soon!
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