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  1. Thanks! Ill check it out. My son is turning three this year, so we have a lot of time, but we are planning on moving next year, and I don't want to be figuring all this stuff out last minute! There is so much information, it can be overwhelming!
  2. I sometimes get the feeling that the curriculum is too intense. (Just from what I have seen.) I want something rigorous but I don't want my son get burnt out! I want to teach that learning is both fun and a discipline. I have looked into Charlotte Mason style schooling, and like the idea of it, but I don't think it would fit my personality as a parent. So instead I would like to find a classical approach with a slight Charlotte Mason slant. I have seen a lot of people combining the two, but I have no idea how to do that!
  3. I really like that Memoria is a box curriculum--at least for my first year of homeschooling. I will probably change it up after that, but knowing everything is ready is a great plus. I also like the focus on logic and the Christian sections are very neutral. I like that I can build on the religious studies without having to weed through curriculum we may not align with. I'll check out the website! Thanks!
  4. I have researched Veritas Press. Could you elaborate on the similarities and differences between Memoria, Progeny and Classical Academic Press? Thanks!
  5. Yes! I really like Godly Play. Our church uses it and it is well done. We will be moving to a different state (not sure where yet) before we will start homeschooling, so I want to make sure I have something in case we can't find a church with a great children's ministry! Thanks everyone!
  6. I am still in the early stages of research--we won't be homeschooling until next year. (I am a planner though!) I actually just ordered Well-Trained Mind. Waiting for it to arrive! I was really drawn to Memoria Press because it seemed simple--I like the school in a box idea, for at least the first year of homeschooling. (So I can figure out what I am doing!) I also love the use of virtues and ethics and logic in their curriculum, which seems to be a focus in classical curriculum. However, I get the feeling that it is very rigorous, and I don't want my child to hate learning or get burnt out. Godly Play is used in my church. I have taught 2-4th graders using this Montessori curriculum and it does spark some wonderful conversations. Sometimes I think it is too laid back and not rigorous enough though. I think I would prefer this for younger children, but not for older. This curriculum does talk a lot about church history and saints, which I love. We are Baptist, but love church tradition and lean slightly Anglican. This curriculum seems to be a great combination of the two.
  7. I really like the looks of Memoria Press, but wanted to know if there were any other (similar) curriculum out there. Thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone! I've thought about using Godly Play (a Montessori curriculum) along with classical curriculum, but I wasn't sure if that would go well together or be too much.
  9. I'm thinking more about the religion lessons. I wouldn't mind if religion blended with other subjects though, but that isn't necessary. Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone, I have not started homeschooling yet, but I am looking through the mounds of curriculum out there. What is the best Christian homeschooling curriculum that isn't conservative? (I consider our family moderate.) I found Memoria Press to be the best I've seen, but I wanted to know if there were other options other than secular. Thanks! K
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