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  1. Wow, you guys ROCK!! :party: I'm making a list on my phone to take on my next trip to the bookstore and/or library. Entertainment SHALL BE MINE!!! :D
  2. Twice in the last few weeks, I went into a bookstore and left with NOTHING. Okay, not true. I left with stuff for my kids, and a mental list of non-fiction I'm interested in getting from the library, and a heaping dose of depression at not finding a new novel to knock my socks off. I've been reading almost exclusively non-fiction for a few years (homeschool-mom research-mode, I think? :tongue_smilie: ). And I really want to read something FUN and ENTERTAINING. But time is so scarce these days, I'm scared of picking up a bad book and wasting the little free time I have. Yes. I h
  3. Thanks so much for all your kind words, ladies. Life has never been so hard.
  4. ...and are willing to talk to me via email or pm, I would really appreciate it. I lack a real-life confidante and am having a really rough time. :crying: I have a lot going on but will check back in after my kids go to bed in a few hours.
  5. Yes, I have a child like this and am currently trying the 'run him ragged' approach. He's 3 and a half. He does an hour of gymnastics several days per week, and we've been taking one or more hour-long bike rides every day, along with all his usual general perpetual motion. ;) I've seen improvement in his ability to focus and general behaviour. Our worst day this week was the one where I couldn't get him to eat breakfast. He was off all day. We've also completely removed screen time of all sorts this week, so I'm not sure if that's contributed to the improvement as well.
  6. Thanks again for the advice! We took them back in this morning, and afte having the nose and ear pieces adjusted he's doing MUCH better! I could not find one of those straps ANYWHERE at the mall, though. I think he's going to need it for gymnastics and such. Any ideas where to look?
  7. Thank you all! I'll take him back and see if they can adjust them better (I actually said while I was there that he hates things sliding and to make sure they were tight, but the lady wanted to err on the side of not too tight...). Where does one buy a strap to hold them on? He's a tiny acrobat and half of his life is spent upside down or flipping around, so that sounds like a great idea...
  8. I just picked up glasses for my 3yo boy, and I need you guys to tell me how the heck to get a preschooler to keep them on (preferably with as little drama as possible!). He's very, very active, and very very intense. The adjustment is not likely to be easy. ;) It seems like they're sliding down his nose a bit and it's driving him crazy. Is this a fit issue? Should I go back and get them adjusted? I have no idea what I'm doing here (and don't even wear glasses myself, so I have no fame of reference). Any tips would be massively appreciated!
  9. Ah, but sharing a bright idea with George Bernard Shaw is nothing to sniff at! Just means you're thinking like one of the greats. :D
  10. This has been a fascinating thread for me. SO MANY interesting ideas and food for thought. I feel like this is the direction I've been WANTING to go, but haven't had the confidence for. Justamouse, I often read your posts and reflect that I want to be you when I grow up. :lol: And 8FillstheHeart has consistently caused me to think and rethink my educational philosophy. Any chance you two ladies feel like making a booklist for your adoring fans on this thread? I would LOVE to see your fantastic, don't-miss-it children's literature suggestions... :)
  11. I really, really love this post. I spend way too much of my life trying to 'do things right' and obsessing over how they're turning out. I've been super-conflicted lately because I'm essentially walking away from my very academic school plans for my eldest. We were so stressed and unhappy trying to 'get stuff done' while my two toddlers wreaked havoc around us. I want to switch to something more easygoing and flexible while we're in this stage, and get back to a place where we're excited and happy about what we're doing. Anyway, sorry for the ramble/threadjack! You sound like an awesom
  12. I've been sitting here typing and retyping, trying to figure out a way to say this that won't hurt anyone's feelings or get me in trouble. I'm just going to say it. Unless you understand Irish politics, please don't wear orange on St. Patrick's day. It's not a symbol of being Protestant, it's a symbol of hate and discrimination against Catholics. I'm not saying that's what anyone here is doing on purpose, but you need to understand the history to get how hurtful and offensive that is to an Irish Catholic. Nobody needs to wear green or celebrate the holiday or any such thing, but delib
  13. Am I the only person who HATES a word/phrase, and then will start using it as a joke with people who know how much I loathe it (like my husband or close friends). And then over time, it slowly slips into my regular vocabulary and escapes my lips even with folks who have no idea it's a word I detest and supposedly only use jokingly... And then after a while, I don't really remember what I hated so much about it in any case. The number of things I now say regularly that I once mocked others for saying is kind of astounding. :lol:
  14. Yes. Me too. We're having such a hard time. :( We're about to get a decent sized tax refund, and for the first time ever, we can't use it for anything but catching up. My winter boots just fell apart, all my kids just had a major growth spurt and need clothes, my van needs new tires, and my debit card weeps every time I buy groceries. I'm so tired of feeling like we'll never get ahead. :grouphug:
  15. :grouphug::grouphug: I also have three kids whose needs are all very, very intense right now. It feels like we're constantly in crisis mode, trying to find solutions to all the issues... It's so hard to feel like there are more needs than you can meet at once. I always feel like I'm falling short and letting someone down. Hang in there. You're an awesome mom, and the very hard time WILL PASS. :grouphug:
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