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  1. My DD is enrolled in HSLDA Online Academy's AP World History: Modern course. I'm not sure how I feel about it though. Of course she's only had one class so it's hard to tell. The teachers seem pretty dry as does the college level history textbook. However, we're used to very engaging, story-based history (Story of the World, unit studies inc. "real" books by exciting authors & unit studies, etc.). Maybe my expectations are too high... I'd love to know if anyone has had a great online experience in any history course -- or any other high school subject online course. Or an engaging high school teacher in an online course.
  2. Hi, Has anyone taken courses at HSLDA Online Academy? Are there any teachers and/or courses that you felt were particularly good, that you would recommend? My daughter does fine with hard classes if the teacher is passionate and engaging. But she's not crazy about "let's learn streams of facts" courses delivered in monotones. She's in AP World History: Modern now. Are any of the teachers engaging? Otherwise, do you know any other teachers online in history -- preferably World History -- who are engaging? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. My daughter has had Erica Schauer for French I and French 2. I'd love to hear thoughts / experiences / lessons learned from anyone who has taken French 3, since my daughter will be taking it next year. Unfortunately, although I can answer questions about French 1 or 2, I can't share anything from French 3 since my DD hasn't had it yet. I do know that my DD told me that Dr. S mentioned in class that her fave class to teach was French 2 - that French 3 seemed much harder for the kids to "get." I plan to email Dr. Schauer and ask her if she has any thoughts about what my DD can do to prepare for or what she should review to help her with French 3. Again, I'd also greatly appreciate anyone willing to share his/her experience with this course..
  4. My DD is taking Great Conversations I with Rayna Bailey this schoolyear. It is her favorite class! My DD is in the 8th grade and is on the older side of 8th grade. I would consider her an average to above average student but not the genius kid :-) Frankly, I am totally impressed with how Dr. Bailey has made even the hardest books accessible to younger students. My daughter is challenged by the more difficult texts but the handholding (excellent lectures, videos shown prior to reading certain books, extensive class discussion of the themes) has made her confident in tackling them. And, as another poster pointed out, the tough books are interspersed with easier ones. A few other points; * Does your logic level student get interested and engaged in themes about what is truth? what is goodness? comparing a pagan hero's quality traits to that of a Biblical hero? I think most average kids could read and understand the text and themes well enough to get a lot out of the class. I'm not sure every (or even most) 7th graders would be fascinated by these themes. My 8th grade daughter finds this sort of discussion exciting, but that's kind of her thing too. * The kids are not expected to write well developed essays at this point. The kids are expected to be able to answer opinion questions with 2 or 3 solid paragraphs with a theme sentence and supporting sentences. The assumption is that the students are taking another class concurrently that would cover writing. The GCI class focuses on the books and the themes. * Given the above, Dr. Bailey carefully explained the grading rubric for writing and periodically reminds the students about paragraphs / theme sentences. * Not having a heavy writing requirement was an important consideration to me because her writing classes at Well Trained Mind Academy require plenty of time and effort. I can't imagine my DD having another demanding writing class on top of Expository Writing III at WTMA. When I asked my DD if she wanted to take GC2 next year, she answered me with a resounding "Yes!" I registered her for the class this week and we are planning to continue the Great Conversation classes at least through GC3. After that point, we'll have to consider whether to continue with the series or take separate history and lit classes (another discussion). I hope this was helpful? I would be happy to answer any specific questions about the course or the teacher.
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