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  1. Thank you so much! I am curious to hear out it works out for you. I don’t know why grammar is so difficult for me as a subject.
  2. Thank you so much for all of this info! The songs sound really fun too. Do you know of the levels cover punctuation as well?
  3. Have you used Well-ordered language? I would love to get some insight on how it works & what you like about it! Does it teach any punctuation along with analyzing sentences?? I am not seeing how it works from the samples. We Love W&R and will continue on with it but I cannot figure out what grammar to pair with it.
  4. Yes! I have been searching through all samples and reviews I can find on this. It appears to be intense sent structure but I am not seeing much punctuation. I am not sure if this intensive type of grammar program is even necessary for us though? I am struggling on how to handle grammar for my 3/4 ish grader
  5. I have not read the comments- but my daughter who has been battling the flu, after she had strep throat, woke up last wk screaming that her jaw hurt. I thought it might have been an ear ache because she does have such a congested head. Then yesterday she said the other side of her jaw hurt. I wonder if it is some wierd virus going around ?? We are in CA
  6. I Love this thread! My year completely changed from what I had planned. We moved. Then January 2010 hit and my 9th grade son who started out in PS came home and my 3rd grade dd who started out homeschooling, went to a private school hybrid homeschooling Co-op 2 days a wk on campus, 3 days at home. My 11th grade son went to PS and my 24 yr old dd moved out with a 37 yr old (sigh, I am not coping very well with that at all). Original Plan for my 3rd grader was: Math: singapore 3A/B, Multiplication math Facts 6 wk class, Jiji Math for fun. We switched to CLE 3, and love it! She did the class but it wasn't helpful. LA: TGTB 3 using only parts and pieces, CAP W&R fables, Building Spelling Skills 3, Easy Grammar 3, pentime 3 cursive We did all of that until Jan, and now we are using ABeka Language 3, IEW ATF&F, Wiseguide Spelling, all because that is what the co-op is using, but I disike Abeka, WG & IEW greatly and I supplement with TGTB 3 and can't wait to drop IEW for W&R, my daughter loves W&R much more too. We kept Pentime 3. Fall Lit: Sign of the Beaver writing a book report: 6 wk class We did this, it went well! Winter & Spring Lit: bravewriter single arrows coinciding with Science units: Nim's Island Then The Wind In The Willows We tried Wind In The willows, and it did not go over well, thinking Bravewriter is not for us, I just could not get into a good rhythm with it. Science: Fall; TGTB Space Science & STEM class, We did this, really like tgtb science unit, and will do another. Winter: TGTB Water & Our World. probably wont get to this. Adventure of Sharks & Dolphins class, doing this now and it is just meh Spring: Frogs & Toads, we did this, watched the tadpole become a frog and we now have 2 happy frogs. Natural Disasters class This will start in April History/Geography: TGTB history yr 1, Unit 4, Beautiful Feet Around The World We finished TGTB H1- loved it! We have dragged our feet on BF and the co-op does M0H ancients which we is just OK, but they are going way too quickly through it so we aren't getting as much out of it as we could. being with the co=op and having to stay on lesson to check boxes off is not our thing! Bible/memory: AWANA Dropped out in Jan. CO-Op; cooking, art masters, PE Dropped out off classes to go to hybrid co-op but my daughter misses this co-op. It was parent run, and intensive, I had a major meltdown and needed a reprieve from this so that is why I traded the parent run co-op for the private school hybrid. On a positive note, I am getting my energy back, my kids all seem to be doing well now in Feb, and I have plenty of curriculum for my 4th grader for next year. We can do the 3rd grade stuff we didn't finish for 4th grade rt, lol?!!!! my brain hurts
  7. Mystery Science is great or The Good & The Beautiful has super easy, open & go Family Science Units that are great. I also think there is nothing wrong with doing child-led, un-schooling science or just nature study for your kids ages.
  8. Everyone has so many great line-ups ! I am having a hard time choosing because my daughter is really taking off which means lots of possibilities. it also means what we have been doing is working so I should probably just stick with it, but the shiny & new is so tempting. LA/Lit: TGTB level 4 Writing Comp: CAP Writing & Rhetoric finish Fable, start Narrative Penmanship/copywork: Pentime 4 History: TGTB History year 2 Science: Winter Promise Equine Science Bible: ?? Maybe Kids Small Group at church and use that curriculum or awana or on our own, not sure yet Math: Singapore 4 or CLE 4 we love them both PE: swimming, horse back riding & various outdoor activities Extras: Wed Co-op classes plus field trips
  9. We are halfway through our 3rd grade yr and changed some things. started with The Good & The Good Beauitful LA & Lit level 3, paused and did some things below, then came back to tgtb> Phonics/Reading: Mcguffy Reader level 2-3 and other independent reading books everyday. Grammar/mechanics: Easy grammar grade 3 Spelling: Buidling Spelling Skills grade 3 from Christian liberty press (we use this about 3-4 days a week for independent spelling practice only and don’t test) Writing: Writing & Rhetoric Fables. We take about a week and half to get through a lesson and then we take a week or so break. It has been a hit. Pentime 3 cursive about 3-4 days a week
  10. Well, For grade 3 we have been using Writing & Rhetoric Fables - we love it!!! I have also used EIW- Essentials in Writing. Its focus is only grammar & writing. It is very easy for me to use because it is pretty independent with step by step instructions in the student’s workbook or they can watch the short 10 min lessons by Mr Stephen if u get the dvd.
  11. This isn't really a trick, but when we come across those ir - ur words, I give a hint and say, "you spell it like the (make the phonics sound as you say it ) /urrrr/ as in hurt or nurse.....and for ir it is the /irrrr/ of bird. Then it is just a matter of seeing it and using those words over and over like the OP said about memorizing.
  12. We absolutely LOVED R&S Science Patterns of Nature, it was my daughter’s favorite thing all year !
  13. I got it because it explains all the “rules†and has some extra stuff in it. It was very helpful to me.
  14. We used Rod & Staff phonics workbooks (not the reading ones) grade 1 and LOVED them!!! They really helped cement reading, writing & spelling for my daughter. I never used ETC but they look fun. We also went rt into grade 2 R&S spelling and she didn’t love that at first..... but half way through she is really starting to like it. No dictionary yet, but that seems like you could easily add that in if you wanted too.
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