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  1. This isn't really a trick, but when we come across those ir - ur words, I give a hint and say, "you spell it like the (make the phonics sound as you say it ) /urrrr/ as in hurt or nurse.....and for ir it is the /irrrr/ of bird. Then it is just a matter of seeing it and using those words over and over like the OP said about memorizing.
  2. Hallyv

    3rd grade planning thread 2018-2019

    We absolutely LOVED R&S Science Patterns of Nature, it was my daughter’s favorite thing all year !
  3. Hallyv

    What phonics workbook do I want?

    I got it because it explains all the “rules†and has some extra stuff in it. It was very helpful to me.
  4. Hallyv

    What phonics workbook do I want?

    We used Rod & Staff phonics workbooks (not the reading ones) grade 1 and LOVED them!!! They really helped cement reading, writing & spelling for my daughter. I never used ETC but they look fun. We also went rt into grade 2 R&S spelling and she didn’t love that at first..... but half way through she is really starting to like it. No dictionary yet, but that seems like you could easily add that in if you wanted too.
  5. Hallyv

    What is your curriculum gets done programs.

    i am new here, but been a long time lurker and learned so much from these boards! My youngest is finishing up grade 2 and we ended up minimizing a lot from Aug until now: What gets done is Singapore Math Parts of The Good and The Beautiful LA & Lit Sentence Family Rod and Staff God's People Bible reader Awana verse memorization The Good & The Beautiful History Units 1 & 2 then we took a break because we have already done some of the early US history in the next unit. We have replaced it with BF Around the World With Picture Books Part 1 and it is fabulous! It encompasses history, geography, nature study, science, art, notebooking and literature Lots of read a loud books always gets done Art.....once a wk class and my little artist is always adding her creative touch to everything we do We try to get to Pentime but working on penmanship is not her favorite so it is a battle. Pretty much anything "writing" is difficult because she just wants to draw everything instead of write words :cursing:
  6. Hallyv

    S/O best homeschool Curriculum ever

    LOE math mammoth IEW bible heroes, writeshop primary, writing strands, reason For handwriting The Good & The Beautiful Arthropods & Water science units- hoping we will use these one day, but probably will just be supplemental
  7. Hallyv

    3rd grade planning thread 2018-2019

    Math: singapore 3A/B, Multiplication math Facts 6 wk class, Jiji Math for fun LA: The Good & The Beautiful la & lit level 3 using only parts and pieces, CAP W&R fables, Building Spelling Skills 3, Easy Grammar 3, pentime 3 cursive Fall Lit: Sign of the Beaver writing a book report: 6 wk class Winter & Spring Lit: bravewriter single arrows coinciding with Science units: Nim's Island Then The Wind In The Willows Science: Fall; TGTB Space Science & STEM class, Winter: TGTB Water & Our World, Adventure of Sharks & Dolphins class, Spring: Frogs & Toads, Natural Disasters class History/Geography: TGTB history yr 1, Unit 4, Beautiful Feet Around The World Bible/memory: AWANA CO-Op; cooking, art masters, PE
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