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  1. Even older than that! It was around in the 60s. You could get it in glass bottles in the 1970s. My dad still has a *tube* of it at his house. Yikes. I haven't seen a tube in stores for at least 20 years.
  2. I am going to do a full shopping trip tonight, just to clock how many steps it takes. I am only going to HEB; Walmart stresses me out too much to ever set foot in there again. I wish we had Aldi here. We have HEB and Walmart. No Target, no Whole Foods, no Trader Joe's, no Kroger. There is a tiny local market here, but it's like stepping back in time to 1973. Tiny aisles and brands that I haven't seen in a big store in decades, (Prell, anyone?)
  3. I timed my "just a few things" trip: deli meat, grapes, bagels, chicken, mayo, milk. It was 20 minutes from my car and back again. Waiting at the deli counter was the biggest block of time (5 minutes). I didn't wander the store and picked up items in the order of the aisles. I used self checkout, too, so no waiting in line. I also clocked it with my pedometer app: it was 1000 steps, which is about 0.4 miles, from car into store and back. I did not park particularly far away from the store, either; I think I was 6 spots away from the door. The store is BIG. Now I am curious how many miles I could cover on a regular shopping trip.
  4. Wow, the prices for the Art Student league are really good! I am paying the same price for "just for fun" art classes for kids and teens.
  5. This is normal for around here, lol. There's another co-op that won't tell you any class information until after you pay the membership fee. The membership fee is separate from fees for classes; it's the fee you pay to get on their email list, see what classes are offered, and be allowed to attend their park days. I and another woman pointed out that we didn't want to pay just to find out there were no classes available or of interest. No dice. Pay $20 if you want to find out. They have lots of people willing to pay just to look at the schedule. Nice work if you can get it. πŸ˜’
  6. Gotcha. We have the same issue here. Lots of things for littles, nothing for kids older than 10. It's baffling, IMO.
  7. Regarding art instruction for your child, have you googled "Fine art instruction" for your area? My son takes a mixed media class that is more "art for fun" than formal instruction in, say, perspective or composition. He's learning some fun techniques and how to work with different media, but he's not specifically going to be taught how to draw portraits or anything like that. Is there an art museum, gallery, or college with an art program in your area? I would poke around in those places and ask if they know of anyone that teaches teens. I hope you can find something! I know the frustration you are feeling, as I have been pushing against the same sort of thing where I live.
  8. We tried a co-op that routinely pulled these stunts. Sign up for watercolor painting, get told it will be calligraphy instead. Sign up for ASL, get told it's now "Movie Day" and there will be no ASL. And then get yelled at and told my "negativity was not wanted" when I complained that I wasn't getting what I paid for. We bailed on that mess.
  9. When I shopped in person, yeah, it took an hour. The stores here are HUGE and people use grocery shopping time as social time. The aisles are always crowded with people chatting and la-di-da-ing in the snack aisle. I am not particularly worried about getting Covid at the grocery store, because like I said, it's HUGE (the size of a Home Depot or Lowe's) and well ventilated. I do curbside now just because it saves so much time.
  10. This would not surprise me. My doctor plays K-Love in the waiting room of her office. A few hours after being there, my fb feed was full of ads for women's Christian life coaching services. I am not Christian. πŸ˜’
  11. If he invites you to his room to sit for awhile, then go. I'd assume he cleared it with his roommate, like he'd do for any other guest coming over. The roommate might have other things to do and not even be there. I never minded when my roommate's parents came to visit. They were nice people and usually invited me along for dinner! πŸ˜„
  12. I have only just kind of tackled the "Yes, you have to write down EVERY STEP of your solution" problem. Like @chocolate-chip chooky, we bought a whiteboard, which made writing everything down more palatable for some reason. I have also been scribing for DS13. After years of griping that he needed to write things down in an orderly way, and him giving me a blank stare in response, it occurred to me that he may not know what "an orderly way" is supposed to look like. So I sat with him and worked several pages of problems, writing down every single little piddly step. Then I switched to scribing while he dictated. Sometimes I would act deliberately obtuse, like "I don't know what you mean by reduce that fraction. Which fraction? How do I write that down? I don't know what to do!", until he was like "JUST GIVE ME THE PENCIL, WOMAN!!!", and wrote it himself. 😁 He's good about putting everything in his notebook about 95% of the time now. But...it was years of going in circles about this, and then suddenly in a month he "got it" and now acts like it's no big deal. Which is how everything goes with him!
  13. DS13 got his jabs last spring. You'd have to dig through the thread that was linked for details on his reaction because I don't recall anything major. Which means he was fine. πŸ™‚ I recall him having a sore arm and saying "It hurts if I poke it", and then proceeding to poke it. πŸ™„ Augh. I think he might have been a little tired and off his feed for a day, but nothing major.
  14. Me too. I used to get angry about it. Now I just back away slowly. πŸ˜•
  15. This stuff is rampant in the homeschool groups here. There were a few women involved in multiple MLMs. Leggings, make up, vitamins, shakes, hair stuff, jewelry, Usborne, kitchen stuff, essential oils, nail polish stickers...it was non stop and made you long for the days when all you had was Avon, Tupperware, and Mary Kay. I don't know why the husbands never put a stop to this stuff because it must have cost a small fortune. No one ever made any money that I could tell. The one that bugged me BIG TIME was a CBD oil mlm that a few moms got involved with. They started giving it to their kids and raving how allllll their parenting and homeschool challenges disappeared thanks to CBD oil for kids! Well, yeah...your kids are now every-so-slightly drugged. I'm sure they really are much more compliant now! 😠 (I take cbd oil sometimes for anxiety. There's no way I'd start giving it to my kid willy-nilly).
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