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  1. A little more rigorous? That's has less screen time but still has some. I was hoping I could find something already pulled together. I really don't have the time as I'm trying to recover from a really bad fracture and surgery. We had a plan for this year but it has to be put on hold. Any suggestions? Also has anyone dealt with this kind of thing? How do you keep schooling while laid up with an illness, injury or bed rest and what not?
  2. I'm 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow! It was almost like it shouldn't have happened. I got my IUD out April 13, got my monthly visitor the next friday which was the twentieth. May I was feeling kinda out of it and the month came and went. I took a test and sure enough it was positive. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still over weight. I am sick from 12 am to 3/4am but I'm happy.....thanks for all the encouragement ladies! I will try to keep you updated.:001_smile:
  3. I swear this board is clairvoyant....I just started reading this book (for the second time) and I was thinking about the prospect of journaling and finding a buddy.....and i almost gave up again before I even started!
  4. Just like the previous poster said, you have to put one foot in front of the other. If you need to make a plan at night of the things you want to accomplish the next day and let it only be a few things not too much to over whelm you. Make sure you do your priority stuff and then add one extra thing like gathering the laundry all in one place, the next day you can seperate that laundry, the next day you can start doing the laundry and keep going day after day until it is done and then move on to the next task. I know exactally what your going through. I'm kinda in the same boat but I have start
  5. No need to apologize, I love ramblings! I hope it works out for us too! Ohhhhh adoption! I never thought of that! You nevr know, it could still happen! No sad faces!! I didn't want to make people sad! I think that my husband would be eighty and say what ever you want hunny! No sad faces, please!
  6. I do think thats pregnancy is in the water! My husband would welcome as many kids as I would be willing to pop out.....but the problem is at this current moment I have an IUD and I'm fat and and and, so many excuses. But I guess I better get a move on! You ladies are awesome! I knew I could share this with you all!
  7. I wanna have a baby!...........That is all! That really isn't all because I need to explain yall some things! If you knew me in real life, you'd know that I'm the most miserable insufferable evil pregnant person! You'd also know that I really didn't want more than one child and after the birth of my second child I was really sure that I would never want to have more kids! But now.........I do! But I really would rather not be fat while I do it and I would also not to be over thirty five and I'm thirty one so, I better get a move on!:tongue_smilie: Now, that is
  8. If I did maybe my house wouldn't be so dang messy! Maybe some of you mad cleaners can come to my house when your mad! Fell free to PM me and I'll give you my address!! As of child birth I have been eating my feeling away! Before child birth I would walk, or run, or dance or make something....there's nothing like the sound of ripping fabric.:001_smile:
  9. It didn't take long at all for them to send the email either! It did however take me a while to check my email to get said email invite. All that said my pintrest is http://pinterest.com/senoritatuna
  10. I sent an email but it says I'm waitlisted, did this happen to you?
  11. We are using OPGTR and started with Kumon Tracing books. We do rightstart math level a when we can get to it. I really would like to do more with her! Give me some ideas. i know that when we start science history, music and art she will tag along but she wants more. Oh we also do a morning board that includes months, days of the week, reading the calender, counting the days in school ect, but she still wants more. I also need things she can do on her own while I work with her sister! What do you do with your four year old?:bigear:
  12. Great great stuff!This is really helpful! I like that you can move things around to fit the happenings of real life events!!!! What do you do about math? How old are your kids?
  13. You can subscribe to a thread????? I didn't know that! How does one do that? :bigear: I know I probably sound really silly but I'm serious, I really don't know how!
  14. Here is the link to the thread I started! http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=308466
  15. Do you follow it as printed? Do you use it alone or in conjunction with another program? How old are the children you use it with. Is it good at incorporating math or do you add that in? How does a typical school day look with FIAR for you? Got a blog that documents your use of FIAR or a blog/website you use for inspiration? I have a BFIAR and FIAR vol 1 and I was thinking about using it but not sure where to start so any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!:001_smile:
  16. I was just thinking of asking a similar question. Also along the lines of how it's done in their respective homes! Maybe I will do that instead of hijacking your thread! Sorry!
  17. Pamela, Your picture schedule is so amazing! I am so glad that you posted your response! Thank You Thank you! Are you adopting 5 kids! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness so great! I'm going to subscribe to your blog! I'm so glad that you overlooked the weirdness and posted!:D
  18. None of the above but all super helpful! Spot on with the help! Thanks:D
  19. Who has a blog, she has three children and she posted about morning/ boards. It was really awesome and I wanted to use some of her ideas! I just can't remember who you are. I know I should have just followed your blog in the first place but.....I just figued out how to do that with google reader and anyway, who are you? Wait it's possible that I might be combining you with several people......lol! Thanks!:tongue_smilie:
  20. This response is usually why I don't comment. I understand that your response is coming after you have responded to other people about your "personal convictions" but I never asked you to explain them. Though, in reality you did explain them. I'm am allowed to have an opinion. You don't have to like the movie, never said you did. I just think it's an odd type of argument to allow "a bit of fantasy" and allow witch craft, fairies, and magic mirrors, but say that because the movie included voodoo it was bad. As for the voodoo being promoted? Wasn't the villain the one doing the bad magic? Ahhhh
  21. But magic mirrors and fairy god mothers, and witches that cast evil spells are ok? Sorry for the Hijack, but really? My girly like girly stuff and like princess stuff, but also like to be rough and tumble and play in dirt. I think banning disney princess things can back fire unless you disallow all thing princess(non disney) too. My girls can find princess in everything and anything. I don't but Disney stuff because it's expensive...no other reason. Movies, we buy, merchandise we don't. Besides they think it's more fun to make their own princess costume!
  22. I never even thought about a doctor kicking us out because of vaccines! My child has food allergies and I told the doctor that I would like to delay some and she was fine with it. I hope we don't have the same doctors!
  23. Wow Ladies! Usually my threads get very few answers. I'm asking because I need to simplify. I'm in school and I really wanna finish! I also don't wanna short change my children. I'm thinking that there are some programs that can give my kids what they need without my trying to reinvent the wheel, which I have no time to do. So...It seems like most of the suggestions are duplicates. My Fathers World Sonlight Heart of Dakota Calvert K12 Moving Beyond the Page Timberdoodle Oak Meadow Abeka Bob Jones Living Books Curriculum Looks like I have lots of research to do.......thanks fo
  24. Curriculum what would it be and why? I know many would just say they wouldn't but please go with me here. I know that some tweaking might be necessary. What would you buy, why and if you had to how would you tweak? For second grade? For pre-k?
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