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  1. This is the answer. If the job is getting done, the person is good. Salaried/exempt employees often work more than 8 hours without getting paid extra and the reverse should also be true.
  2. I've also been anti-pledge of allegiance since childhood and still am.
  3. For companies with this policy, it counts as a full day of work because salaried and exempt employees are not paid for the time they work. A person checking an e-mail while on vacation could then take regular pay for that day, but at least in my company people who go on vacation don't check their e-mail. When they're on vacation, they're on vacation.
  4. Salaried and exempt employees get paid for a full day for doing any amount of work that day.
  5. When you're salaried and exempt, you're being paid for doing a job and not for the hours worked, which is why many companies have this policy.
  6. I haven't. I've always been a Constitutionalist, Christian, pro-life, anti-death penalty, anti lots of chemicals, pro freedom of choice in regards to vaccines, pro legal gay marriage, etc person. What has changed is that I will no longer share my opinion on most topics because I don't fancy dealing with the harassment that will inevitably ensue. (Both sides of the "aisle" take umbridge with different views of mine.)
  7. For salaried, where I work, if you do any work that day you should be paid for it. It could be just checking one e-mail from home and count for full pay.
  8. We were not taught that she was a tired old lady.
  9. Absolutely not. An American Government class should focus a lot on the Constitution, and many people who hold opposite views to mine do not support the Constitution or try to twist it too much for me to be comfortable with that being my child's actual class in the subject. Also, constantly being the minority in an outspoken political climate is exhausting. My first high school (more than a decade ago, so this isn't new) was extremely liberal, and teachers and students routinely made jabs at the few non-liberal students who would speak up. My goodness, was that exhausting. Now I work in an environment where it's extremely exhausting just to keep my mouth shut because everyone else is so on the opposite end of the spectrum and will often bring things up. Just don't do it and make your child go through it if it's not necessary.
  10. Mine is definitely more accurate than just the continent. I have good information on my ancestors going back a very long time, and my ancestry results match it pretty well.
  11. I used Ancestry and had Norwegian show up. However, before the update the site had a few months back it showed up as Scandinavian, so maybe that's part of the issue. My Finnish has always been in a separate group, though, that specifically says Finland.
  12. Nothing. I've always lived in earthquake territory, and things hanging above the bed freak me out.
  13. In the context of sports, though, females often don't have a choice. If you want to play volleyball and are a female, you are basically required to wear shorts that are basically underwear. Out here, the same is true of soccer, and boy doesn't sliding on grass bare legged sound safe. In stores where I live, the choice for females are short shorts (nothing longer), short skirts (again, no long skirts), skinny jeans, jeggings, and leggings as far as pants go. In fact, I have to buy my clothes online because of how limited the selection of non-revealing clothing is. That's not choice for females but wearing the only clothes available and accepted by society. (I don't wear clothes based on what society thinks I should, but have you ever been a teen girl?) Also, yes, people do comment on the fact that I wear longer skirts, non-skinny jeans, and shirts that show off all of my "assets".
  14. I grew up in the late 80s and early 90s and definitely see the change in girls' clothing. Since this thread was supposed to be about sports, if women want people to take them seriously in sports, wearing "skimpy" uniforms that don't help with playing ability is not the way to do it.
  15. Only a sports thread about females can devolve into a discussion about their being sexually available. The fact that that came from a discussion about the disparity in uniforms between the sexes says a lot about why this is actually a thing. When you have girls who love a sport but won't play it (know a number of girls where this is the case with volleyball) because if the ridiculous uniforms only for females, that's why the original discussion has to happen.
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