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  1. In some areas it's because of heat. We lived in Phoenix one year, and everyone had super tinted windows for that reason. Our car with CA legal tint on the front windows (basically none) definitely stood out.
  2. I don't send messages at night if I don't know the person is likely awake. However, my phone is on silent (always) because even the vibrate sound hurts my ears. I'm the only person in our house who doesn't have the sound on overnight.
  3. I have issues with loud places, combined with having very good hearing, and also combined with inattentive ADHD, and I feel you. The fact that I live in an area with a large elderly population, thus, use of very loud microphones at all events, makes it even worse. People don't understand the fact that "normal" noises to them cause me physical pain, and I can hear things that most people can't. How do I deal with it? I go to a church that doesn't use instruments, avoid large crowds, and just try to avoid other things. It's hard, but no one else is going to be able to make it better.
  4. This is the divisiveness people are talking about. You would feel unsafe as a woman and a Jew? You are aware that there are women, Jews, and even people of color who are conservatives and feel perfectly safe? Painting with that broad brush is the problem.
  5. My husband had also not told them that I existed. Trust me, when we were introduced, they had no idea we had been together. I just don't think it's all that crazy in certain cultures.
  6. My husband is not white and grew up in another country and culture, and I didn't meet the sisters who raised him until the day before we got married. The other sisters I didn't meet until after we were married. The marriage is ending after eleven years, but it has nothing to do with out cultural differences. Due to my experience, I wouldn't necessarily think not mentioning her to the family is a huge red flag, but it may be in their situation.
  7. I live in an area that is very one-sided politically and not my "side" of the spectrum. I stay quiet, and no one outside of my family knows my thoughts on politics. Honestly, I feel as though even my job would become a very different place if they knew how I stood on politics.
  8. Due to the cost of living here, the limited childcare options, the price of childcare, of the low wages, people here tend to either move out of the area when having children or just don't have any (when not a high earner and have no family willing to take care of the children). Requiring a college degree will make the wage go up for the employees, and most Head Starts do require degrees. My mom was only able to get the job because people here don't want it for what they're willing to pay (over $14 an hour). I learned all of the above listed skills by living life and working retail, not going to college. Going to college these days in no way teaches critical thinking and how to deal with jerks. Many of those I know with degrees are worse at those skills than many of those I know who didn't get degrees. Generalizing that those who finish college have all of those skills cuts out so many wonderful employees who just may not have had the same opportunities in life.
  9. But, you shouldn't need a degree in many jobs. There is no reason for a college degree in my job, and those who have been the worst employees have college degrees. Daycare is already so expensive and sparse where I live that if you required all of the employees to have college degrees, hardly anyone would be able to send their kids to them. They already cost around $2000 a month for infant care, and we live in an area with a high cost of living and lower than necessary wages.
  10. My mom is an assistant teacher at Head Start and has no degree. However, she's been in teaching since the 80s. Should we throw out a great teacher who the kids love just because she doesn't have a degree? Shoot, I don't have a degree and work in a department where I'm the only person without one. A degree is not necessary to do my job, and it doesn't show that I didn't try hard enough. I have never been able to afford to get a degree, and now as an adult who has to work full-time in order to pay bills it's incredibly difficult to get back to school. Making a degree a requirement, for many jobs, does nothing but weed out a lot of really good and qualified applicants.
  11. I've been through multiple minimum wage increases, live in CA, and my experience is that when minimum wage goes up only people making minimum wage get a "raise". There's a whole lot more automation going on now, too, at least where I live.
  12. However, I'm unable to compare children's and YA books from now and the past since I didn't read them. Other than reading for school, I basically only read non-fiction books as a child.
  13. That's the Unwind series, and I have the same opinion on it. When I read books, I don't say, "Well, that's written by a straight Christian male, so it's obviously free of bias". In fact, I don't actually look up the race of authors. One book I just finished was about a gay Jewish kid, and that was totally fine. What wasn't fine was was comparing George Bush to Nazis, especially since it had absolutely nothing to do with the story. Internment? Many people think it's a wonderful book and totally applicable to the world today except for the fact that it isn't. Again, it was very poorly written and was also ridiculous. Sure, let's just round up all the Muslims and send them to Manzanar. How is that not considered to people who it actually happened to? We'll also "disappear" people, but you're under the age of 18 so don't worry about it.
  14. The Outsiders isn't great writing, but it's a good story. I read it often for that reason. Actually, it really hit home to kids I knew because we lived in a city that has a sharp income divide and many of the same issues as in the book. My very very diverse school mates were actually able to identify with the book and it's very white characters, though, shocking to some I'm sure. The Sycthe series is absolutely terrible in my opinion. It's also not great writing, and the story is not good. I've been reading a lot of YA books on my venture to read different genres, and wow. Every single book has to be political and only on one side of the ideological spectrum.
  15. The Sri Lanka thing isn't trivial, and the reason people are offended by being called "Easter Worshippers" is exactly because people try to trivialize Christians being killed. Those people were killed because they were Christians and in church on Easter. I've seen people call those who disagree with them the Devil, Nazis, etc. I've seen those who believe not all men are evil women haters insulted and screamed at for not towing the line. I've seen devoted Catholics been cut down and screamed at by non-Catholics and politicians for advocating for Catholic values. See how this works? The world is 100% not civil these days, and it goes both ways. I for one would live in an extremely un-civil environment if I were to come out as a non-liberal. My work place would be extremely hostile.
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