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  1. Not necessarily. I was middle class growing up but went to school with a heck of a lot of poor kids. We were ALL told that if you went to college, took student loans (yes, our high school administrations told us to take as much in student loans as possible for college), and graduated from that college you would then have a nice and easy life. Too bad it was a lie, and even the poor kids believed it. Where I live now college graduates of a very respected college will often fight tooth and nail for jobs that pay $14 an hour and in an area where houses cost close to 1 million dollars for starter homes. Sure, they could move out and many do, but that exodus just leads to all of the other areas becoming unaffordable for most people to live in. (A one bedroom starts at $1500 with two bedrooms going for only $2000 and up, so that's not a much better option.) Previous generations can moan and complain about millenials complaining all you want, but it doesn't make your whining more acceptable that the whining of younger generations. Poor families believed the lies just as much as the middle class families believed the lies.
  2. kdsuomi

    I got my Ancestry DNA results back

    The most recent update I got really only changed my Finnish and Scandinavian scores. It went from around 20%ish Scandinavian and 12%ish Finnish to 26% Finnish and 3% Norweigian. This is all from one set of great grandparents who we are told have Sami origins, so the changing as more people test makes a lot of sense.
  3. kdsuomi

    I got my Ancestry DNA results back

    I've had mine for a few months, and it was mostly what I expected. This Christmas I gave my sisters tests, so we'll see what those say.
  4. What I've seen is that the only thing that tends to be cheaper in CA is produce. Everything else has been significantly cheaper in low cost of living locales.
  5. kdsuomi

    Would You Expect Your DH to Say Something?

    I'm a white woman married to a non-white man, and I have very racist grandparents. They've never said anything in front of him, but I would definitely say something if they were to do that. However, they have said things when he's not around and I speak up. Due to that, they now say racist things more often when I'm around because they know it bothers me. Nice people, eh? My husband would not say anything to his sisters (raised him so feeling of moms) because in his culture it would be considered extremely rude to "talk back" to them. (I know his sisters insult me routinely because he's told me, but he won't say anything.)
  6. As clarification, the town I live in has one gas station that never goes below $4 seemingly. People only go there if they can't make it the five miles to the neighboring town (with the cheap station) or are tourists who don't realize how expensive the station is.
  7. It's ben going down. Here on the central coast of CA the cheap station is at $3.29. The more expensive stations are $3.40ish. The one in my town is still $4.09.
  8. It's not common, but it's around. However, many of them will say KJV only for English and have no problems with studying the original languages.
  9. kdsuomi

    Updated in OP- Dr. Hive- painful shoulder- rotator cuff maybe?

    I'm glad you had it checked out. I had a shoulder injury in fifth grade that was never properly looked at, and it still bothers me to this day. Day to day is fine, but certain repetitive movements will aggravate it, such as when I worked in a deli and had to constantly use the slicers. This injury was so bad that it completely changed the way I pitched for softball because I could no longer throw hard. (You're supposed to get power from your legs but I had never had to before that.) One day I could pitch hard and throw like Jose Canseco, and the next day I could no longer play the outfield due to not being able to throw far. Why did it never get properly checked out? My mom took me to the doctor, and he said to me, "What do you want to do about this?" I was ten and not Doogie Howser, so what in the world? No tests, not treatment plan, nothing, and my parents never bothered to have it checked again.
  10. kdsuomi

    Package thief vs glitter bomb

    I think a lot depends on location. I've worked at a few retail places here in California, and they will absolutely tell you to not stop a shoplifter. If they're in the store, they can just say they're still shopping, and if they're outside the store you can get sued. Now, in AZ, the store had loss prevention that absolutely chased people down and physically held people. In UT (I worked at one chain in all three states), they wouldn't physically confront people but it wasn't out of fear of getting sued.
  11. kdsuomi

    What gift did you always want as a kid...

    I wanted a chemistry set and an older brother. One I knew was never going to happen because of biology, and the other my parents just never got me.
  12. You don't have to tell me anything, I'm just saying that I don't recall ever once in my life ever hearing it pronounced that way and neither does an older generation in my family also from the same area. I am also third generation from the area, and we all say it the other way. We're from Orange County, though, not LA. Unlike what Arctic Mom has tried to say, it isn't necessarily a case of the pronunciation evolving, either. It's always been that way for people in our area.
  13. I was born and raised in southern California and have never heard anyone say kuh-wang-gun. My mom who was also born and raised in southern California hasn't, either. We've only every heard kuh-hung-ah.
  14. It wasn't typical. I think it only happened once in my time with Hobby Lobby. They donate a certain percentage of their profits to local schools and say that's why they don't have a more available discount for teachers.
  15. I've worked at multiple Hobby Lobbys, and the rule is that you have to have a credit card with the school's name and make the purchase with that in order to get a discount.
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