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  1. 1. However, my company never gives references for companies because it's against company policy.
  2. Yes, it was allowed younger than that. The only kids who had eyes batted at their walking home from my elementary school in the 90s were Kindergarteners. They also were done if the very few kids who had a bus option, though, and everyone else walked. Those walking home usually were not going home to adults.
  3. A "funded" program through government schools will be the death knell for all of those other options, too. I can't wait for the CA government to raise our taxes yet again with a promise of this program and to turn around and spend it on something else.
  4. Or, it's not as politicized a topic. These types of events did used to be covered on the news here in CA until the illegal immigration topic became so big and heated. Now that it's such a big topic in political discourse, it's the media won't touch it with a ten foot pole in many outlets.
  5. I find it very strange that your environment was similar to "Kids" because people I knew laughed at how unrealistic it was for most teens. Even the troubled kids didn't do that, but they just joined gangs or such things. However, this extended day is supposed to be for elementary school kids. If they are off doing those things in their free time we have way more things to be concerned about.
  6. The only things I can visualize in my awake life are memories of things that I have actually experienced. Other than that, though, nothing. Like you, I do have very vivid dreams, though.
  7. I also don't know where the CA government thinks this money would be coming from.
  8. I loved being a latchkey kid and either going home and being alone, riding my bike alone, or rollerblading alone. Being stuck at my elementary school until 6 would have been absolutely terrible, and I didn't even come from a stable and healthy home.
  9. I don't believe it's not reported on because the victims are brown. Violence in Mexico used to be reported on a lot, but now if you talk about it you are said to be trying to make people think Mexicans are dangerous etc. The immigration issues recently are what changed the reporting on this topic.
  10. I did. A number of people said that legalizing pot would shift the focus of cartels to harder drugs.
  11. Oh, and the teacher who was most vocal about not being able to pass the CAHSEE was my Math teacher. Yeah, that made me feel great about going to that class. Money isn't the culprit in many situations, though, and isn't what is needed to fix our failing educational systems.
  12. What harm is caused by not reporting, though? So so much harm can be caused by not reporting drug dealers just because one thinks pot should be legal. Do you know drug dealers? I do and know all kinds of harm they have caused.
  13. I went to a very low income school in 9th, and most of the kids did not pass it at the time. This was the first year it was implemented as well until they delayed it since so many kids couldn't pass.
  14. I had teachers in high school who told us they wouldn't have been able to pass the California High School Exit Exam back when they first tried to institute it. I made me wonder why they thought they could teach us then since I passed the test in 9th Grade.
  15. State constitutions are what guarantee children rights to an education, not the federal one.
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