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  1. Can you comment on what your experience with Rhetoric 1 has been? I want to avoid busy work, and I don't want the classical emphasis of WTMA to take over the writing and logic component of what I am hoping I can get out of this class. what is the workload like? how many hours/week is your daughter spending outside of class on assignments?
  2. I will be honest, I never learned to annotate - it just sounds like busy work. I just want a class that focuses on writing. I am struggling really with finding it.
  3. But this is so key - a good class can make or break interest in a field! I really think programming and AI is where the world is going, and I don't want him to have a bad experience with this. I wish there was a Lego Robotics enhanced AP computer science curriculum. I wish we engaged kids more, especially boys!
  4. Ok. So is the alternative to just take AP English Language? curious if anyone has done that.
  5. This is a good point - missed that. I really liked the fact that IEW was incorporated into the class. We had such a good experience with the curriculum. Back to the square one again
  6. Is your daughter strong in English Writing? Is the fact that you are doing Literature for her more a function of her interest in more literature, or your sense that it is missing in the WTMA Rhetoric class? I really want to focus on writing skill this year, and want to find a program that is good for that, and doesn't frustrate him.
  7. Did they reply back? Curious since we wanted to do their course this year.
  8. Is you kiddo a more humanities oriented child or a math/science? 1.5 hours/day seems like quite a bit of time for English, or is it reasonable? I assume you didn't take the literature class - do you think he missed out by not taking a literature class? I really want my kiddo to have an English class that challenges him, but is void of busy work that doesn't add much to the actual learning? Did you son feel that any of the Rhetoric class was busy work? I am struggling between using Bluetent or WTMA.
  9. We have had a similar situation this year with one of our online classes. The teacher is a bit disorganized, provides little feedback depending on the assignments, and is often late. We are chalking this up to a bad experience, and moving on. Won't be taking courses through this online group in the future.
  10. I hope she makes it since she has worked so hard! And thank you for clarifying my questions :)
  11. Let me start by saying I heart AOPS because my kid hearts it. We have done AOPS since Pre-Algebra, and will be doing Calculus in the Fall. And we do not teach for AOPS either, so no conflicts here to report :) It is TIME CONSUMING. and It is NOT for everyone. But it is also amazing. I love the problem solving skills it teaches and reinforces. Google Russian Math school's Ted video. I agree with the mentality that good math curriculum force you to learn how to approach an unknown instead of feeling like you are a failure and give in from the get go. What worked for us is after a period of struggling with a problem (set time limit, ours varied per subject), I or hubby get involved. We verbally and in writing walk him through our mental process for solving the problem. There are some questions that we can't answer honestly, and those we ask him to ask the teacher (AOPS online courses). But most of the time, one or both of us can walk him through it. As he has progressed through AOPS, his logic and critical skills have greatly improved. That has been the best benefit of AOPS for us. Don't feel bad if you can't answer them, even if you are a math major. You could have a PhD and still struggle with some of the problems, IMHO.
  12. It still has implications for state schools, even if it doesn't matter as much for the competitive schools.
  13. This isn't for a talent search. I want to give him a chance to quality for National Merit Scholarship :)
  14. So this is 11th by age I assume? So if a kid is graduating HS at 16, it would be better to delay graduation by a year just so they could take the PSAT?
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