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  1. I have used Monat nearly 6 months after giving into a friend who was selling this stuff. She claimed it was magic shampoo. I had some Issues with dry hair and tangles before I started it but after, omg, it was a freaking nightmare! My friend claimed it is called "detoxing" within the first 30 days of using. Okay, what do you call it now after 6 months? Btw, it has strange washing instructions... It finally hit me after looking for people on YouTube who have had the same hair I ssues I have had. You shouldn't have to pay $50 (yeah, not kidding) for a single bottle of concentrated shampoo that doesn't work. So the market partners "salespeople " can claim you are going through detox from other bad, nasty sulfates (normal shampoo brands). Try this other product it will help...and next thing you know you have several things that don't help your hair and money gone because the money back guarantee is only good for the first 30 days but you need 30 days to see a difference...I want to see improvements much faster than 30 days Monat. I am convinced this shampoo, I used the Renew system for hydration, ruined my hair, skin and started messing with my hormones. It dried my hair out so bad I had terrible split ends. I have never had split ends like this unless my hair was Barbie doll blonde, now I am natural 60% gray and 40% natural brown and yeah - I'm 35. My skin started breaking out terrible like I was in high school. I've had a hysterectomy nearly a year ago and finally I had some relief from years of pain to notice four weeks ago, I had a light cycle for a full week. I was like what in the heck, turns out they use Red Clover extract in a majority of their products and it will interact with your natural hormones. My OB said stay away from it!! Monat might work for some people but it truly is not for everyone but I gave it a solid run. Yeah my hair grew but I also shredded a lot of hair and had some weird side effects. I'm going to Redken Soft shampoo line. It does a good job and makes your hair feel soft like the Monat did, when it wasn't tangled. If you are really curious find two or three Monat reps who will send you free samples to try for a month or so, and then if you love it, go with their VIP program, 15% discount and free ship. Btw, look at their BBB reviews for their company based in Florida about lack of good customer service. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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