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  1. The Wall Street Journal reported defaulted student loans last quarter totaled $84 billion. Defaulting, especially on the scale of $84 billion, can also have repercussions for the entire economy. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has researched how student debt has depressed home purchasing by young adults, and found that as much as 35% of the decline in home ownership of people in their late 20s can be attributed to student loans. Defaults make it harder to take out credit or even own a credit card, stifling additional economic activity. Even with a strong national economy and a low unemployment rate, loan defaults can weigh down the entire country. Permanently defaulted loans are ultimately the burden of taxpayers, and the federal budget will pay out if the loan program continues to lack revenue. A Big Question continues to grow in scope.
  2. I didn’t suggest it. Ray Dalio spelled it out in his all weather portfolio back in 2014. You can google it. He’s had great success and is worth about $14Billion and manages about $150Billion. He suggests a balanced asset allocation which you can find if you google it. I’m not selling anything other than suggesting some might want to look at it. It’s worked pretty well for his clients with minimum assets of $100Million. He must know a few things about money management was all I have been saying about the man.
  3. The Phd is totally 100% wrong if she is saying if everyone invests long the markets in say the SPY or VTSAX that it won’t work. Do what? VTSAX and SPY have never gone broke. If SPY goes broke we are all broke, back to the Stone Age. If everyone bought stocks and had zero debt the only people who would lose money are lenders who screw people who don’t have enough to pay cash. I think there are plenty of people who will always create debt by borrowing and financing to make the banks richer. So I’m dying to here from a PhD exactly how to many people buying stocks or proper balanced asset allocations is a bad thing. Buying VTSAX type instruments over long periods of time beats the majority of all actively managed funds btw. Most fund managers can’t beat the SPX over time. Low cost index funds like the VTSAX are pretty safe investments long term because our markets history since it’s birth has averaged 7 to 10%. 7% if you account for inflation but not included here is the power of dividends.
  4. How does saving, investing wisely with the power of compounding over time, living without debt, and wanting our nation’s kids to become more educated as well as adults twisted around in a thousand different directions here in this forum? It’s an equation. To much debt on all levels+ not enough savings and investing properly+not enough education and planning and working the plan to fix a nation with too much debt=a catastrophic disaster if it’s not fixed with education then what? It’s pretty simple. Educate. That or we live through another Greater Great Depression. If we as a nation don’t fix what’s broke by more education then how do the PhDs here propose we try to fix it? Please don’t tell me just print more money from thin air to keep the markets propped up globally like all Central Banks have done. Not when our FED is starting its unwinding.
  5. I am trying to convey that our countries ever increasing debt burden that now exceeds our GDP is not healthy. You are the PhD, tell me how a nation which has no control at all over its own sky rocketing spending and debt level is a healthy thing. Tell me from your professional education how personal debt levels once again are at all time highs and most people are drowning in debt, how is this healthy for our country? How is this form of money management a good thing? Please, just stay focused on the topic I brought here, money management. I’ve been saying all along our increasing debt burden in all sectors of our economy are growing way beyond our means. Most cities and states unfunded liabilities are in big trouble. Huge debt levels that exceed our GDP are not healthy. A FED that has created Trillions of dollars of debt to backstop our markets is not healthy but a temporary illusion with possible dire consequences. Personal debt and lack of savings for retirement in our nation is a very serious issue. How are these specific factual topics good for our nation? Can we educate our way out of an economic meltdown? You are the PhD in finance, you tell me how extreme levels of debt are good.
  6. Thank you for suggesting Mike Rowe. He’s trying with his heart to fill a great void in our country. I love his work and his passion.
  7. Honesty?I knew this was a forum for homeschoolers but I also thought there were many college professors, public school teachers and business owners as well. That was all I meant. I thought there was a larger spectrum of public and college level teachers. My mistake. I assumed this from a friend who told me about this forum. Why would you call me out for suggesting our entire country needs to educate our youth more in money management by looking at the facts, and how much debt in all sectors of society there is? How else should we reverse this terrible trend if not through much more education? As an educator, why would you lambast and insult me for suggesting that more education is needed regarding a dire situation in our country. You are not protective lady, you are rude and insulting. I make a few factual points aimed not at this boar, but at the terrible state of debt our country is in, and most of you that replied as if I was attacking you personally even though my statements clearly stated I was talking about our nation’s education system, not you the reader. What it looks like to me is not protecting your forum, but attacking new comers out of discrimination, prejudice, hatefulness, name calling and just pure rudeness. Learn some manners ladies please. I’ve never in all my life stirred up a hive like this by suggesting that more kids, not your kids, but more kids need to learn the power of compounding and many more money skills. Who would have thought suggesting a man worth $14 billion and using some of his systems for asset allocation not aimed here but in general as an education tool would be thrown back in my face like I was selling an out of date vacuum cleaner as a door to door salesman. I’m starting to think most of you like to fight instead of teach, but maybe it’s both, maybe you like to fight just to fight a guy who suggested that our nation has a huge debt problem and maybe more education might help. But then again, maybe not. Maybe we just keep racking up massive debt in our country and bashing a guy like me who asks what are we teaching our kids about money management and how are they going to fix what our generation has handed them. Blaming others and bashing people like me for asking questions about it is not going to make our country better.
  8. An example of a nice reply. It’s all I was wanting, a little feedback. It was the first reply before older posters came back with attacking me. At that point of the riot it became instantly unpopular to be nice and extremely important to be part of the fight against a guy asking a simple question or sharing examples of success stories. I never said anyone should do this or that, I just gave examples of how some of this countries most successful managers do it but the story line was here was instantly twisted to me preaching. I think it was all crowd control, the oldest posters here took a stand and said how dare this man prick come here and ask such questions. People usually don’t against those well established in any crowd, this place is no different but for the few polite mothers, thank you for your kindness. I think some of you got off on the man bashing thing. Excellent show of support for the old posters here who set the tempo, bravo.
  9. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. I understand fully.
  10. You are correct, my question was answered. I’ve learned a lot from you all, especially about how to communicate better on my part. I apologize for the preaching, that’s 100% my fault. Humbled from mistakes here, I’ve learned a lot from all of you. Thank you again.
  11. You are correct, my question was answered. I’ve learned a lot from you all, especially about how to communicate better on my part. I apologize for the preaching, that’s 100% my fault. Humbled from mistakes here, I’ve learned a lot from all of you. Thank you again.
  12. Just one more example of insulting. What a rude bunch of people. Pitiful and petty
  13. Where in all my posts did I say anything about get rich quick? I didn’t. I know for a fact by reading back through the responses here my original question was turned from one simple question into a non stop barrage of rudeness, insults, and ideas I never mentioned like pumping a get rich quick scheme. I also realize I should never have posed this type of questions to home school moms. It was a total mistake on my part. I thought I was posting to a board of public educators, college professors and possibly businesses leaders. It was a huge mistake to come here and waste all of your time with asking anything concerning money management skills. I was and have been totally out of line here by asking such a question concerning education. I truly am sorry for all the trouble I’ve been.
  14. Am I understanding you properly? You are calling Ray Dalios historical unmatched performance over 30 straight years a methodology that others should not trust nor try to follow with asset allocation discipline? I was trying to point out Rays methodology and performance, not mine. So, if you were going to teach advanced money management skills are you saying you would not use Ray Dalios unmatched long term performance as a great example of proper asset allocation, one that he shared with the world in 2014? If not using a winning system or example of the all weather asset allocation plan like Rays do you have a more stable profitable growth plan you can share with Ray, myself and the likes of Tony Robbins?
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