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  1. This will be our first official year as well. We'll be doing the HWOT transitional K level. DS needs a lot of work on handwriting. I'm not sure about reading. He already reads on a 1st grade level, so we may not do anything formal, just let him read easy reader books. For math, I bought RS A last year but never really used it. So we'll probably work through it for his K year. Not sure about the other subjects yet. State requires a bunch of subjects so we'll have to think of something.
  2. I use HWOT and they start at the top because apparently going top to bottom makes neater lines. I think it's also for consistency. That way all the capital letters start at the top so kids don't have to remember which ones start at the top and which ones start at the bottom.
  3. Military brat here so tons of travel stories. One that really sticks out in my mind is when we were staying at a hotel for a night in Arizona. We were moving so my cat was with us. In the morning when it was time to load up the car, everyone was really careful to watch the door and make sure the cat didn't escape. Well the car was loaded and it was time to put the cat in her carrier and leave. No cat. We look everywhere in the room and can't find her. Eventually we realize that despite our vigilance she escaped somehow. We go outside to look for her and my parents reassure we won't leave without her, but I'm freaking out because the door to the hotel room opened to the outdoors and there was a wilderness area across the parking lot. My dad runs into one of the hotel maids and asks if she has seen our cat. She says no but suggests we look in the box springs. She said sometimes cats claw an opening in the bottom and climb in. My dad and I race back to the room yank the mattress off one of the beds and start lifting up the box springs. We hear a big Meoww! Just like the maid had said the cat had climbed in there. Needless to say the maid got a big tip!
  4. Are you using the correct amount of potassium chloride? Potassium chloride has a different molecular weight than sodium chloride so you'd probably have to use a different amount.
  5. Chemist here. Potassium chloride shouldn't be reacting with salicylic acid.
  6. I sure hope kids like them because guess what my 3 year old is getting for Christmas!😆
  7. My family made homemade sausage in casings every year for Christmas. When my kids get older I hope to start the tradition with them. We always did a traditional kielbasa. Make sure there's enough fat in the meat. When you boil the sausage put some of the same seasonings in the water so you don't lose flavor.
  8. It's either w or h depending on the word, but I never pronounce it hw.
  9. I found a coat for my DD as well for when she'll be a flower girl next month I love consignment shopping.
  10. I miraculously found the exact costume ds5 wants in the correct size at a consignment sale this weekend for less than a third of the retail price. I was practically dancing with joy.
  11. No suggestions just commiseration. My almost 5 year old son also lacks fine motor skills, and doing any fine motor activities that involves small objects is impossible because little sister still puts things in her mouth.
  12. Your credit cards should work in Canada. Just use those. We go to Canada all the time and never bother with changing money.
  13. I wonder if some this comes from the commercials for K12. I see commercials that say online school free in most states. So parents start to think "hey I can just put my kid in front of the computer for 7 hours a day and they'll learn everything they need."
  14. I see this all the time as well, and it drives me nuts too. Yes, there are times when it comes from someone who needs to pull their kid due to bullying and they really don't have any money to spend on curriculum. But most of the time it's from someone who's also posting about the vacation they just took and all the sports their kid is in.
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