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  1. Two ideas: 1 call your state's insurance commissioner. 2 call the media. A little public shaming might get them to back off.
  2. Interesting. Have you ever had a doctor look at it? It sounds like some sort of blockage in your nose.
  3. I would be very curious if there is a difference between mouth breathers and nose breathers. I have never for as long as I can remember breathed through my nose without giving it conscience thought first. I had no idea that most people breathe through their nose. I remember having surgery once and they put the nose thing with oxygen on me. As soon as I woke up, I asked to have it removed and the nurse is like "no, you need the extra oxygen". I told her I'm not breathing through my nose so how does it help" She was aghast at the idea I was breathing through my mouth but I told her that wa
  4. One thing to consider is whether your state IDs are Real ID compliant. If not she may need a passport to travel domestically.
  5. It used to be much cheaper to do a renewal, but now I think it's the same fee for a renewal as for a new passport. If you're not planning on any travel, I'd wait until she's 16.
  6. The school lunch program in the US started during the great depression. It was a way to feed kids and keep farmers from going under by buying up what they produced. My understanding from Canadian family members is that in Canada there is more welfare for families so they can buy the food for the children's lunches rather than provide them through the schools.
  7. Long past time for this to happen. With so many qualifying events cancelled athletes needed a decision.
  8. This - and it would be one thing if when this all over they would be more accepting of homeschooling, but you know once the kids are back in school they will go back to side-eyeing us.
  9. Our church just sent out an email that services are cancelled this weekend. The Bishop has given everyone dispensation from attending mass.
  10. In Maryland all schools are closed for two weeks starting Monday. At least they're giving parents a few days to figure out what to do with their kids. One of the districts in Virginia gave parents only three hours notice.
  11. The Smithsonian museums in DC are closing on March 14 including the zoo.
  12. Yikes - 3 cases in the county I live in! DH went to Sam's club today and the toilet paper and paper towel area was barren. The office building I work in just hired two people to go around all day cleaning all the door handles elevator buttons etc.
  13. I'm moving up from the preschool boards as well! Here's what I have planned so far: Math: RS B English: Continue with HWT and probably adding in AAS. I'm going to try to get him into a co-op next year which will hopefully take care of things like art and PE.
  14. FMLA guarantees his right to keep his job and take medical leave. Short term disability insurance is how he'll actually get money while he's on leave. The insurance may cover all or part of his pay check so you should look over the paperwork carefully to see if he'll also need to use sick leave or vacation time to cover part of his paycheck. Another really important thing to find out is if the disability insurance will withhold taxes or pay his portion of benefits for things like health insurance. When I went on maternity leave the disability insurance withheld federal but not state taxes
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