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  1. My husband and I just bought our first house this summer. We bought it knowing a new HVAC system was needed. We just called an HVAC place recommended by our realtor. HVAC place wants 50% deposit paid by check. They say they don't take credit cards because of the fees charged by the credit card companies. Is this normal? I'm worried because I know you have more protections if you pay by credit card. Is not taking credit cards a red flag or is it typical for this kind of work?
  2. I look at various lists such angelicum academy, 1001 books to read before you get old, and the Mensa lists to come up with reading material for my kids. I will say that I've found a lot of the modern books are no longer available at the library. It would seem a lot of books written 10 20 years ago haven't withstood the test of time. That being said a lot of the "classics" haven't withstood the test of time either. I'm so glad that I preread Tarzan because I was shocked at how racist it was. Beatrix Potter was one I was I was really looking forward to, but I found it a slog and so did my kids.
  3. Yes check if the zoo is AZA accredited. Accredited zoos take their mission of conservation very seriously. They partner with other zoos for breeding purposes to ensure genetic diversity for the survival of the species. They are also trying to build better habitats for their animals. The Smithsonian zoo in DC used to have giraffes and hippos and elephants in small exhibits. Several years back they sent the giraffes and hippos to other zoos with better habitats for them and greatly expanded the elephant area to give them a better life. My sister was a zookeeper and took her job very seriously. She was constantly working to provide the birds she took care of with enrichment activities. Also remember that many of the species zoos are trying to save aren't just the large mammals but birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even insects. When people refuse to support zoos they're also negatively impacting the zoos ability to save those species as well.
  4. What email service are you using? For personal email I use Gmail. It's pretty good at sorting out promotional and spam emails into separate folders. I don't feel any obligation to read emails in those folders and they're set to delete automatically after 90 days. For work we use outlook and again have the program set to separate out spam and promotional emails so I don't really see those. For emails I need to respond to I flag them. Once I've responded they're unflagged. I don't go through and sort emails. Once or twice a month I go through and mark important emails for archiving. If I need to find a specific email I just use the search function.
  5. I see this all the time too. Like please tell me your coop is three hours away before I spend a lot of time digging through your website.
  6. Have her check with HR as to when open enrollment is. You usually have 30 days after certain events like being a new hire to get on the insurance. If not she may need to wait for open enrollment, but don't assume open enrollment is at the beginning of the year.
  7. This is one of the reasons we decided to homeschool. After a long commute home I want to enjoy time as a family not spend the evening doing homework battles.
  8. I know a few preschoolers that are in therapy for anxiety and depression it seems to be related to homework and school assignments. But the parents view homework as something the kids just have to get used to 🙄
  9. Where I live homework in preschool seems to becoming common. It's a shame, all the play based preschools are going away. On the one hand it would be nice to put my daughter in preschool so she could socialize more but hard to find one that doesn't do a bunch of worksheets and sight words. There used to be a reasonably priced preschool through the city, but when I looked into signing up my son a few years ago it had gone from play based to work sheets and kindergarten prep.
  10. This will be our first official year as well. We'll be doing the HWOT transitional K level. DS needs a lot of work on handwriting. I'm not sure about reading. He already reads on a 1st grade level, so we may not do anything formal, just let him read easy reader books. For math, I bought RS A last year but never really used it. So we'll probably work through it for his K year. Not sure about the other subjects yet. State requires a bunch of subjects so we'll have to think of something.
  11. I use HWOT and they start at the top because apparently going top to bottom makes neater lines. I think it's also for consistency. That way all the capital letters start at the top so kids don't have to remember which ones start at the top and which ones start at the bottom.
  12. Military brat here so tons of travel stories. One that really sticks out in my mind is when we were staying at a hotel for a night in Arizona. We were moving so my cat was with us. In the morning when it was time to load up the car, everyone was really careful to watch the door and make sure the cat didn't escape. Well the car was loaded and it was time to put the cat in her carrier and leave. No cat. We look everywhere in the room and can't find her. Eventually we realize that despite our vigilance she escaped somehow. We go outside to look for her and my parents reassure we won't leave without her, but I'm freaking out because the door to the hotel room opened to the outdoors and there was a wilderness area across the parking lot. My dad runs into one of the hotel maids and asks if she has seen our cat. She says no but suggests we look in the box springs. She said sometimes cats claw an opening in the bottom and climb in. My dad and I race back to the room yank the mattress off one of the beds and start lifting up the box springs. We hear a big Meoww! Just like the maid had said the cat had climbed in there. Needless to say the maid got a big tip!
  13. Are you using the correct amount of potassium chloride? Potassium chloride has a different molecular weight than sodium chloride so you'd probably have to use a different amount.
  14. Chemist here. Potassium chloride shouldn't be reacting with salicylic acid.
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