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  1. This is really good to know! I have read up through book 6. Where he is. I like the idea of using rod and staff to its fullest and then writing across the curriculum and not adding in another rewriting program (WWS)
  2. I would like to use the Rod and Staff, I already own the complete collection. I like the grammar portions but the writing doesn’t seem up to par. I have so far felt comfortable using the whole thing but we also do the narration and dictation laid out in Writing with Ease. It hasn’t been too much work so far. I could go on as we have, doing the complete Rod and Staff and doing outlining and narration across the curriculum (literature, history and science) but I don’t feel like there is a good guide for doing it that way. Which really I think is the ideal way
  3. We are using Rod and staff for English grammar, would you use the writing lessons in it too? Or, skip the writing lessons and use writing with skill? He is 13, and very good and narration and getting his thoughts and narration to paper, but we haven’t done any outlining.
  4. Thank you for so much information about ea program, it helps a lot.
  5. What types of learning disability could that possibly be? He has never been to school. So we have never had input from anyone else.
  6. No, we are not bi-lingual, sadly. What is interesting about his writing is that it really is written exactly how most words sound. So almost the opposite of what you are saying. It’s like he has completely thrown out ANY rules of phonics and just writes. He is actually a very talented writer. So this has started to be a hang up because we have to go back and correct almost everything. I don’t want this to turn into a discouragement for him.
  7. What would you do with an 8th grader, whose spelling has been neglected, and now is mindlessly spelling everything wrong. (Think spelling any as eny.) edited to add: He is a strong reader.
  8. My 8th grader is working through the key to algebra series this year and I am making plans for high school. My question is would you consider this a pre-algebra level or algebra 1? should she take algebra 1 next year or move on to geometry?
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