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  1. Yeah, I have to admit those MM pages are a little dizzying even to me. I really like the look of Singapore...the pages aren't crowded, the textbook is colorful, etc. My daughter said she likes the pictures that go with the problems better than the MM ones too. I like the scripted aspect of the RS teacher's manual better, but I think I can adjust. Also, teaching RS to my oldest has given me a good foundation since both programs teach in a similar way. Anyway, yes, she tends to get new concepts pretty quickly and not need the manipulatives, but when she doesn't get it, I struggle to help he
  2. Well, we went to Mardel today and flipped through Singapore 1B and 2A. She was really excited about the pictures. We got 2A and are going to give it a try. We obviously have plenty of fall back options if this doesn't work. ?
  3. I feel like her frustration tolerance is too low for Beast Academy. If that improves with a little maturity, we may try it next year. I do think she would like it if she can get comfortable with a little frustration.
  4. Thanks for the ideas on other manipulatives. I could print off a place value mat and maybe I'll get some linking/unifix type cubes. It looks like Singapore uses those, so I might need them anyway if we do end up switching.
  5. I like this idea! I could validate that she is getting the right answer that way. I think I've been too discouraging when she does that.
  6. Rightstart has been the perfect fit for my 10 yo, but I'm not so sure it is for my 7yo who is about halfway through RS B. I want to finish the subtraction lessons with her and then possibly move her into something else for 2nd grade. She recently told me she hates using the abacus (she has always resisted it) and just wants "to use my B-R-A-I-N." ? I can understand that...my mental math skills have improved while teaching my older daughter, but I don't see an abacus in my head. I see more of a very long number line. Anyway, she catches onto math concepts more quickly than my oldest, but she ha
  7. Thanks, everyone! This makes me feel even better about it. My daughter has had a hard time learning to read and AAR really helped after trying a less rules based approach, so it is a little hard for me to give up the rules based approach now for spelling. But I know using rules for reading is different than for spelling since spelling has more exceptions and there is so much more to remember. Sbgrace, I was actually wondering about definitions for each morpheme, such as what it means when you add "er" or "ly" to a word. I mean, I know a lot of them intuitively, but wondered about another
  8. I have book A in the mail and I'm excited! We use Handwriting Without Tears, which is a pretty different style. Did it bother your kids to trace a different font or did you have them do those exercises on plain lined paper? Is there a good resource of spelling rules I could use as a reference to go alongside it if a question comes up? I really love the look of the morpheme approach, but would like to be able to refer to rules like All About Spelling would have from time to time. Actually, I have Bluedorn's Handy English Encoder Decoder now that I think about it. Maybe that would be en
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