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  1. We do have a covid puppy. Little Austrailian heeler from shelter.
  2. Bud ur the best. Prayers for u to my bff
  3. Like you my lives taken many paths. Now it's plopped me back at the beginning.
  4. Work two jobs than finish writing first paper for college. Need to figure out how to not procrastinate last one. And side note glad to see ur still here. You hikers are die hardship. Amazing!
  5. Back in the hive... been years. Going back to school and trying to get job as preschool aide. Soon as I finish my ECE,s it's teaching time. SO SCARED😒😐😅😜. Need lots of hive support through new job and going back to school after 30 years. Did I even say that?!
  6. Getting 12 inches today. That will be 20 in past week. But we live in ski area. Hmm from San Diego.... wildfires or snow storms...Hugs to Cali peeps. I’ve been an evacuee. So sorry
  7. Is this pyramid or money maker. What say the Hive😄
  8. God bless the families and victims. My daughters have ties there.
  9. My boxer hates Merrick but we ran out recently and bought Mother Earth she loves it!!’
  10. She’s married to a cop. That’s a police car is at my house all the time.😊
  11. I have forgotten what MFW is I’ve been out of hsing Little’s for long no time. Also was RBT that sounds like great line of direction. There is only one local preschool and no one to do these kids they are getting lost til elementary school.
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