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  1. I had a tooth that had a filling in it for years and that tooth developed another cavity on the other side, so I got that cavity filled but my dentist took out the orginial filling because it was metal and I wanted that tooth to be all white, after that I had pain in that tooth which I never did before so my dentist re-did that filling again because she thought it had not settled properly, but after that the pain was still there just in a different spot (the pain was there when I touched the certain spot with my finger or ate) so after the pain did not go away my dentist put a temp crown on top of that tooth it's been a couple of days and now that tooth has a constant dull ache and feels like the exact pain as before (pressure pain)! I don't know what to do or if I should be trusting my dentist because it seems like no matter what she does my tooth just keeps getting worse and I'm spending all this money, and it's stressing me out !!
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