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  1. Well, here are few traits of kids who want to learn but we do not understand it: They talk about the skill and read about it a lot. They are energetic and excited about it. They are making changes in their schedules to spend time on their passion. They challenge themselves to get better at that skill. If they have one of it, it is a sign. Gift them few things that would build their motivation. Link removed by moderator.
  2. Hi, I am a homeschooling mother with upper elementary children that are working at a grade 2/3 math level. Part of my math study time involves text book lessons. I would like to also include a fun, interactive learning component to practice number sense, addition and subtraction. Possibly even telling time. Right now, I play board games for addition and subtraction - This math game is great as it is adventurous and kids friendly. I use printable too. Do you have any other/better suggestions? I am realizing that the colorful and interactive visuals is really essential I need more suggestions!
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